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Ounces and Grams: Why Mass Is Not the Best Way to List Ingredients

Best line: "It's a level of variance that a casual drug dealer wouldn't trouble you for..."

The Food Lab: 15-Minute Ultra-Gooey Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Oh I dunno, after a few cocktails I can see myself stumbling into the kitchen to enjoy a slice of plain American cheese, straight out of the wrapper.


Forget Boiling! Use Less Salt! Plus More Tips for Better, Easier Pasta

I always thought that the reason NOT to put oil in your water (or after) was to ensure that the sauce has a better chance of adhering to the pasta after.

Re-Introducing Soubise: The Classic Three Ingredient Onion Sauce That Deserves a Comeback

Hmmm...while this looks delicious...wouldn't caramelizing the onions but otherwise following the same recipe also be yummy? Would that have a different name?

How do you dress your salad?

I mince a clove of garlic into a paste, then whisk in dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper until it's thick and creamy. Then I add olive oil and finish with a very small amount of maple syrup. It's heavenly.

What music do you cook/bake to?

I like listening to podcasts. Recent favorite is Marc Maron's WTF Podcast--smart interviews with comedians.

Of course...can never go wrong with this.

What is the most thoughtful food gift you've received?

I know this thread is dead--but I had to comment. I just received an early wedding gift in the mail from a friend who is a skilled woodworker. It's a handmade wooden tortilla press--and it is beyond beautiful and inscribed with a lovely saying on the base. It's made of three different woods and has a lovely handle to work the press. So personal and wonderful and finally explains the rather confusing IM conversation I had with my buddy a month or so ago in which he asked me to detail my method for making tortilla's to ensure that I didn't already have a press.

Rice Cookers: Talk To Me! I Eat Rice! I Need a New One

I haven't tried wild rice, but expect it would be fine.

Rice Cookers: Talk To Me! I Eat Rice! I Need a New One

I second DCarl1's recommendation. I have the same one and love it. Plus, it plays a song when it's done.

Woof Woof does not mean curry!!!

How about not renting from racists who blame funny odors on "Asians"?

Served: A Few Ways to be a Bad Restaurant Customer

"the jewelry designer German lady who stayed at our hotel"--holy crud this article is riddled with awkward phrasing...

How do you do your beans and rice?

I'm loving the idea of lime juice and raw onion on top. In Guyana, we frequently eat our 'cook-up rice' (rice and black eyed peas) with lots of hot pepper and often a pickled onion. As the rice is frequently flavoured with fatty cuts of meat or pickled pigs tail or salted beef, the pickled onion cuts the flavour well. The lime juice and raw onion would, of course, serve the same purpose.

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

This is weird, but it never occurred to me that you could ask McDonald's to customize anything. I guess it's because I don't dislike any of their toppings--either that or the advertising from the competitors "your way" had convinced me it was impossible.

Snapshots from Sweden: Swedish Breakfast

seriously, wee tubes of caviar...we need this here.

Do you like to cook or be cooked for?

I would much prefer to do the cooking. I am a bit of a control freak, and even though I have acres of kitchen space, I would prefer if people stood outside of the work area and kept me company instead of helping.

I love to be cooked for as well, I don't even care if it's particularly good. It's a treat to be invited and to be social. But please don't have me there DURING the cooking process. I can't promise I won't be insufferable with 'suggestions'.

Mr.Monkey is a fine cook, but slow as hell and distracted. He's also not terribly keen in the specificities of managing heat on a stove. I cannot be in the same room as him when he's cooking. I have to leave or else it would be "I think you should turn that pot up/down". "If you slice these smaller they'd cook faster" BLah blah blah, until he's so frustrated he finally asks if I want to do it. That's a horrible feeling to provoke in I leave and gratefully eat the dinner when he's done.

The worst is when it's a product that is new to him to cook, but which I've cooked for us before. We're eating, for instance, a lot rice pasta at the moment, because I'm off wheat. It cooks up remarkably like regular pasta, but it's finicky, it goes from done to inedible mush in a rather short time. Offering him 'suggestions' when he's cooking something like that is most dangerous, because it appears that I'm telling him that I don't think he can cook something painfully simple, when in fact, it's a bit trickier than it seems.

Trying to find Jamaican Rum Cream...

I don't want to take over your thread, but El Dorado really is spectacular. They make a 12, and 18 year old and two different 21 year old single casks that drink as well as the finest single malt scotches. I am so sad that most North Americans think that Captain Morgan or Bacardi qualify as decent rum.

Foodie gifts (or gift cards) for Canadian & soon-to-be Canadian

LOL--that's sort of like saying "Texas....or Chicago".

You might also find out (once you figure out what city) if there are any gourmet shops in the area and try for a gift certificate there.

Honestly, as someone who is getting married, I would just prefer cash. It's not terribly romantic, but it's what's needed right now, especially if the bride is leaving a job etc to move to wherever it is they're going to be living.

What to do with a gallon of Maple Syrup?

seriously--start using it in any savoury recipe that calls for a touch of sweet. My new favorite salad dressing uses it, albeit in small quantitites.

2 parts olive oil
1 part white wine vinegar
1-3 cloves garlic minced or run through a zester depending on your tolerance
1 table spoon dijon mustard
1-2 teaspoons maple syrup.

It seems ridiculously simple, but man is it ever good, and has more depth than sugar or honey. Use this dressing on a salad of field greens, orange segments, bacon, pistachios, chevre and roasted's transcendent.