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Anna Dunn

Anna Dunn

DIY or Buy Columnist

Poet and Pit bull enthusiast, Anna lives in Bed Stuy with her wife, two dogs and three cats. Bruce Springsteen is her idol.

Anna Dunn is a free-lance writer as well as Editor In Chief of the Diner Journal and Director of This Must Be the Place Art Space. Her work has appeared regularly in Brooklyn Based, Famous Magazine, FAQNP and Red Line Blues. She has had the honor of working with Capricious and Outrageous Look galleries and reading at the KGB Bar as part of their True Story Non-fiction series. You may be able to find her bartending at Diner from time to time.

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Favorite foods: Momos, panzanella, and all chili sauces.
  • Last bite on earth: The Little Chef

How to Make Don's Mix for Tiki Drinks

Don's Mix is the perfect project for the passing of the seasons. The smell of sugar and cinnamon bubbling on the stove will make you feel ready for all things autumnal. Grapefruit, a perfect citrus for summer by the sea, will also remind you that the day will come, mid-December, when, if you are lucky, you'll look down and find a box of seasonal citrus on your door. More

How to Make Your Own Spicy Tequila

Habanero peppers are as brilliantly inky as an orange highlighter or a rogue sunbeam in October, and their heat as warm as the longing for summer in the dark heart of February. Of all the sweetly spicy peppers I foolishly sampled that day, their flavor was subtle but still scorching and fruity, perfectly suited for a bright citrus cocktail. More

Habanero Tequila

@gsa703 That is an excellent idea. You could also then experiment with several different peppers per bottle!! Just remember when using less tequila to adjust the amount of peppers and/or sample more often. Thanks for this.

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