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The Comfort Food Diaries: There's No Shame in Chipped Beef

I too grew up on chipped beef - but mine was Stouffer's (and I always had mine over regular un-toasted white bread, for the extra squish factor). I cracked myself up reading this as I thought to myself, "Hmm, this Buddig and sour cream version sounds fancy."

The Comfort Food Diaries: All I Want Are Some Potato Skins

I loved reading this - and the rest of this series. Love the inclusion of longer, more reflective pieces.

Ounces and Grams: Why Mass Is Not the Best Way to List Ingredients

This article is absolutely fantastic. I've been annoyed in the last few years by some masculinist attachment to science in cooking, with less attention given to, you know, the practicalities and taste of the food. I knew I could count on you, Kenji, to highlight what's always been the case - science isn't the end in itself, but rather a means to an end: delicious food.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite No-Shame Snacks for When No One's Looking

Sometimes I just need some full-fat cottage cheese with Maggie sauce all over it. Gah, so good.

Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

@foodandscience, yep, Kopps' custard actually is better, and that wafer cookie is the best thing ever. Hmm, now I wonder if I know you...

Where to Eat Frozen Custard in Milwaukee

Some of my best memories include sitting on the hood of my friend's 20-year old 1974 Mercury Cougar (that we nicknamed "The Battleship") and having a turtle sundae at Gilles. I don't live in Tosa anymore, but when I drive through I have to have one, and it always takes me back.

Manner Matters: Should You Tattle on Kids Sneaking Food?

Seriously. This is not your business, and speaking as a former fat kid, there are better ways to encourage healthy behaviors than going to her parents so they can scold her for sneaking food. Also, this behavior is not all that rare or indicative of major issues.

Also, I don't believe LW for a second that if the kid was skinny, they would still find the sneaking a huge problem. I agree with mcwolfe that it ways more about LW's issues with food than it does with the kid.

6 Grapefruit Cocktails to Get You Through Winter

Ooh, I will, Znachki. Thanks for the tip; I love Campari!

6 Grapefruit Cocktails to Get You Through Winter

Man, I miss grapefruit. I can't have it anymore because of some medications I'm taking. Sad face.

What Alcoholic Drinks Do You Hate?

Can't stand vodka. Tastes like burning. Anything oaked is a nightmare for my tastebuds. Sambuca. The brandy extended family.

Indian Prawn Patties

This looks fantastic, but unless I'm nuts, this is listed as "vegetarian" at the top of the post.

I'm allergic to crustaceans. I wonder what else would be good as a possible substitute...

Poll: What's Your Favorite Non-Mozzarella Pizza Cheese?

@dhorst, I really feel like Muenster doesn't get the love it deserves. It melts just beautifully, but still gets stretchy, which I love on pizza.

Hearty White Bean and Spinach Soup with Rosemary and Garlic

Oh yum! I love simple soups like this- during the winter months here in WI, I sometimes lean toward heavy, fatty, cheesy, casserole-y, meaty stuff, and this really sounds like it would hit the spot. I've got some leftover cooked, shredded collards sitting here all uninspired; I might sub that for the spinach and give it a go.

What to so with leftover donut batter

I might throw some fruit and cinnamon in it, with crumbs on top, and eat it as a coffee cake. But I love coffee cake.

Will We Drink Soda Differently in 2013?

Gah, I'm so late on this, but if anyone's still out there... @Jed, I actually won a Audrey Schloss' _Homemade Soda_ from Serious Eats, (yay, thanks, guys!) and there are great ideas there. It's actually illegal to reproduce the recipes online, right? If so, I will just say that in the cola recipes, they straight-up use Kitchen Bouquet for the caramel color (duh, why didn't I think of that?)

But really, like you say - why try to recreate Coke? Instead, I find myself gravitating toward stuff like coconut milk syrup (coconut milk, sugar, cinnamon); spicy ginger syrup (ginger, sugar, and chile of your choice); and other fruit/spice/herb mixes.

When I'm feeling lazier, I'll just mix the fizzy water with a tablespoon or two of plain old cheapo frozen-from-concentrate can shizz, like pink lemonade or limeade, HFCS and all. What can I say, I'm lazy.

Will We Drink Soda Differently in 2013?

I have a SodaStream; it's really fun to use, but I find myself making my own syrups and stuff to mix with it. This isn't a problem for me, because I'm into that kind of stuff, but my family uniformly hates all of the SodaStream syrups. They taste so... Shasta, you know what I mean?

Bake the Book: Edible DIY

Pickled grapes. At first people are all, "Ew, no." But then they try them, and they're on board.

Bronx Eats: For Your New Year's Hangover, Homemade Cotechino on Arthur Avenue

Oooh deh puppeh! Soooo cuuuuute!


That cotechino looks boss. I admit, I've never tasted it (sorry Nonna).

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

A grilled porterhouse, in November in Wisconsin, no less. Luckily it wasn't snowing yet!

We Eat All the Candy from Ferrara Pan Candy Company

Appleheads were once called Johnny Apple Treats, right? And sarcon, do you remember the crossover from Cherry Chan to Cherry Clan, which featured a just-as-racist group of caricatured faces wearing conical Asian hats?


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