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Use Popeye's Chicken Nuggets to Make Awesome Homemade Chinese-American Food

Ah, I do this same method, except with the Trader Joe's Mandarin Chicken -- I use the fried chicken chunks and mix and match it with different sauces.

The Nasty Bits: Pig's Foot

Oh, great idea to add into other broths! Why that never occurred to me before, I'm not sure..

How to Make Crème Fraîche (in One Easy Step!)

I made a quick version of creme fraiche with lemon juice and cream.

Valentine's Day Baking: Sprinkle Pink Peppercorns on Sugar Cookies

Ah, peppercorns can be a tad confusing. I'm referencing this from Food Lover's Companion, just to make sure my facts are straight. Pink peppercorns are berries from the Baies rose plant. What are considered traditional peppercorns are actually from pepper plants, which is what makes pink peppercorns different. These are also referred to by some as "berries" too but the real distinction is that pink peppercorns are from a completely different plant.

Sloppy Joe Nachos

@Jettabugfox. So sorry! It's 3/4 teaspoon cayenne powder, but feel free to increase or decrease that depending on your tastes.

Serious Heat: Muhammara

@KarmaFreeCooking -- how do you use it for a pasta? Do you add anything to make it a little thinner?

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 156: Do Birthday Week Pounds Count?

Aw, we have the same birthday. Mine was yesterday too! Happy Birthday!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Such a good idea for a splash of tequila. I can't wait to try it out.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

@maztec I had never heard of the thick Spanish hot chocolate! Thanks for mentioning it. I may use @maztec's tips and experiment making it. Will report back with results.

Got Too Many Apples? Make Apple Salsa

@seriousb--What a good idea. I'm going to give spicy applesauce a try...

Serious Heat: Trigonas with Confit Beef and Mole Sauce

To confit the meat on the stove, Greg recommends to cook the meat and fat in a pot (I'd recommend a Dutch oven) over low heat for a few hours until the meat is soft. I hope that helps!

Serious Heat: 15 Ways to Use Hatch Chiles

@samba00 -- The Columbus Circle Whole Foods. Call the Tribeca one, and they should be able to tell you if and when they'll have shipments or point you to other locations getting them.

Serious Heat: Sriracha and Peanut Butter, and Other Odd Spicy Combos

@pesca -- Can you explain what you enjoy about the pb and Sriracha combo? I'm not sure I get it..

6 Ways to Build Your Spicy Food Tolerance

@Evan -- You do bring up a good point. But several people that I spoke with said that once they felt they had hit a capacity where the spicy food started to taste blandish to them, they would refrain from eating it for a few days to a week, and then introduce it back. That seemed to do the trick.

How to Make Chile Infusions

@hottietin: Cucumber sounds like a great addition to a spicy vinegar!

@W. Were: For alcohol, you'll want to do a cold infusion, like the vinegar. Just throw a handful of halved chiles into any alcohol (I like to do it in tequila or alcohol), wait a couple weeks and voila -- you have a spicy spirit on your hands.

Buffalo Wings in Dip Form

@Butrflygirly -- I actually used a rotisserie chicken. I just used a fork to shred the meat and mixed it into the dip. And great idea on adding it to the menu of a Lost party on Sunday.

@Fernando -- Oh, spinach! Not only tastes good but makes it a teeny tiny bit healthier!

Serious Heat: What to Make with Bhut Jolokia, the World's Hottest Chile

@ Ramon -- Hmmm, my only guess is that maybe the chile was old and had lost a lot of its heat. Try ordering jolokia chiles from Kalustyan's (which I referenced above). I know for a fact that they are good quality and scalding hot.

Making Sriracha Chile Sauce from Scratch

I have never tasted the yellow sriracha, but they were saying it was spicier which is why I recommended going the Scotch bonnet/ habanero route. But to tone down on the heat, how about adding a yellow bell pepper into the mix?

Making Sriracha Chile Sauce from Scratch

@dollar -- What about using a mix of yellow habaneros and yellow Scotch bonnets?

I'm Hung Up on "High Heat" Hyperbole

Have you ever thought about your pans? Some pans have thinner metal, which can make the meat cook too fast. Disregard what the recipes are saying; find out which temperature works for you, your pan and your heat source, probably medium-high.

Christmas breakfast: Do you do anything special?

The last few years, our Christmas breakfast tradition has been sausage pie, adapted from Paula Deen. It's so decadent and yet utterly delicious that I would feel guilt consuming it on any other day than Christmas..