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Monday in Montreal

Thanks to you both!
@ Ketherian: the article you mentioned was very helpful, and will continue to be so! I go to Montreal at least 2x a year, so it's always good to know what's open on Mondays.

As it turns out, Le Bremner was open on Monday (Labour Day) and was fantastic. A bit loud for my parents, but I warned them ahead of time. There are only a few steps in/out so that wasn't much of an issue either.

Where to eat in Cheyenne, WY?

I was in Cheyenne this past February. There are the usual chains; there are a few places "downtown" which are semi-ok. Nothing memorable, sadly.

What edible to bring from Europe?

If you're into Nutella, the European version(s?) are better than the US-made variety.

Question about bread and eating healthy

I'm surprised no one's jumped on the 100 calories of lettuce = 100 calories of butter.

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

How do you get pretty pastel flecks in your "Easter Egg Salad"? One doesn't want to think... Is it crunchy?

How do you prefer whole lobster?

I'll second blizcheetah - swimming/walking free. Really don't like it.

What's YOUR favorite Easter candy?

Black jelly beans for me too!

And am I dreaming, or does anyone else remember when purple jelly beans used to be violet-flavored? Are they still?

What is your favorite brand of quality kitchen knives?

I'm partial to the Friedr. Dick knives - to me they seem a bit heavier. The most important thing is to hold the knife/knives in your hand before you buy, if you can.

Need a present idea!

I've had good success with a pan of homemade brownies in situations like this. Just make them without nuts if you're concerned about the nut-allergic population.
For an "office-y" kind of gift like this, you could wrap each one individually with some crifty-crafty cellophane, put 'em in a basket - you know, tart them up a bit.

Does "older" mean wiser purchase option?

I think it just depends on the cheese, honestly. Some cheddar might be better at 2 years, some better at 5.
The most important thing is to figure out what YOU like by trying things.

Coffee History: The Percolator

I learned how to make coffee in a percolator on the stovetop. I might have been 5 years old. As Laurie Colwin once wrote (and I'm paraphasing here) "the percolator produces the worst-tasting coffee, but leaves you with a wonderful-smelling apartment."

Greek Yogurt Question

Kerosena: Really, I wasn't trying to be snarky with my "just eat it" comment. I eat about two cups of greek yogurt every day, so it's hard to imagine it just sitting there in the fridge.

Greek Yogurt Question

Just eat it. How much are you buying, anyway?

Favorite Not Peanut Butter

Biscoff Spread. Not at all healthy, but neither is Nutella.

Best brandy for brandied cherries?

I think it's more a question of what cherries to use, if you're trying to replicate the Otto ones (which I also love). These are sour cherries. My local Trader Joe's had them for about 10 minutes this year.

Tokyo Food 2011

chgoeditor - Kanesaka sounds amazing and just the kind of recommendation I was looking for. Waiting to see your other post.

Peanut Butter Pebble Cookies

I think this could use a little editing - "take the dough out of the oven...?"

Do you measure ingredients when you cook?

I measure all the time, even for stuff I make over and over - savory cooking and baking as well. I don't see why it's a big deal to measure - I have some friends who take great pride in never measuring, like it's somehow a superior method. Consistency in the result is key for me.

How To Make Cheesecake Freeze Better

You can also overcome the curd issue (which I also agree is the culprit) by putting the cottage cheese through the food processor first - just make it smooth. You can mix the whole recipe in the food processor, if you have one big enough.

What to do with extra self-rising flour

The thing to remember is that SR flour has a shelf life - its leavening power definitely decreases as time passes.

That said, you'd be safe just subbing it out for AP flour in any cake kind of recipe that includes baking powder - just leave the baking powder out. Also, there are plenty of British recipes that specify SR flour - a fairly easy search.

Montreal eats recommendations?

+1 for Pied du Cochon
+1 for Garde Manger (it is a bit "sceney" but still, great food)
++1 for Schwartz - a true Montreal institution
++1 for St. Viateur Bagels - much better than Fairmont, IMHO.

I'm thinking about going to the CIA...

At almost 49 years old, I often think about doing the same thing, but here's my two cents. I know I would LOVE the actual school part of it - the learning, getting to cook every day, even the stress of exams and practica. However, I don't think I'd really want to be in a restaurant kitchen as my job in my 50's, and the two programs I looked into a year or so ago seemed very focused on "restaurant". Still looking.