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why are food scenes important to the film industry?

Motion Pictures, etc. are not made because of food "scenes." I have worked in the industry all my life, and your question makes no sense! What are you asking?

why are food scenes important to the film industry?

I don't understand your question. Food scenes are not important to the "Film Industry." Films & Boxoffice carry some weight in the film industry, & are discussed, met with the powers that be. Don't understand your question.

How the Heck Does One Report Spam on this Site??

I joined this site several years ago. From what I can piece together is that it is a personal blog focusing on NY & Chicago, with a chat on the side. There are may discussion boards out there, but this is not one of them. I would leave the spam etc. to the blogger's jurisdiction to address same. Upper case screaming & demanding an answer just drags the site down. Click around the site, check out your account info, and make changes as you wish.

I am not a technical person, & can imagine it takes a village to put a site together. Yelling & screaming/meltdowns are not appropriate. If you don't like what see, start your own site.

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

If I felt ambitious, I would use about 1 pound and make...
Kreplach - a meat dumpling that is served in soup, or or fried and served with sauteed onions
Meat Knishes - ground beef with sauteed onions, encased in mashed potatoes, & fried in oil.
Stuffed cabbage
Lots of ways to go wirh ground beef.

Two Pounds of Ground Beef- What to make?

Beef & Mushroom Ragout over Paparadelle
Armenian Kebabs
Meatballs & spaghetti :)

How often do you price compare when you shop?

There are certain brand names that I stick with & won't compare prices, i.e. I will only buy Knudsen cottage cheese & sour cream. When I pick up a product, it's to read the nutritional label, not for the price. Large chain markets, imo, overcharge for sundries & paper products. I used to go to 99 cent stores for same items, bread & bagels; but not worth my time, effort & gas. There are folks that are great at clipping coupons, but I'm not one of them - can't be bothered. I pretty much just buy what I want. Saves time & headaches & gas. Fortunately, we have great Produce, but wouldn't mind checking out the Farmers' Markets.

Kid Friendly in Brooklyn

Ahhhh, Brooklyn New Yawk. Makes me a little homesick. I would head over to Nathan's in Coney Island, and take a walk on the Boardwalk. Is your 9-month-old able to sit in a highchair? If so, I'd check out restaurants that provide highchairs. If not, I don't know how one would manage to eat out & juggle a baby in another hand, I would arrange for a babysitter.

Check out Frommer's

Using a sauce for chicken on something else

Not a big fan of jarred sauces, and have not tried cooking sauces. Can't imagine adding it to beef. Personally, I would make my own creation, particularly when it's 40% sodium.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

An interesting/unusual "take" on pizza that I came across is a tomato basil Crostada. Lots of room to play around with toppings/fillings of choice.


Also, look up fish Piccata


Easy Baked Fish Vera Cruz


I'm a big fan of salmon w asparagus & black rice. Here's a simple take w/ bok choy.

Gingered Salmon with Black Rice & Bok Choy,,50400000133012,00.html

Unusual Pizza Toppings

Chilled asparagus and cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese is another veggie way to go.

Unusual Pizza Toppings

I guess I'm pretty traditional & boring lol I've been getting into a healthier(?) flatbread pizza w/ various toppings, i.e. artichoke hearts, halved cherry tomatoes, slivers of red onion & shredded mozzarella. Whatever your veggie fancy. Goat cheese might be interesting. Here's the general idea:

Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas?

The different colored carrots would also shine topped with pea tendrils, watercress or arugula. i.e.

Multicolored carrots - Easter recipe ideas?

Oops. Wanted to add... mashed potato & carrot whip. Cook & mash the potatoes & carrots separately. Add cream & butter, S&P to the potatoes. Swirl the cooked mashed/pureed carrots into the mashed potatoes.

Traveling Mac and Cheese questions

Unless you can reheat it at the destination, I would go with a cold pasta or potato salad.

Deviled eggs

Tope them with caviar or a whole cooked shrimp.
Avocado Combine cooked yolks, avocado, lime juice, hot sauce and mayo.
Pesto - topped w/ toasted pine nuts & fresh basil.

Grilled Romaine Hearts With Buttermilk-Dill Dressing

I liked the recipe when I saw it on BHG (BLT Salad w/ Buttermilk Dressing):

As I did the orrechiette with tuna & peas (Sweet Pea Tuna Salad) from Real Simple:

Was hoping for something more "original" here on Serious Eats.

Let's talk about Eggs!

It's almost summer year 'round in so california. I only eat the yoks, but I like pesto deviled eggs topped with pine nuts, and avocado deviled eggs.

Recipes for Oranges?

I posted a link to lemon upside-down cake (you can use oranges instead), from the L.A. Times, but it didn't post. Try a search under same.
Fruit salad
Go Asian -- Orange chicken, Chinese chicken salad.


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