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How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Surviving the Off-Season

This is great writing.

Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Enchiladas

What's the quick release method?

Re-Introducing Soubise: The Classic Three Ingredient Onion Sauce That Deserves a Comeback

Hmmm...while this looks delicious...wouldn't caramelizing the onions but otherwise following the same recipe also be yummy? Would that have a different name?

I've got about a lb of Stilton and want to cook with it.

These are all great ideas. Thanks all!

How do you dress your salad?

I mince a clove of garlic into a paste, then whisk in dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper until it's thick and creamy. Then I add olive oil and finish with a very small amount of maple syrup. It's heavenly.

What music do you cook/bake to?

I like listening to podcasts. Recent favorite is Marc Maron's WTF Podcast--smart interviews with comedians.

Of course...can never go wrong with this.

What is the most thoughtful food gift you've received?

I know this thread is dead--but I had to comment. I just received an early wedding gift in the mail from a friend who is a skilled woodworker. It's a handmade wooden tortilla press--and it is beyond beautiful and inscribed with a lovely saying on the base. It's made of three different woods and has a lovely handle to work the press. So personal and wonderful and finally explains the rather confusing IM conversation I had with my buddy a month or so ago in which he asked me to detail my method for making tortilla's to ensure that I didn't already have a press.

Rice Cookers: Talk To Me! I Eat Rice! I Need a New One

I haven't tried wild rice, but expect it would be fine.

Rice Cookers: Talk To Me! I Eat Rice! I Need a New One

Rice Cookers: Talk To Me! I Eat Rice! I Need a New One

I second DCarl1's recommendation. I have the same one and love it. Plus, it plays a song when it's done.

Woof Woof does not mean curry!!!

How about not renting from racists who blame funny odors on "Asians"?

Served: A Few Ways to be a Bad Restaurant Customer

"the jewelry designer German lady who stayed at our hotel"--holy crud this article is riddled with awkward phrasing...

How do you do your beans and rice?

@ajmill1978--that sounds wonderful!

How do you do your beans and rice?

I'm loving the idea of lime juice and raw onion on top. In Guyana, we frequently eat our 'cook-up rice' (rice and black eyed peas) with lots of hot pepper and often a pickled onion. As the rice is frequently flavoured with fatty cuts of meat or pickled pigs tail or salted beef, the pickled onion cuts the flavour well. The lime juice and raw onion would, of course, serve the same purpose.

Yay! The 'talk' link was moved!

Yay! I totally agree @Teachertalk.

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

This is weird, but it never occurred to me that you could ask McDonald's to customize anything. I guess it's because I don't dislike any of their toppings--either that or the advertising from the competitors "your way" had convinced me it was impossible.

Snapshots from Sweden: Swedish Breakfast

seriously, wee tubes of caviar...we need this here.

Do you like to cook or be cooked for?

I would much prefer to do the cooking. I am a bit of a control freak, and even though I have acres of kitchen space, I would prefer if people stood outside of the work area and kept me company instead of helping.

I love to be cooked for as well, I don't even care if it's particularly good. It's a treat to be invited and to be social. But please don't have me there DURING the cooking process. I can't promise I won't be insufferable with 'suggestions'.

Mr.Monkey is a fine cook, but slow as hell and distracted. He's also not terribly keen in the specificities of managing heat on a stove. I cannot be in the same room as him when he's cooking. I have to leave or else it would be "I think you should turn that pot up/down". "If you slice these smaller they'd cook faster" BLah blah blah, until he's so frustrated he finally asks if I want to do it. That's a horrible feeling to provoke in I leave and gratefully eat the dinner when he's done.

The worst is when it's a product that is new to him to cook, but which I've cooked for us before. We're eating, for instance, a lot rice pasta at the moment, because I'm off wheat. It cooks up remarkably like regular pasta, but it's finicky, it goes from done to inedible mush in a rather short time. Offering him 'suggestions' when he's cooking something like that is most dangerous, because it appears that I'm telling him that I don't think he can cook something painfully simple, when in fact, it's a bit trickier than it seems.

Trying to find Jamaican Rum Cream...

I don't want to take over your thread, but El Dorado really is spectacular. They make a 12, and 18 year old and two different 21 year old single casks that drink as well as the finest single malt scotches. I am so sad that most North Americans think that Captain Morgan or Bacardi qualify as decent rum.

Foodie gifts (or gift cards) for Canadian & soon-to-be Canadian

LOL--that's sort of like saying "Texas....or Chicago".

You might also find out (once you figure out what city) if there are any gourmet shops in the area and try for a gift certificate there.

Honestly, as someone who is getting married, I would just prefer cash. It's not terribly romantic, but it's what's needed right now, especially if the bride is leaving a job etc to move to wherever it is they're going to be living.

What to do with a gallon of Maple Syrup?

seriously--start using it in any savoury recipe that calls for a touch of sweet. My new favorite salad dressing uses it, albeit in small quantitites.

2 parts olive oil
1 part white wine vinegar
1-3 cloves garlic minced or run through a zester depending on your tolerance
1 table spoon dijon mustard
1-2 teaspoons maple syrup.

It seems ridiculously simple, but man is it ever good, and has more depth than sugar or honey. Use this dressing on a salad of field greens, orange segments, bacon, pistachios, chevre and roasted's transcendent.

Trying to find Jamaican Rum Cream...

I can't help you with that, but I would encourage you to try El Dorado Demerara Cream Liqueur instead if you can find it. It's Guyanese, and while I'm biased, it's also ranked consistently as one of the best in the world.

Things to eat while reading a book

I like popcorn--eaten with chopsticks.

How do I find my profile?

FWIW--I just removed and re-added Serious Eats as an exception to my Adblocker, and it seems to have worked. I can see my name again!

How do I find my profile?

that should read "before the site overhaul I WOULD click on the profile link..."

I've got about a lb of Stilton and want to cook with it.

Hi All,

I have recently come into posession of about a lb of lovely Stilton blue cheese. It came on a bit of a shopping binge that included two types of brie and about a lb and a half of Portuguese Flamengo. We've cheese plated ourselves to contentment.

I wonder if anyone has experience cooking with blue cheese, beyond a sauce for a steak.

The Flamengo makes lovely risotto, in case anyone was wondering.

Any help appreciated.

How do you do your beans and rice?

Hi Eaters,

I have a pot of black eyed peas and rice simmering in beef stock on the stove with chicken and chorizo. THese are spiced up with a base and cumin and Guyanese thyme and mire poix.

I could eat beans (or peas) and rice every damn day. What's your favorite way of preparing rice and beans, any favorite flavour combinations? house smells gooood. :)

How do I find my profile?

Hiya SE overlords,

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious, and FWIW, I'm using firefox, but I can't seem to find my profile in the new re-design. It's not up at the top right corner as it used to be, though something seems to be hiding there behind the 'Subscribe' button.

I use it all the time to catch up on thread's that I've commented on. Someone in one of the re-design threads mentioned that they see the site welcoming them by name when they get on the home page...I don't see that either. Am I missing something obvious?

Your favourite hearty vegetarian entrees? Recipes please!

Hi Eaters,

Between having a number of vegetarian friends for whom I love to cook, and wanting to go meatless a few days a week--I find myself looking for yummy vegetarian options. I find too many are bogged down with copious amounts of cheese to mask the lack of meat.

So--eaters, what are some of your substantive favourite vegetarian meals? The husband elect is on board with going meatless, but comes from a meat-heavy dining background. Hearty is good!

How do you move beyond stir fries and heavy eggplant parmesan?

Service Rant/Rave--haven't had one of these threads in awhile.

Hi Eaters,

I've had two bizarre dining experiences in the last week or so, and thought I'd vent and give us all the chance to do the same.

1) About a week ago, went to a local restaurant featuring local, organic upscale casual dining, beautiful menu, great food, but the WORST WAITER. He forgot our drink order, then forgot our food order, causing delays on both. He never checked in after we had delivery of either of our courses. He spent 20 minutes selling personal training to a table of four women behind us. The table runners delivered EVERYTHING to our table because he was chatting up other diners. We had to flag down a manager to get a second drink. The food--impeccable. How frustrating! We go there often enough (there are few non-chain options where we are). We wanted to tip the food runners directly who did all of the work. The restaurant wasn't was a Wednesday night.

2) On impulse, we went for Chinese this past weekend When we do this, we usually order a tonne, because the only thing better than well executed NA Chinese is leftover! $90 later and it was quite literally the worst food we've ever eaten. I love North American and more 'authentic' Chinese--this was terrible on either account. The kicker? The service was AMAZING. Friendly, prompt, attentive, not obtrusive. We tipped well and told the waitress sotto voce to get out of there and find a better place to serve!

What about you? Recent great or horrific service experiences?

Not just a slump--a string of cooking failures!

Hi Eaters,

So, in the last week and a half, I (who rarely burns things) burned a simple chicken curry dish to a black char, triple salted a caldo verde into oblivion, made meatballs and absentmindedly added so many breadcrumbs that they tasted like wallpaper paste, added greek yogurt into a hot mushroom sauce, thereby curdling the yogurt and ruining the sauce, which would have been ruined anyhow since I majorly overcooked the noodles it would have been served on and...sin of all sins, forgot to salt chicken thighs before doing the simplest of Pepin's chicken recipes.

I've never had such a consistent streak of boneheaded cooking failures. Some of the problems seem to be from absent-mindedness, others...who knows?

I may have turned a corner yesterday...I managed a pot of chicken soup (albeit with rotisserie chicken) and a flourless chocolate cake with success (although I accidentally turned off the oven five minutes into baking time and didn't notice until the cake should have been finished, thereby doubling the 'cooking' time.

Have any of you experienced a string of cooking fails of this magnitude? Consistency in methods used to be my strongest cooking point. How do you pick yourself up and dust yourself off after a string of cooking disasters?

What to do with Portuguese Chourico?

Hi Eaters,

I found a tiny Portugese grocery in my town this week. No one working there spoke English, but I found some sausage labelled
Chourico Picante. It's a deep red like SPanish Chorizo, and the label indicates that it does need to be cooked.

So here's my question---what should I do with it? Does anyone know i there are traditional Portuguese dishes I should use? If not, suggestions? I've two links of it (just under a pound) and would like to use it as an entree for two.

Thanks Eaters!


Flourless desserts with honey/maple syrup as sweetner?

Hi Eaters,

I'm eliminating some things from my diet on the advice of medical practitioners--wheat and sugar, and dairy (other than cow's milk yogurt and goat dairy) among them. I am restricting my use of sweeteners to honey and maple syrup. I'm wondering if anyone has an idea for desserts which work with these restrictions?

I'm tired of fruit as dessert and have a hell of a sweet tooth.

Finally, not to be disrespectful, but I've seen many threads like this devolve into either debates about sugar or lambasting the OP about their nutritional choices. I'm not particularly interested in defending my dietary choices--but I'd love some recipe advice.

Duck Legs and a Dinner Party...what to do with them?

Hi Eaters!

So, I'm having a belated family bday dinner for the husband-elect this Saturday. We've about 7 adults and I have about a dozen duck legs (leg and thighs together, about a half a pound each).

I'd like to do something that allows me not to be stuck in the kitchen. I"m thinking a braise, but I'd love any tips you might be able to share.

I've never cooked duck outside of curry--but we'd like to do something to show off the duck.

Please share your favorite tips/methods!

What do you put in your lobster roll?

Hi Eaters,

Am making lobster rolls for the husband elect's birthday on Tuesday. He's waxed poetic about them from his visits to family on the East Coast and I'd like to attempt a recreation, but when I ask what was in them, he just repeats that the best he's had have been 'simple'. I've the picked cooked lobster meat (just under a pound for an entree for the two of us), and the plain top cut hotdog buns which I plan to butter liberally and toast on a griddle.

I've never had a lobster roll--so I'm looking for your favorite preparations. Looking for the essential here. I've seen contentious debate online regarding mayo, and other "fillers" like celery etc.

Also, seasonings! I want it to taste of lobster, not a curried truffle oil blaspheme...what brings out the best of teh meat?

And finally...what to serve alongside? Fries seem the obvious choice, but I'm a terrible deep frier--would crispy roasted fingerlings do? Are there traditional sides that go along with a lobster roll?

Thanks to all in advance!

Just bought a rice cooker! What's your fav use?

Hi Eaters,

I just bought a small electric rice cooker and warmer with settings that include white/mixed/sushi/porridge/cake/rinse-free and quick cooking.

I bought it primarily because I love rice and could eat it everyday, but I am impatient and generally turn it out badly. I know that many people do full meals in their rice cooker, but I can't imagine what those ight be.

Do you have a favorite use for your rice cooker (beyond simply making rice)?

Any tips or tricks?

Thanks in advance.

Backyard Wedding Menu Planning--whaddaya like?

Saw the previous wedding food topic and wanted to solicit some opinions for myself. THe husband-elect and I are getting married this August (Ontario summer-everything is in season!). My brother, god love him, is a professional caterer with an enormous industrial kitchen, multiple bbqs and smokers and will bend to the will of his widdle baby sister.

We're having about 70 guests, and plan on serving a seated dinner, family style, aka, platters of sides and mains on tables so that guests can help themselves, as opposed to a plated meal of boneless stuffed chicken sadness.

We are adventurous eaters, I'm from the Caribbean, he's from a family that lurves food. A few vegetarians in the bunch. Added bonus--my caterer brother is a wizard with a bbq smoker.

Our initial thoughts are running to-pork ribs, smoked chicken, salmon (need a vegetarian entree), and sides of bbq'd corn on the cob, a beans and rice dish (nod to my background) and other delicious staples. We are going to set the tone of the wedding ahead of time and in our invites--comfortable, family, ok to lick fingers...etc etc.

The details are all still murkey--any suggestions on interesting appetizers, sides or even mains?

What would you serve if you had a fairly informal backyard wedding? Note: definitely not potluck.

Out of the ordinary sides for burgers

Hi All,

Braving some -30 C temps here in Canada land for burgers tonight. Tired of the tradtional fries/roasted potatoes/potato salad accoutrement. Looking for something fun--what are your favorite non-traditional burger sides?

How to prevent the sides my pot from scalding over a gas range?

Hi All,

I have a gorgeous gas range in my new house, but I need some tips on how to manage it. I find that any liquids I set to boil tend to burn from the pot's edge first and then move toward the centre, and in so doing often scald or burn bits of whatever's in the pot to the side of the pot.

Any tips or suggestions on how to best manage a pot over a gas range?

What to do with Goose Schmalz?

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to ask this question and saw @ velerick's post re:his/her skinless fatless goose. Together we have one perfect goose!

I was at the local farmer's market last weekend and picked up a small tub of goose schmalz. ( I live in an area with a high number of german old order mennonites...the schnitzels, sauerkraut and smoked chops are unreal in these parts).

Now that I have it, I don't know really what to do with it. I used some this morning in some decadent scrambled eggs that may have ruined me forever. They were so delicious and rich and poultry flavoured.

I have some new baby potatoes, and thought I might fry some in the schmalz, but I really don't know what else to do to highlight the loveliness. I don't simply want to use it to replace fat, but to highlight it or use it to its best.

Any ideas Eaters?

Eaters! What's your Favorite BBQ Chicken Recipe?

Hi All,

Am planning on doing up a mess of skin-on thighs and drumsticks on my propane grill this weekend.

What's your favorite preparation? I'm leaning towards something vaguely shoyu with a bbq sauce to finish that's heavy on ginger, smoke and orange/soy flavours.

What's your favorite way to grill some bone-in bird?

URGENT! Will a frozen Pizza crack my pizza stone?

Hi Eaters,

For the first time in a decade I'm eating a frozen pizza. The oven is heating now, with pizza stone inside. It just occured to me that tossing the lump of frozen dough of a premade pizza might be too much of a shock fro the stone. Should I not use it?

(Don't judge the frozen phd dissertation is due in 5 days and I'm moving in 10...something had to give)

Dear Restaurants: I am so sick of seeing ******* on your menus!

Hi Eaters,

Last weeks post about the one thing you *must* order at a restaurant got me thinking about the tired old standbys that I am sick of seeing on restaurant menus. Sure, the chicken caesar salad is likely there for the least adventurous eaters amongst us, but it's taking up valuable room that could be used for something so much more inventive and delectable.

What about you eaters? What's the unwanted piffle you see too much of on restaurant menus? What's the menu item that lets you know that the rest of the menu might not be as interesting as you'd like?

Is there one thing you *must* order if you see it on a menu?

I have a hard time avoiding french onion soup or any bits of 'offal', particularly if I don't know how to make it or have never had it cooked that way before. Often, I find these things so irresistible that it doesn't matter if the resulting order makes no logical sense. Pigs tail starter and chicken liver main? French Onion soup and jambalaya?

What about you eaters? Is there something you must try if you see it on a menu?

I just bought Annatto what do I do with it?

Hiya Eaters,

First--I'm aware I could google this. I want to know what YOU folks use annatto for. I was in a tiny Latin market yesterday and picked up some annatto all purpose seasoning because I knew 'annatto' sounded familiar and like a sort of ingredient that I vaguely remembered reading about.

I'm not near the box now, and I didn't have a chance to open it and give it a whiff. But I suspect it's a blend of seasonings?

What are your favorite uses my Eater friends?

Leftover Pot Roast? What to transmogrify into?

Hiya Eaters,

Made a pot roast yesterday, my first ever eaten or made, and it turned into some lovely shards of unctuous beef. We had that with mushrooms, gravy, mashed potatoes and carrots for dinner last night.

Tonight it's left over pot roast pot pies with carrots, leeks and mushrooms.

There are only two of us in the house, which means there are still leftovers. Any suggestions? I was thinking a pizza or calzone application, but to be honest, though the texture is lovely, I find the roast itself to be a bit bland to stand lone without some serious flavour boosting.

Any suggestions? How do you use up your leftover pot roast. I'm not particularly interested in more mashed potatoes.

Thanks in advance!

Chinese Hot Pot Restaurants: How do they work? Tips and Advice?

Hi All,

I am an adventurous eater, but to date have never had a chinese hot pot meal. I am assuming it's vaguely related to fondue in that you sort of pick and plunk yourself into a broth?

Unfortunately, no one I know has any experience either, and while there are a couple of places nearby (including one that looks like a drunks dream: all you can eat and open late), I would love some advice on how these places work, any tips/ettiquette I should be aware of, and what you might suggest for an adventurous first timer.

Thanks Eaters!

2 lbs of White Mushrooms and I don't want soup!

Hi Eaters,

Through some shopping mis-communications I'm left home alone for four days with two lbs of white button mushrooms. I'm not a huge fan of cream of mushroom soup and I've made the Pepin chicken thighs w/mushrooms too much lately.

Any ideas on what might use a lot of shrooms in a tasty way? Suggestions for a way to cook and freeze for tasty future uses are also welcome.

Thanks eaters!

Smoked pork chops and.....????

Hiya eaters,

wondering what your favorite side dishes/recipes are to go with smoked chops. I've got a couple of bone in lovelies from my local farmer's market that I plan to toss in a plan tonight.

Help me out, what do you like to serve with your smoked chops?


Indoor Beef Tenderloin pieces--too expensive to screw up, help!

Hiya Eaters,

We splurged on two gorgeous pieces of beef tenderloin for our anniversary/husband-elect's birthday and I would love your methods/recipes for cooking indoors. It's pretty cold outside, so grilling is not really an option. We have na electric stove/oven and non-stick, regular, and cast iron cookware.

We both love our beef rare rare rare. I know a quick sear on the cast iron is the likely best choice, but what suggestions do you have? Any favorite recipes/techniques?

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