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Thank you both for responding. My post contained one error; I am kneading 6 minutes (not 9) prior to the 4 minute fold/turn.
Here is my dough recipe; a blend of two flours for the taste I am seeking:
7 oz unbleached KA white whole wheat flour (13% protein)
11 oz unbleached KA white all-purpose flour (11.7% protein)
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons brown sugar
1 1/1 teaspoons Fleishmans Instant yeast
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups water at 95 degrees
Cornmeal for dusting counter

I turn the oven on 90 minutes prior to putting the pie in to allow the stone to fully heat. I DO NOT have an oven thermometer but now realize I need one as I have been told that the stove readout could be inaccurate-rookie error! I would like to hear from others who hand-knead to see if my six minute knead followed by 15 and then 4 minutes turn/fold prior to balling is about right. I do the windowpane test and it appears OK but I am not sure.

Would also like to know when forming the crust finger docking and turning, how much to press down on dough? I avoid touching the cornichona but feel I am "degassing" the crust as I push it out. Does that make sense? Please advise on this as well. All comments much appreciated-I never get insulted when learning from others.

Dual Oven- Smaller top oven better for pizza?

My oven goes to 550 and 15" pizza bake takes 8 1/2 minutes with a 1/3" crust, 7oz sauce and 7oz cheese.

Cornmeal Issue Part 2: Less smoke & folded pie

Parchment worked like a charm-I left it in the entire bake just to see if it would actually ignite at 550. Amazed that it did not. Took parchment out from under pie # 2 to see if the bottom of the crust was any different, but did not notice any appreciable difference. Thanks to all for your insight.

Dual Oven- Smaller top oven better for pizza?

I have the dual oven and I bake my pies on the top (with stone, have not ventured into steel yet). Despite the reduced square feet of the upper oven it keeps heat evenly and the smaller door profile lets far less heat escape when opening. My oven is all white including cooktop and that white cooktop ALWAYS looks dirty-needs constant cleaning so I would never get a white cooktop again.

Cornmeal Issue Part 2: Less smoke & folded pie

You guys figured it out for me!! The oil was dripping down onto the peel on the front end and that's where the pizza started to "grab" the peel, causing crust to fold on to itself. So if I forgo the oil, how do you get the cornichona from burning?

HELP with pizza dough recipe

Thank you all for your insight. Great tips about the cornmeal, making small test pies, and the flour. I was using unbleached regular flour but today I switched to 3 parts KA unbleached whole wheat and one part KA bread flour. Also cut back 2 tablespoons on the olive oil. Mixed it up and put in fridge about two hours ago so I will report back in 3 days. Thanks again. Live long and prosper.


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