What to do with Sliced Beef Tongue??

Thanks! I'll try it tomorrow. Maybe both ways.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Eggs. Soup. Chicken. Pizza. Hot dogs. Jambalaya-Sriracha omelets! Mmmm.

Cook the Book: 'The Japanese Grill'

Salmon, veggies, steak, burgers, shrimp, hot dogs ... with plans for some lettuce. Mmmmmmmm.

Cook the Book: 'Cooking in the Moment'

Mmmmmm. I'm looking forward to nibbling my way through our backyard garden. Maybe a juicy tomato? Carrot?? I can't wait!

Cook the Book: Quick and Easy Korean Cooking

I haven't had much Korean food BUT I've been to a not-too-far-away Korean restaurant a few times and LOVED everything. Someone else ordered. I ate. And ate. And ate. Mmmmmm .... delicious memories!

Cook the Book: 'Sarabeth's Bakery'

My grandma and great aunt. I remember hanging out with them while they cooked and baked. I loved being their special taster! Yum.

Home made sausages

Ha! It's funny that you posted this because I received the same thing and, today, I made my first batch of sausage -- natural casings and all! I only made 2 pounds but my kids ate almost all of it. It was yummy.

I made breakfast sausage with a easy looking recipe that I found online:

2 pounds ground pork
2 teaspoons dried sage
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon dried marjoram
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 pinch ground cloves
1/2 C. Cold water

You just grind the meat, mix in the rest of the stuff and then either make it into patties or use your stuffer to make links.

I accidentally left out the cloves. It tasted fine and, as a matter of fact, we liked it enough that I might leave them out the next time.

And, YES, I froze the meat before I started. It worked well.

Happy sausaging!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

This year, I witnessed a bacon wrapped Thanksgiving turkey! One turkey with a layer of bacon under the skin and another layer of bacon slices woven into a blanket over the top of the turkey and then even more bacon wrapped around the legs. It was a bacon masterpiece!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Filet Mignon. Please.

The Vinnie Pie Lives on at Vincent's Pizza Park in Pittsburgh

Aw, man! I wish I could have a Vinnie Pie right now!

My parents grew up in Pittsburgh and had a date night at Vincent's every Friday. Even though I didn't grow up there, Vincent's was on the lineup every single time we went 'home' to visit Grandma. The pepperoni is the BEST!

Now, I have my own kids and I have ZERO relatives left in Pittsburgh but we still find a way! My sister lives in Baltimore and I'm in Detroit. When we visit each other (and drive) we'll plan a route to pass a Vincent's and we always pick up extra pizzas to take to each other's house.

We love Vincent's so much that, on a recent trip, I actually booked a hotel because of its proximity to Vincent's! I took my kids to have a pizza dinner and then to the hotel for the night. We transferred our leftover pizza into zipper bags (we came prepared), filled our coolers with ice from the machines in the hall, and kept it safe until we arrived in Baltimore the next day!

How's that for some Vinnie Love????

What's Your Favorite Gas Station Convenience Store for Snacks?

Hey ... I once drove to Buffalo on a whim ... just for the wings (from Ohio in the pre-cellphone pre-GPS days). Ended up NOT finding wings, eating Chinese at some random joint, and driving right back home.

Also, I like Sheetz.

How to Make Gyoza

Okay. I make them. I eat them. I love them. I'm not so sure I know how to pronounce them. Is it 'gee-oh-za'?

Quick! Ultimate Mac and Cheese Recipe!

I fourth that Alton Brown recipe. It's tastyola. However, my friend just sent me a different Mac & Cheese recipe (see below) that she said was super delicious. It's from BC's Kitchen.

Baked Macaroni and White Cheddar Casserole
Servings: 6

3 quarts cooked macaroni, approx. 1 ½ lbs. dry
1 ½ cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 ½ teaspoons celery seed
½ teaspoon white pepper
½ teaspoon grated nutmeg
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
3 cups aged white cheddar, shredded
1 cup Ritz cracker crumbs
¼ cup butter, melted
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Lightly brush a shallow casserole dish with some of the melted butter.

In a large mixing bowl, combine macaroni, cream, seasonings and 2 cups of the shredded cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Place mixture in casserole dish and top with remaining cheese and cracker crumbs, and drizzle with butter.

Bake until bubbly, approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Do You Take Your Knives on Vacation?

If it makes me sound a bit less wacky ... there was no "local cuisine". We were in a beach house on a small island with no cars, one small grocery store, and one restaurant that sells mostly fried food. We had to cook our meals and we knew it going in. We were there for the beach in our backyard. I didn't mind cooking at all. We just wanted to be in a quiet place with our own private ocean where the kids could play all day long.

What days,when and how long do you take to shop for ingredients?

Here's how we roll in Rochester, Michigan:
1. Plan the weekly menu on Sunday.
2. Grocery shop on Monday -- usually between 5:00 - 6:00 PM because that's when I drop the kids off / pick them up from a lesson.
3. Supplement when necessary throughout the week with trips to the farmer/butcher and to gather whatever I forgot (or ran out of time for) on Monday.

Doughnut Burger from Rub BBQ

My five-year old was looking over my shoulder as I opened this page. His eyes got huge, he took a deep breath and yelled, "Hey, mom! It's a Sugar Burger!!" and then asked how we could make one.

What to do with a BUSHEL of corn-on-the-cob???

THANKS, everyone! I'm going to be a cookin' mamma for the next few days! I can't wait to try the recipes you've posted.

TMJ529. To answer your question, a new farm stand opened very close to my house. I took my kids and we were all impressed with the sheer excitement that this particular farmer felt for his produce. It was crazy. Anyway, we bought a bunch of stuff -- in regular quantities -- but my kids were hypnotized with the big bushels of corn on the table. It was day-old and only cost $5 for the whole thing. How could I resist?? Really. No one could. You would have bought it, too! (Plus, I knew that I could run right home and put out a post to my fellow Seroius Eaters and easily find a use for all of our hypnotic corn.)

Thanks again! Happy cooking!

PS. I would like to freeze some for winter. Any tips? Do I just throw it in freezer bags? Cook it first? What what what?

How Much Sushi Do You Order?

Well ... it seems that we are not the over-orderers I suspected we were. For the most part, I think we place orders similar to all of you. However, I must say that I'm super impressed with 'Gator Pam' and her 70+ piece order. Way to go!

Thanks to everyone! Happy Sushi-ing!!

Cook the Book: 'The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual'

I make a great Eggplant Parmesan with banana peppers ... learned the recipe from an old friend of the family. However, I've been on a meatball mission lately -- I've tried at least a dozen recipes and have not yet found the best. Perhaps The Frankies will be the winner??

What to do with Sliced Beef Tongue??

My daughter saw beef tongue at the grocery store today and fell in love. She begged me to buy it. I did. Now, I don't know what to do with it. Problem is, it's already sliced and every recipe I see seems to be for an intact tongue. I'm worried that I'll ruin it. Can you help??? Thanks in advance.

Can I ask a pots & pans question?

I bought -- but haven't opened -- a 7-piece All-Clad 5D stainless set of cookware at Costco today. I found the same set on other websites for more than twice what I spent.

My questions is this: Why is it so much cheaper at Costco? Did I buy seconds? Do they make lesser quality sets specifically for selling at wholesale stores? Maybe I just got a good deal?? Should I keep it?

Thanks in advance. Happy day to you.

Do You Take Your Knives on Vacation?

We just returned from a wonderful week-long vacation in a remote area with only one small grocery store within reasonable distance. I knew going in that I'd need to take along lots of "essentials". I packed all my own spices and certain food items that I figured would be difficult to find while we were there. Although they weren't fantastic tools, we made do with the junky rental-home pots and pans. However, every time I had to slice a carrot or chop an onion I wanted to scream. The knives were so awful ... they bent as I sliced and barely cut through anything. Everything looked as if I had nibbled it down to size. I wished every day that I had thought to pack some decent knives. Next time I will.

What about you? When you go on vacation do you pack your own tools? Knives? Pots? Pans? Food?

What to do with a BUSHEL of corn-on-the-cob???

My people love a good ear of corn ... I usually buy a half-dozen at a time from the local farmer and we eat it in the normal corn-on-the-cob-boiled-in-a-big-pot style. However, I am now the proud owner of a BUSHEL of it! What can I do with all this corn???

How Much Sushi Do You Order?

My family loves sushi. I have a 7-year old eel addict living in my house and we seem to be unable to resist her frequent sushi requests. However, it always appears that we have the most food on our table. When you go out for sushi -- lunch or dinner -- how much do you order? What's "normal"?

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