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  • Last bite on earth: porterhouse steak and lobster tails with spinach salad and ambrosia for dessert

Eat for Eight Bucks: Honey Mustard Chicken Legs

Looks good and so easy. Chicken legs are always cheap in my neck of the woods, even in the priciest supermarket. Thanks.

Your Favorite/Least Favorite Food Shows

The Neelys - well, at least Gina. I hate her voice and her bossy overbearing manner.
Chef vs. City - sorry, but Chef Sanchez rubs me the wrong way.
Food Network Challenge
Ham on the Street
Anything with that boring-ass Marc Summers in it.
Giada's new show

I Think I'm Scarred for Life

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! I, for one, am always happy to see someone get exposed to Semi-Ho.....I found out about her through her Kwanzaa Cake as well....I still watch the vid for a laugh every now and then.

Olympic Figure Skater Brian Boitano in a New Food Network Series

I happen to like Boitano; he's one of the classiest athletes the US has produced, the anti-Tonya or anti-obnoxious football or basketball player with a sense of entitlement. The fact that he's a foodie makes me like him even more. Like others have said, if we can watch Fieri or that awful Sandra Lee, why not Boitano???

I can't wait to see his show - there are preview clips available at the FN website.

Leave Boitano the f**k alone.

Grilling: Buffalo Wings

They should be fried the way God intended. It's not like you eat them everyday. Cannot imagine grilling them. I don't even like broiling them.

The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas

Diet Orange Crush
Diet 7-Up
Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Diet Dr. Pepper.

Dear Food Network, Please Stop

I'm happy to say that I'm watching it less and less...

'The Next Food Network Star' Episode 4: The Face Whacking Edition

Can I just tell you how relieved I am that Teddy is gone? I think he is pond scum.

Bad Kitchen Habits

Sometimes I leave dishes in the sink until the next day. I don't have a dishwasher.

Canned Ham Ideas?

For breakfast, I made the burrito that dbcurrie suggested, with the ham sauteed with onions, 'shrooms, scrambled eggs and Swiss cheese.

@brooke29 - I made a ham salad with egg, relish, mayo and horseradish for lunch.

I'm going to buy more, as my days of buying expensive cuts of meat are over for the moment, at least until I find another job.

What’s Your Favorite Weird Snack Combo?

Air popped popcorn with salt, melted butter and powdered parmigiano reggiano.

Canned Ham Ideas?

@dbcurrie - a burrito sounds like a great idea. I may slip over to the grocery store tonight or tomorrow to get my tortillas and eggs.

Canned Ham Ideas?

Clarification - these are cans of tinned ham, similar to cans of tuna. It's not one of those larger canned hams with the pop top. Just cans of ham that can be flaked with a fork, just like tuna.

So far:
Ham Salad
These sound like the best ways to go. But if I did a ham salad, would boiled eggs and onions be okay?

Guilty Food Pleasures

@flavacake - anything Tastykake, word.
guacamole w/chips
Herrs Red Hott Chips
Soft Oatmeal Raisin cookies
French Fries w/chili & cheddar cheese

Canned Ham Ideas?

All of these sound great, y'all. Thanks.

Canned Ham Ideas?

I got it a couple of times before and made it with mayo, salt & pepper. Something from my Navy days. IMO there's nothing scary about it; I just wanted to try something different.

NBC Cancelling The Chopping Block?

I thought the show sucked. MPW is not that well-known in the US, save for some serious foodies. I just couldn't get into the show.

Spam: What's your policy?

Oh, I thought this was about Spam by Hormel LOL.

A Lousy Tipper Walks Into a Bar ...

Makes me glad I stopped drinking.

My RoT was usually $1 per drink, which in Philly, costs about $3-4. If the bartender is attentive, of course. Shitty services means shitty tips or no tips at all.

Dinner Tonight: West Indian Rice and Beans

Looks good. But my Cuban grandmama never made rice and beans without a piece of meat in 'em. Usually pork or chicken.

'Next Food Network Star' Runner-Up Adam Gertler Gets His Own Show

Drama major? No wonder he is so comfortable in front of the camera. So far, the show doesn't suck.

Sandra Lee

She's a hack and a snake-oil salesman. Sometimes her "russipees" do have potential, but then she'll add something ridiculous to them, making them sickeningly inedible.

But I have to watch. I don't hate her per se - I just see her for what she is and watch her for the snark value. That's pretty much all her show is worth.

My Shocking Food Confession: What's Yours?

I've sampled dog AND rat meat whilst traveling in Asia during my Navy days. Neither tastes like chicken. The rat had a gamey, musty aftertaste to it. Gotta love the Philippines.

Corned Beef Hash: Way or No Way?

Way, but I think, depending on what brand you buy, that it comes out to over 800 calories per can, and an inordinate amount of fat.

Cook the Book: 'Baking Unplugged'

I am ashamed to admit it, but baking is not my strong suit. Tried making some banana donuts. They were supposed to be deep fried. I used shortening mixed with vegetable oil in my electric fryer. They tasted like greasy slightly sweet pieces of bread.

Where Does the Bobby Flay Hate Come From?

Okay, he's a little cocky, but he does have skills. All the ones I've seen on TV or read about do tend to be so. I've learned a lot from his shows. But whenever I ask anyone why he's hated so, they always bring up the "Iron Chef" incident when he jumped on top of the counter after the comp was over. Someone wrote an online article called "The Staggering Dicketry of Bobby Flay", and once again, other than the aforementioned incident, I don't see it. Am I missing something?

Leftover Ham Bone w/Scraps? Suggestions, please?

When I return home tomorrow, I'll be bringing plenty leftovers, as well as the huge hambone from the spiral ham we had. There are still huge pieces of meat attached, and I didn't wanna see it go to waste. So my aunt gave it to me and it's in the freezer. I have a bag of black beans at home; what are the possibilities of a good stew here?

Perfect Homemade French Fries??

What is the secret to getting those crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside fries that rival those of the better burger places like Fuddrucker's, Flamers and In & Out Burger? I have an electric fryer, but when I use that, they soak up too much of the grease. I have used several types of oil, and it doesn't seem to matter. I soak them in ice water, then pat them dry, and I still don't get the crispy outer skin I desire. Oh GAWD, someone help me!

B'day Dinner Ideas - Side Dish & Appetizer Suggestions?

I'm making a belated birthday dinner for a dear, dear friend of mine - Balamico Roasted Chicken with Potatoes one of his fave dishes of mine. I've got that down pat, no problem, I am just wondering if I should serve a salad or a leafy veggie with it and what type of appetizer. I was thinking of this. I'd serve it with some cauliflower and bread.

As for the veggie, would creamed spinach or broccoli with cheese sauce be too much? Should I just make a simple mixed green salad?

Or maybe I'm just being silly about it all? Any suggestions?

Ideas for Breakfast Casserole?

My brother and his lady are coming over Sunday for brunch. They are bringing cheap champagne for bellinis, but I'm stuck with making food. I want to do a breakfast casserole/pie thingie with a hash brown crust. Normally I'd use ham or bacon, but big brother converted to Islam ten years ago, so I need to rethink that. I have some loose turkey sausage, but he (and me) were wondering about a steak-and-egg breakfast casserole with a hash browned crust. I'll serve it with some fruit too.


Matching Wine with Food?

Which wine goes with:


I always have Pinot Grigio with chicken or seafood and merlot with any red meat, but I don't know much about wines. I never spend more than $20USD; will this hamper my attempts to match good wine with my meals? Please weigh in.

MORE FN Road Shows!!

The Neelys AND Sunny Anderson will be hitting the road for MORE of these boring road shows!!! And frankly, I can only take Gina in small doses.


White Asparagus?

Watching Tony Bourdain in Germany this weekend. It seems that the warm weather dish is definitely white asparagus. Does it grow here? I'd LOVE to try it.

Cast Iron Pans: Seasoning Issues

My Bayou brand cast iron pans came in Friday, and I've had the damndest time "seasoning" them. I washed them in hot soapy water to remove the paraffin protectant, then rubbed them down in lard and placed them in the oven for two hours at 300, per instructions. But the coating is so uneven and it still feels like some of the wax is still on there. I don't want them to start rusting again.....can anyone help me please?

My favorite brunch recipe!!! Minced Beef on Toast

It's the Navy version of Sh*t on Shingles, but I simply love this. You are supposed to put it on toast. But when I was working for the Navy SEALS, it was put on top of hash browns, with poached or baked eggs on top.

1 1/2 lbs ground beef
2 medium onions, chopped
cooking oil, if needed
salt and pepper
5 tablespoons flour, approximate
1 (16 ounce) can whole tomatoes, diced
5 1/2 ounces tomato juice
2 cups hot water, approximate
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg, to taste
1/2 teaspoon sugar, to taste

1. Crumble the ground beef into a skillet and brown with the onions.
2. If beef is very lean, add a tablespoon or two of cooking oil.
3. Salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add flour, one tablespoon at a time, stirring and cooking each spoonful, before adding the next.
5. The flour must be cooked to preclude a starchy taste through out.
6. Add enough flour to absorb most of the oil.
7. Stir in the tomatoes and the tomato juice, followed by the water.
8. Allow to simmer on low heat to thicken.
9. Adjust consistency as necessary.
10. Add nutmeg and sugar and adjust to taste.

Cooking with liquor?

Can you cook a dish with like, say, Southern Comfort or whisky? I've had vodka marinara sauce, fish and chicken with rum, white wine and chicken marinated in Belgian ale - what else can one use?

Real jambalaya??

Real Jambalaya?? I was told today at my office by an accountant from Baton Rouge today that jambalaya is not authentic 1) when you use andouille and not chorizo; and 2) when you use chicken, ham AND shrimp. You can have two meats but not three.....I laughed him off, but is he right? I always thought that is how you made it - it's how I make mine.

Canadian Cuisine?

Do we have any Canadians on board? What is the main difference between Canadian and US cuisine....there are similarities, but I want to know the differences. From what I can see, there is a strong emphasis on seafood and game. Please weigh in.

PS - I so wanna make Nanaimo Bars. I read about them on Wiki and simply cannot get them out of my if any of y'all have a recipe for this dish, by all means, share!!!

Best Hangover Food?

I love Hump Day Happy Hour, but HATEHATEHATE the aftermath. I find a couple of Egg McMuffins and a good energy drink usually do me right. What about you guys. Imbibers only LOL.

Finally!!! A Recipe I Didn't Have to Throw Away!!!

These Seafood Enchiladas came out PERFECT! I'm so proud! I omitted the toasted walnuts; that just seemed weird to me; maybe someone can explain why they were put into the recipe. Anywhooo, here is the recipe:,1645,156173-242200,00.html

Do You Ever Make A New Dish, Only to Throw it Out?

I want to throw out my lamb torte I mentioned earlier this month; it was majorly disappointing, even after letting it sit overnight in the fridge so the flavors could meld more. I'm going to throw it out tonight.

So do any seriouseats.comers do this? Make a dish and when it doesn't turn out right, trash it? I mean, that leg of lamb wasn't cheap.

Matching meat with cheeses?

I know ham and cheddar is a good match, but what about other meats, seafoods and poultry? I'm attempting to make a lamb confit & potato torte this weekend (it's rather labor intensive) and I was thinking of a creamy cheese to put on the potatoes. Any ideas, or would that be too rich?? Discuss.

I did it! I made my own chicken stock.

I feel so proud. I got it from a slow-cooker recipe site. Now I need to figure out what to do with it. Can I make a veloute' sauce from stock? I had a chestnut veloute at a holiday party and now I am addicted.

Belgian Food, anyone?

The best Belgian restaurant my city of Philadelphia had was a place called Cuvee Notredame, which closed five years ago. I hate Monk's and haven't tried any of the new places in Spring Garden or Society Hill.

Does anyone around here like Belgian food? Discuss.

Stew advice;

Hey everybody, I'm BITTER! I need stew help; mine are always awful. I like my stews peppery and spicy, but they don't come out as good as I like. Can someone help?

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