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  • Location: Long Beach, California
  • Favorite foods: ANYTHING with avocado or garlic... spicy tuna, medium rare steak, sticky ribs,greasy fries,shrimp quesadillas,sub sandwiches stacked,bleu cheese dressing,the end nibbles of a burrito, the center of a cinnamon roll,stealing bites off of my hubbies plate~
  • Last bite on earth: Fantastics Salad Burrito, with Cilantro & Avocado

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Weekend Cook and Tell: Canning Confidential

There are so many fabulous items listed here, and it's making me hungry. I dont have much canning experience as I'd like, but I will never forget helping my English Canadian Grandmother-In-Law make her famous Pickled Mustard Green Beans with a 90 year old recipe...She lovingly reminded my husband that it was a "relish dear", as he piled them onto his plate. He still has the appetite of a 15 year old. He's her favorite :):)

Pumpkin Pancakes....that's all

@boobird..that is one of my dessert faves! sooo yummyyy..But, I havent made it yet.
@CathQ..thats the perfect time to make them, im going to do just that. anytime in the fall is great. i just love chai tea too..the creamy kind with milk, it kinda reminds me of pumpkin pie.

What should I do with all of these lovely strawberries?

Mathilde, white chocolate is becoming a def fave around my house...havent attempted scones yet, but have been wanting to for some time now. do you have a good recipe? :D

What should I do with all of these lovely strawberries?

@cannella vita..that is a delish duo! thank you, will check it out

What should I do with all of these lovely strawberries?

@tatianak..i will try that, it looks so pretty and delish. i even want that square tart pan, havent run into one. :)
@finsbigfan..thats sounds so very good!!!! thank you!!
@missmochi..what wonderful i really want to can again!!!
@kakugori..mmmmmmm could be a strawberry day EVERY day :):)

A Noobie Question! are too funny, my father has always done that as well. i was just wondering if you had any new details to this moat system :). its like learning a new recipe and then calling it your own, SI? he hee..

What should I do with all of these lovely strawberries?

ohhh, this is fun...i cannot believe what all of you can do with strawberries!!!
has anyone tried slow roasting them with pepper and a little olive oil? the pepper makes it pop...DE-RICIOUS!!!! ;P

What's On Your NYC Bucket List?

What a lovely and delicious looking list! I'm a West Coaster with East Coast roots. I've always wanted to try a clam pizza...looks sooooo DE-RICIOUS!!! ;P

What should I do with all of these lovely strawberries?

@lemonfair, i havent dont that, and its a fab idea to freeze them. i really want to get back to basics with freezing and canning.
@gutreactions, i've heard of trying balsamic, but have not must be delish.
@Bloo, i havent had that since high school! (late 80's..throat clearing..) but i will never forget it :)
@merstar, thats ok i will still look up those brownie recipes :)
@gingercookiewithlime, that sounds so delish, thank you for the idea.
@les ah, of are right. but i always nibble what i cook!! :)...just love your profile name!!!!
@merstar and kakugori, great ideas, but havent heard of Strawberry Charlotte Russe, or Strawberry Romanoff, yum

San Francisco: The Doughnut Burger at Straw

i cannot imagine eating that as well. it DOES belong at the fairground!!! that is a diabetes burger!

What should I do with all of these lovely strawberries?

@gutreactions..all sounds so yummy, what kind of dressing did you use on your farmer's market salad?
@ecca31..i bet it does smell like summer, what a yummy cocktail that would make. i want to make sangria soon.. the bacon was frying in the pan this morning, i was inspired to use the fat as i have before in stews and such. SO! I am "ATTEMPTING" a bacon fat shortcake crust strawberry tart :D

A Noobie Question!

@bleu interesting, the Italian moat system? how does that work? i would love to can more, its been awhile. if i had more room, a much larger garden would be fantastic, so we could enjoy more organic, seasonal produce, and keep those heirloom seeds.

A Noobie Question!

@blue, thank you for the welcome! i just adore heirloom tomatoes, do you grow any? i have two growing now. one is my favorite yellow pear (not heirloom), and the other is mr. stripey :). i like to add italian dressing or oil and vinegar to my lettuce when i build my blt, then add a slice of onion and avocado if i have it....sigh

A Noobie Question!

@lemonfair, Thank you for the welcome and info. Im happy to be here.

A Noobie Question!

Thanks so much dbcurrie for the helpful advice! I will check out Share Your Sweets. Happy Baking :D