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Forget Stale Bread: How to Oven-Dry Bread for Faster, More Flavorful Thanksgiving Stuffing

Just a quick note to say that the sausage and sage stuffing referenced is really fantastic. I'm Canadian, so have already had our TGiving, but I think I might just make a batch for kicks.

Video: How to Make Cacio e Pepe (Roman-Style Pasta With Cheese and Pepper)

So pleased that these videos aren't being hidden behind a paywall! I'm sure there is a production cost, but they're so well done I imagine they are driving significant traffic to the website.

Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing: How to Make Salad Like a Pastry Chef

I'd say that stale poppy seeds are worse than flavourless. They smell and pop with a taste and odour of old sock.

The Best Spirits to Give Your Dad This Father's Day

@ssorg - Try El Dorado for an amazing rum. The 12 and 15 year old are very reasonable.

The Food Lab: How to Make New York's Finest Sicilian Pizza at Home

^Ha! just realized Kenji posted those imgur links. Ah well. The point stands. I recognized the hands! It's totally weird.

The Food Lab: How to Make New York's Finest Sicilian Pizza at Home

There's no way for this not to sound slightly weird, but I'm pretty sure I I could pick Kenji's hands out of a line up after all these photos. Someone posted all the pics for the cast iron pizza on imgur not long ago and I knew by the time I hit the first hand photo that this wasn't JUST someone ripping off the recipe, but a wholesale theft of the photos.

The Essential Tools for Homemade Pizza

I find a sharp cleaver works in place of a pizza wheel. Straight up and down, no sawing. Provided the toppings aren't piled to ridiculous levels, no drag either.

Best Eaten Alone Without Pants On: Kimchi and Spam Fried Rice

Genuine question - how on earth do you store kimchi so that your whole house is not overtaken by the smell of kimchi? I bought a large plastic tub several weeks ago, once opened - the whole fridge and kitchen was taken over. I transferred to glass mason jars with an old fashioned glass top. I nestled the jar up to a small bowl of baking soda in the fridge.

Nothing helps - I never remember having this problem before. Could it be the kimchi? It was bubbling when I made the transfer.


Phat Phrik Khing: Smash Your Way to a Spectacular Dry-Style Thai Curry

@Kenji - what about the reverse - starting in a food processor to do some breaking down ,and then finishing with a mortar. I understand your reservations about clean up etc...but do you think it would work?

Cookbook Love Letter: Jacques P├ępin's Complete Techniques

Oooh! I second Jake's question. Anything you'd suggest as a companion to Jaques, Kenji? (I already have your book).

16 Party-Friendly Sandwiches for Your Super Bowl Bash

Is anyone else impressed that Rabi churns out these aggregate posts out day after day? I'm not complaining, I look at every one and generally click on at least one or two recipes - which I presume is the goal. I hope the editorial team will give him a chance to flex his muscles on something more meaty. He's clearly got the discipline and the writing chops.

Saapaadu Ready: Travels With My Mother's South Indian Kitchen

Also- I really hope a recipe for Indian rice will be forthcoming! I'm salivating.

The Food Lab: Building a Better Egg McMuffin

@CBus_Eater - not stupid - I assume you;re right, but would love some confirmation.

The Comfort Food Diaries: There's Safety in Sardines

Oil-packed sardines fork crushed with crunchy small diced raw white onion, hot pepper sauce, lime, and if necessary, the barest whisper of ketchup to bring a little sweet balance. On crackers or smooshed on toasted bread.


Ounces and Grams: Why Mass Is Not the Best Way to List Ingredients

Best line: "It's a level of variance that a casual drug dealer wouldn't trouble you for..."

The Food Lab: 15-Minute Ultra-Gooey Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Oh I dunno, after a few cocktails I can see myself stumbling into the kitchen to enjoy a slice of plain American cheese, straight out of the wrapper.


Forget Boiling! Use Less Salt! Plus More Tips for Better, Easier Pasta

I always thought that the reason NOT to put oil in your water (or after) was to ensure that the sauce has a better chance of adhering to the pasta after.

Re-Introducing Soubise: The Classic Three Ingredient Onion Sauce That Deserves a Comeback

Hmmm...while this looks delicious...wouldn't caramelizing the onions but otherwise following the same recipe also be yummy? Would that have a different name?

How do you dress your salad?

I mince a clove of garlic into a paste, then whisk in dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper until it's thick and creamy. Then I add olive oil and finish with a very small amount of maple syrup. It's heavenly.

What music do you cook/bake to?

I like listening to podcasts. Recent favorite is Marc Maron's WTF Podcast--smart interviews with comedians.

Of course...can never go wrong with this.