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Outgrown Foodnetwork ????

Agreed. I feel like they pick a theme/popular food craze and every show will cover it for about a month. It gets old and honestly I find a lot of the personalities on the network to be unappealing. When did it stop being all about food.

Also, I know it's important to be able to prepare "quick and easy" recipes, but I feel like this is all FN promotes. Yes, sometimes I'm very busy and need to cook things quickly, but sometimes I want to watch a show where they teach you how to do things the old fashioned way! (In some cases this is the "right" way)

Ever Made Anything "Healthier" That Was Actually Good?

I replace everything possible with non fat greek yogurt. You may have to start eating it plain to acquire a taste, but once you do you can use it in the place of 1/2 or 1/4 of the fats in baking (i/e butter) or use it in the place of mayo in salads. It adds a bit of tang but you'll feel much better knowing that its healthy and full of protein. I like mayo a lot though, so maybe mixing the two together would be a good option.

Also omitting cheese when it isn't essential to a dish can save a lot of calories. I actually find that when people do this they often prefer the cheese-less option because it masks so many other flavors.

I would love to know guilty food pleasures!!

Pizza bagels, take a full sized bagel and add LOTS of sauce and cheese. Toast, eat, repeat 10 minutes later.

I'm Rethinking Pasta Sauce!

I think if you do away with one or the other you'll miss it. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a rich, smooth, slow cooked sauce. Other times I will use chunked tomatos and make a much quicker sauce.

I need recipes that can stretch a small amount of protein!

Thanks for the awesome suggestions, can't wait to try some!

Cocoa or Drinking Chocolate Brands/ Recipes

Cocoa powder, plain soy milk, brown sugar and a pinch of salt... Heat in a sauce pan and you have hot cocoa in about 2 minutes (without all of the extra sugar and questionable ingredients in the instant type)


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