why are food scenes important to the film industry?

Motion Pictures, etc. are not made because of food "scenes." I have worked in the industry all my life, and your question makes no sense! What are you asking?

why are food scenes important to the film industry?

I don't understand your question. Food scenes are not important to the "Film Industry." Films & Boxoffice carry some weight in the film industry, & are discussed, met with the powers that be. Don't understand your question.

How the Heck Does One Report Spam on this Site??

I joined this site several years ago. From what I can piece together is that it is a personal blog focusing on NY & Chicago, with a chat on the side. There are may discussion boards out there, but this is not one of them. I would leave the spam etc. to the blogger's jurisdiction to address same. Upper case screaming & demanding an answer just drags the site down. Click around the site, check out your account info, and make changes as you wish.

I am not a technical person, & can imagine it takes a village to put a site together. Yelling & screaming/meltdowns are not appropriate. If you don't like what see, start your own site.

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

If I felt ambitious, I would use about 1 pound and make...
Kreplach - a meat dumpling that is served in soup, or or fried and served with sauteed onions
Meat Knishes - ground beef with sauteed onions, encased in mashed potatoes, & fried in oil.
Stuffed cabbage
Lots of ways to go wirh ground beef.

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

Beef & Mushroom Ragout over Paparadelle
Armenian Kebabs
Meatballs & spaghetti :)

How often do you price compare when you shop?

There are certain brand names that I stick with & won't compare prices, i.e. I will only buy Knudsen cottage cheese & sour cream. When I pick up a product, it's to read the nutritional label, not for the price. Large chain markets, imo, overcharge for sundries & paper products. I used to go to 99 cent stores for same items, bread & bagels; but not worth my time, effort & gas. There are folks that are great at clipping coupons, but I'm not one of them - can't be bothered. I pretty much just buy what I want. Saves time & headaches & gas. Fortunately, we have great Produce, but wouldn't mind checking out the Farmers' Markets.

What are the best no-wait brunch spots in Manhattan & Brooklyn?

Kid Friendly in Brooklyn

Ahhhh, Brooklyn New Yawk. Makes me a little homesick. I would head over to Nathan's in Coney Island, and take a walk on the Boardwalk. Is your 9-month-old able to sit in a highchair? If so, I'd check out restaurants that provide highchairs. If not, I don't know how one would manage to eat out & juggle a baby in another hand, I would arrange for a babysitter.

Check out Frommer's

Using a sauce for chicken on something else

Not a big fan of jarred sauces, and have not tried cooking sauces. Can't imagine adding it to beef. Personally, I would make my own creation, particularly when it's 40% sodium.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

An interesting/unusual "take" on pizza that I came across is a tomato basil Crostada. Lots of room to play around with toppings/fillings of choice.


Also, look up fish Piccata


Easy Baked Fish Vera Cruz


I'm a big fan of salmon w asparagus & black rice. Here's a simple take w/ bok choy.

Gingered Salmon with Black Rice & Bok Choy,,50400000133012,00.html

Unusual Pizza Toppings

Chilled asparagus and cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese is another veggie way to go.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

I guess I'm pretty traditional & boring lol I've been getting into a healthier(?) flatbread pizza w/ various toppings, i.e. artichoke hearts, halved cherry tomatoes, slivers of red onion & shredded mozzarella. Whatever your veggie fancy. Goat cheese might be interesting. Here's the general idea:

'Tis The Season... For SMOOTHIES

NEAT-O! Seriously?

Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas?

The different colored carrots would also shine topped with pea tendrils, watercress or arugula. i.e.

Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas?

Oops. Wanted to add... mashed potato & carrot whip. Cook & mash the potatoes & carrots separately. Add cream & butter, S&P to the potatoes. Swirl the cooked mashed/pureed carrots into the mashed potatoes.

Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas?

Traveling Mac and Cheese questions

Unless you can reheat it at the destination, I would go with a cold pasta or potato salad.

Deviled eggs

Tope them with caviar or a whole cooked shrimp.
Avocado Combine cooked yolks, avocado, lime juice, hot sauce and mayo.
Pesto - topped w/ toasted pine nuts & fresh basil.

Passover Side Dish

Grilled Romaine Hearts with Buttermilk-Dill Dressing

I liked the recipe when I saw it on BHG (BLT Salad w/ Buttermilk Dressing):

As I did the orrechiette with tuna & peas (Sweet Pea Tuna Salad) from Real Simple:

Was hoping for something more "original" here on Serious Eats.

Let's talk about Eggs!

It's almost summer year 'round in so california. I only eat the yoks, but I like pesto deviled eggs topped with pine nuts, and avocado deviled eggs.

Recipes for Oranges?

Recipes for Oranges?

I posted a link to lemon upside-down cake (you can use oranges instead), from the L.A. Times, but it didn't post. Try a search under same.
Fruit salad
Go Asian -- Orange chicken, Chinese chicken salad.

Dressing Ideas?

Any interesting dressing ideas for this Melon & Mozzarella Salad? (The Lemon-Poppy Seed dressing sounds bland. Want something with more of a kick.)

Ravioletti Ideas

I picked up some fresh ravioletti stuffed with 3 cheeses. (They are tiny squares of ravioli about 1/2"-3/4" in size). I don't want to drown them in a heavy sauce. Any creative ideas?

Cooking with Beer

I'm not a beer drinker - never cared for the taste as a libation. Since the rule of thumb is, cook with the alcohol you like to drink, I coud use your help. I have a few dishes that call for beer, and not sure what to buy - i.e. carbonnade calls for Belgium beer, & a few recipes calling for Mexican beer. Any tips or suggestions on what (brand) to use/buy?

Edible Gold?

I've never used it, but want to give it a try (in the recipe below). I did some poking around on the web & read it is edible, but one brand noted not to let it touch your fingers. Doesn't make sense. Has anyone tried it? Any tips?

Glitterrazzi Popcorn

12 cups popped Blast O Butter Microwave Popcorn
1 cup salted mixed nuts
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1 package (12 oz.) white vanilla flavored baking chips
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
Edible gold powder (optional)

Pop popcorn according to package directions. Open bag carefully and pour into large bowl; discard unpopped kernels.

Add nuts and cranberries to bowl with popcorn; stir well.

In microwave oven or double boiler melt chips according to package directions.Pour over popcorn mixture; stir until evenly coated. Spread onto large rimmed baking sheet; sprinkle with cinnamon, stirring to distribute evenly. Cool completely. Sprinkle with gold powder if desired. Store tightly covered.

Serve in martini glasses.

Yeild: 6 servings

Citrus Caviar

Recently I stumbled upon an article re Finger Lime: The Caviar of Citrus. I've never heard of them before. Thought they sounded interesting, & might have great potential for a dish. The links to the article & pic is below.)

Have you ever tried them or seen them in your local market. How would you describe the taste? The article is old, so wondered when they might be in season. What creative dishes would you whip up with these little gems? (Scroll down to see the pic),0,4272665.story

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