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Pan fried spaghetti, anyone?

Pan fried spaghetti is wonderful. Try stir frying chinese veggies, carrots, onion, celery, maybe broccoli and make a mild sauce...light butter sauce...put over pasta....yum.

non-alcoholic summer drinks

A lot of the fruit and mixer drinks sold can be yummy without alcohol. Strawberry Daquiri mix, seltzer water, ice makes a great smoothie. Even without the's great for people avoiding liquor, and it's great for kids...good luck.

Appetizer Cheese Platter Suggestions

I love cheeses of all kinds...but...if you are serving cheeses with crackers, cut cheese into slices...cubed cheese on a cracker is just so wrong..good luck

Has anyone tried going raw?

Raw food can sometimes be dangerous. Especially most kinds of meat (beef, pork, chicken) Some fish is ok raw as in sushi recipes. I kinda prefer my food cooked. Medium rare, but cooked none the less...LOL

5 dozen eggs

Custards use lots of eggs..and there is always egg salad and deviled eggs.
Don't boil them though till you use them...fresh raw eggs last 4-5 weeks while hard boiled only about a week. The pourous shells soak up the moisture in the whites. Dries them out...makes then not safe to eat.

I need suggestions for new and different raw veggies to munch on

Cucumbers cut on the bias are great...but I've found that raw zucchini and raw summer squash cut on the bias..