Love to cook, bake, run, and write. I can never follow a recipe whether it needs tweaking or not, it gets that Apple Crumbles personal touch.

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Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live, Episode 1

I'm with the majority: It was a flop. I'm not a fan of G.R. anyway and certainly don't find it entertaining to listen to someone yell and scream profanities and people for an hour. I thought I might enjoy seeing a more gentile G.R. I didn't enjoy it and thought anyone trying to follow along, even the recap afterwards was way to quick, fast paced for anyone needing step by step instruction.

Worst foodie gift ever?

I read somewhere a year or so ago that the worst food gift was a fruit cake. I was totally amazed because I LOVE fruit cake! Espec. my mother's that she makes every Christmas soaked with brandy.

Shrimp Pizza with a Red Pepper Pesto

Shrimp pizza! That's a great idea and it looks so good. Great job!
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