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Fifth-generation Brooklyn native living in Manhattan.

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  • Favorite foods: Maine crab, oysters, cheese, bread (oh, all starches, really), pizza, Jersey tomatoes, nectarines...

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This Week's Pizza Poll: Do You Order Sides with Your Pizza?

I don't even order extra topping (well, maybe anchovies & exra garlic once in a while). Sides? Nu-uh.

A Sinfully Bad Burger at Cloister Cafe in the East Village

Okay, now I know that you lack a sense of humor. Won't make that mistake again.

A Sinfully Bad Burger at Cloister Cafe in the East Village

Sheesh, it didn't open before the dawn of recorded history. Nor is everyone who went there in the early eighties dead of old age and unable to fill you in.
It was never Irish (what?) but rather hippyish, brown rice and sprouts, but not vegetarian.

A Sandwich a Day: Roast Beef Luger From Brooklyn Fare

I can't get past the pallid, mushy tomato. Is a tomato so essential that a crappy one is better than none?

Poll: What's the Best Way to Eat Pizza?

Eat while walking along a Brooklyn street on a crisp fall afternoon, slice folded almost in half in that odd, semitransparent pizza paper. No freakin' plate.

The Grand Central Dilemma

Everything bagel w/cream cheese and iced coffee from Junior's to eat on the train; oysters upon safe return to NYC. (I have never gotten takeout from the Oyster Bar since coating the interior of a cab with about 200 gallons of bouillabaisse.)

Veloce Pizzeria, East Village, Manhattan

I'm with you, Simon. No orange oil running up your arm? Might as well throw salad greens on the damn thing.

Serious Cheese: What Happens When a Curd Nerd Becomes Lactose Intolerant?

I second Digestive Advantage; it changed my life. The take-with-meals pills are dodgy at best, and I never dared eat dairy away from home. With DA, I take one in the morning and that's it...years of deprivation are over. I can have sour cream, eggcreams, the works. I could not recommend this product more highly.

Citifield eats?

Thanks for the tips, will also check archives, which I should've thought to do in the first place.

First Look at DBGB, Daniel Boulud's New Brasserie on the Bowery

I find it hilarious that the decor of this joint is supposed to pay homage to the restaurant supply stores that used to populate the Bowery. Force 'em out, then go all damp-eyed with nostalgia for what you have helped destroy.

Attend the Gina DePalma Fundraiser on May 18 to Support the Cowgirl Cure Foundation

As someone whose husband survived five cancer operations, I always find that "fight" metaphor disturbing, Ed, as the corollary is that those who don't beat it somehow weren't courageous or strong enough. That said, good luck with this very worthy cause.

How to Make S'meeps: S'mores Plus Peeps

I can't celebrate Easter without a Peepacolada!

Smörgåsboard: Fried Fish Sammie; Sushi; Beet Ravioli

Please oh please can we avoid the Rachael Ray term "sammie"?

Marine Park, Brooklyn: Pizzeria Del Corso

@Shelby: Where and when? Where did you go to school?

Marine Park, Brooklyn: Pizzeria Del Corso

What with the B becoming the D and vice versa and now apparently an express (!), never mind the mad introduction of the Q, which may or may not be the old QB, which was a kind of ghost train that showed up at 6 minutes past the hour on alternate Tuesdays in months beginning with F, I give up. But the pizza out there is damn good, if you can get there from here, which I plan on doing very shortly.

Marine Park, Brooklyn: Pizzeria Del Corso

The Q? I grew up in Marine Park, and always took the B (then the D) to and from what we called "the city." Hop on the B15 at Kings Highway and E16th Street. Frank's at Quentin and Flatbush made a wonderful pie (probably still do) and never raised an eyebrow when we ordered half without cheese, for my father.

Serious Eats? Really?

I always thought of serious in the context of this site as in, "That's one serious burger" not as in "This is a serious situation."

Photo of the Day: MMMBACON Vanity Plate

If I'm not mistaken, this plate is on a vehicle belonging to one of the bacon purveyors at the Union Square farmers market.

Breakfast at Union Square Greenmarket?

In the neighborhood, not at the market, of course!

Bissinger's Chocolate Inside a Real Hen's Egg for Easter

My family has been ordering from Bissinger's for years; could not recommend them more highly. I'm not even a huge chocolate fan, but anything from Bissinger's disappears pretty fast around here! Chocolate coated raspberry caramels, mmm...I hope I'm getting some for Easter.

Locked In for the Night at Di Fara

I still find it staggering that all these places I went to as a kid now have cult status, doubtless preventing the next generation of kids from getting in.

Concord Grapes in NYC

Actually, the biggest producer is Washington state, which was a huge surprise to me!

Concord Grapes in NYC

I believe that they are only grown in North America.

Russ & Daughters Extends Hours

Hooray! When I don't feel like cooking, I think of Russ...usually at about 6:02. This is just terrific news.