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We Tried Pizza Hut's Cone-Crust Creation in the Middle East

The Cone Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East is the daredevil design of the season, vying with the Cheeseburger Crown Crust for freakshow pizza supremacy. Our dedicated correspondent in Dubai didn't cower in the face of this cream cheese and chicken-stuffed beast, but dove right in to take you inside and deliver the scoop on the stunt pizza of the moment! More

Dubai: The Camel Burger (Yes, Burger Made of Camel) from Local House Doesn't Ride Up to the Hype

The rage that is camel burgers hit Dubai two years ago when Arabic restaurant Local House slid a camel patty into the hollow pocket of a khameer, traditional, pita-shaped leavened bread studded with sesame seeds. This innovative burger move garnered adulation from most major newspapers around the city, with practically every article raving about a surprisingly juicy patty that grunts back at misconceptions about camel meat being tough. Would I get to ride the same juicy, fat-free, exceedingly creative camel journey that the food reporters had embarked on? More

16 Top Ethnic Eats of Old Dubai

Here's a sampler plate of what Dubai has to offer—without the bling, the glam, the extravagance that this desert city has come to symbolize. These are the authentic, incredibly diverse flavors that can converge for someone who's willing to wind their way through the alleys of old Dubai and taste what's off the beaten, crystal-studded path. More

We Tried Pizza Hut's Cone-Crust Creation in the Middle East

@Kenji - YAAAAAY! You're the man for the job! Please send a slice to Dubai...it's going to be the first pizza I eat with my IMAX 3D glasses on.

We Tried Pizza Hut's Cone-Crust Creation in the Middle East

@Harmsyseatown - thank you! :)

@FelicityBoston - that's brilliant! Someone from Pizza Hut needs to read that and modify the cones to a Cannoli Crust Pizza. Maybe Cannoli in some and deep-fried battered ice cream in the others. I have a feeling that Pizza Hut is going to offer us both R&D jobs real soon.

@Robyn - Guess who's always the inspiration for the doodles?? Here she is >> ROBYN LEE. ;) Next time, I'm going to shoot the mutant pizza eating process as a special edition HD video feature.

@Dennis Lee - It wasn't food, but tongue tears. Tongues cry too, when they see tortured and mutilated food forms. Mine did when I first saw the flyer for the cheeseburger crown crust pizza.
...and loved the ninja star analogy, thanks to Meredith for pointing it out to me!

@wumani - Awww, way to breaking my cone-inflicted heart. Just when I thought there was a larger purpose to my consuming that pizza, you shattered it for me. Now the world knows that in geometry class, I was the kid wearing the dunce cap (which ironically, is also conical.)
*tear rolling down cheek as 1D is sheepishly deleted and corrected with 2D*

The Food Lab Lite: Five Minute Miso-Glazed Toaster Oven Salmon

Love love love this recipe. Definitely goes on my must-try list. Looks so incredibly good, I honestly can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing Kenji.

Dubai: The Camel Burger (Yes, Burger Made of Camel) from Local House Doesn't Ride Up to the Hype

Thanks texas blues and guycooking! Agreed that tzatziki...or even just a Lebanese version of garlic mayo (toum) would have been a notch better. But a notch here or there wouldn't have been enough to make that patty stick out in my mind as the best burger that ever lived.
Or even as the mediocre burger that ever lived.
It's one of those burgers that isn't THAT outrageously bad that it'd scar you forever, it was more one of those anticlimactic and tastelessly chewy eats that your tummy tends to erase from its digestive memory as soon as the next edible distraction hits the table. I do hear that Local House has decent tasting camel kababs and camel biryani...and I'll try those at some point cause a tiny part of me still has hope for camel meat. If those camely eats turn out to be equally disappointing, that's when I'll kick my hooves up in resignation.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Awww...love this show. I'd kill to work in an office like that!

A Taste of the Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut in the Middle East

Folks, it's really not all that bad. My fellow eater-in-crime, selfless Didi who also hurled the pizza at her tummy [and did some research on other freakish Filipino variations laid out by Pizza Hut], and myself are still...ALIVE.

So the good news is that the pizza can only scar your pizza-loving soul, not kill.

[MikeMN - you read my mind. The pizza structure totally reminded me of the hunger games arena...circular, with launching pads all around the perimeter, and with this an ominous feeling of doom hanging over the tributes who're about to...dig in. Only difference is here, NO ONE emerges victorious.]

Serious Eats Guide to Surviving Food Crawls: Or, How to Eat Like We Do (and Live to Tell the Tale)

I love this article. So, so well-written and food writers / bloggers...or more importantly, readers of food articles/blogs, have so much to learn from it. I strongly believe in the 2 bite strategy, and packing leftovers. The nice thing about packing stuff is I can bring it home for my very food-saavy parents to taste it - so I get a second level of taste-testing (assuming the food is of the kind that retains it's flavour when brought home).

Great read.

Serious Eats Is Five Years Old: Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy birthday! Loooove this site, I've continued following it despite my move to Dubai!

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