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Eat for Eight Bucks: Honey Mustard Chicken Legs

Looks good and so easy. Chicken legs are always cheap in my neck of the woods, even in the priciest supermarket. Thanks.

Your Favorite/Least Favorite Food Shows

The Neelys - well, at least Gina. I hate her voice and her bossy overbearing manner.
Chef vs. City - sorry, but Chef Sanchez rubs me the wrong way.
Food Network Challenge
Ham on the Street
Anything with that boring-ass Marc Summers in it.
Giada's new show

I Think I'm Scarred for Life

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! I, for one, am always happy to see someone get exposed to Semi-Ho.....I found out about her through her Kwanzaa Cake as well....I still watch the vid for a laugh every now and then.

Olympic Figure Skater Brian Boitano in a New Food Network Series

I happen to like Boitano; he's one of the classiest athletes the US has produced, the anti-Tonya or anti-obnoxious football or basketball player with a sense of entitlement. The fact that he's a foodie makes me like him even more. Like others have said, if we can watch Fieri or that awful Sandra Lee, why not Boitano???

I can't wait to see his show - there are preview clips available at the FN website.

Leave Boitano the f**k alone.

Grilling: Buffalo Wings

They should be fried the way God intended. It's not like you eat them everyday. Cannot imagine grilling them. I don't even like broiling them.

The Joys of Unnaturally Flavored Sodas

Diet Orange Crush
Diet 7-Up
Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Diet Dr. Pepper.

Dear Food Network, Please Stop

I'm happy to say that I'm watching it less and less...

'The Next Food Network Star' Episode 4: The Face Whacking Edition

Can I just tell you how relieved I am that Teddy is gone? I think he is pond scum.

Bad Kitchen Habits

Sometimes I leave dishes in the sink until the next day. I don't have a dishwasher.

Canned Ham Ideas?

For breakfast, I made the burrito that dbcurrie suggested, with the ham sauteed with onions, 'shrooms, scrambled eggs and Swiss cheese.

@brooke29 - I made a ham salad with egg, relish, mayo and horseradish for lunch.

I'm going to buy more, as my days of buying expensive cuts of meat are over for the moment, at least until I find another job.

What’s Your Favorite Weird Snack Combo?

Air popped popcorn with salt, melted butter and powdered parmigiano reggiano.

Canned Ham Ideas?

@dbcurrie - a burrito sounds like a great idea. I may slip over to the grocery store tonight or tomorrow to get my tortillas and eggs.

Canned Ham Ideas?

Clarification - these are cans of tinned ham, similar to cans of tuna. It's not one of those larger canned hams with the pop top. Just cans of ham that can be flaked with a fork, just like tuna.

So far:
Ham Salad
These sound like the best ways to go. But if I did a ham salad, would boiled eggs and onions be okay?

Guilty Food Pleasures

@flavacake - anything Tastykake, word.
guacamole w/chips
Herrs Red Hott Chips
Soft Oatmeal Raisin cookies
French Fries w/chili & cheddar cheese

Canned Ham Ideas?

All of these sound great, y'all. Thanks.

Canned Ham Ideas?

I got it a couple of times before and made it with mayo, salt & pepper. Something from my Navy days. IMO there's nothing scary about it; I just wanted to try something different.

NBC Cancelling The Chopping Block?

I thought the show sucked. MPW is not that well-known in the US, save for some serious foodies. I just couldn't get into the show.

Spam: What's your policy?

Oh, I thought this was about Spam by Hormel LOL.

A Lousy Tipper Walks Into a Bar ...

Makes me glad I stopped drinking.

My RoT was usually $1 per drink, which in Philly, costs about $3-4. If the bartender is attentive, of course. Shitty services means shitty tips or no tips at all.

Dinner Tonight: West Indian Rice and Beans

Looks good. But my Cuban grandmama never made rice and beans without a piece of meat in 'em. Usually pork or chicken.

'Next Food Network Star' Runner-Up Adam Gertler Gets His Own Show

Drama major? No wonder he is so comfortable in front of the camera. So far, the show doesn't suck.

Sandra Lee

She's a hack and a snake-oil salesman. Sometimes her "russipees" do have potential, but then she'll add something ridiculous to them, making them sickeningly inedible.

But I have to watch. I don't hate her per se - I just see her for what she is and watch her for the snark value. That's pretty much all her show is worth.

My Shocking Food Confession: What's Yours?

I've sampled dog AND rat meat whilst traveling in Asia during my Navy days. Neither tastes like chicken. The rat had a gamey, musty aftertaste to it. Gotta love the Philippines.

Corned Beef Hash: Way or No Way?

Way, but I think, depending on what brand you buy, that it comes out to over 800 calories per can, and an inordinate amount of fat.

Cook the Book: 'Baking Unplugged'

I am ashamed to admit it, but baking is not my strong suit. Tried making some banana donuts. They were supposed to be deep fried. I used shortening mixed with vegetable oil in my electric fryer. They tasted like greasy slightly sweet pieces of bread.


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