Favorite Chicago Deep Dish Pizza?

Eduardos all natural pizza on skokie blvd is definitely one of the better deep dish pizzas,

Sourdough Starter-Along: Day 10 - Second Harvest

I'm on the 5th day with a whole grain stone ground flour sour dough(round two, it took some dough from a 3 day sour dough and threw it into my jar).

It smells like a sour dough bread factory inside the jar. Thanks so much for sharing your sour dough starter guide, its the best one out there.

Its not being refrigerated, and I'm adding a heaping tbs of flour to it every now and then, and a we bit of water to make sure its not too thick.

Tampa Bay Pizza - Horrid!

As a long time chicagoan I am used to all types of pizza from the crappy pre frozen doughs, to all out rustic italian style with a brick oven and nonsense about how the dough makes a good pizza.

I never knew this better until my wife and I decided to move to tampa bay, the pizza down here is horrible and doesnt deserve to be fed to dogs.

Theres a few places with a brick oven and that make their own dough, but its not the same.

Is there anyone else from the Tampa bay area that knows how to knead dough and make an awesome pizza from a non convection oven?

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