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Knife Skills: How to Clean, Trim, and Prepare Artichokes

Could you just add some citric acid to the water instead of using lemons, maybe keeping one lemon aside for rubbing cut surfaces if needed? Unless the lemons are adding flavor, I always feel like I'm wasting a bunch of lemons

How to Make Stir-Fried Beef With Chinese Broccoli

I've found that if I don't have time to go to an Asian market, broccolini is a decent substitute. I believe it's a cross between gai lan and western broccoli

The Best and Most Accurate Way to Measure Wet and Dry Ingredients for Baking

The book CookWise has a really nice chart that I use all the time to convert volumes to weight. Some things like sugar are simple to convert. For flour she has the weights for 3 different measuring methods for AP, cake and bread flour. There must be a similar chart somewhere else, but for now its working really well for me as I can't stand measuring by volume anymore. I know King Arthur's website has weight conversions, but only one for each type of flour so it's less useful

Pump up the Party With Cheesy Poutine Poppers

Sounds amazing and much easier to eat. Where do you get cheese curds though? Not something I ever see at the supermarket in NYC

The Secret to Great Coq au Vin? Lose the Coq

I don't feel like cooking the veg separately is just about better presentation - I personally really don't like the texture or flavor of most vegetables that have been in the braise the whole time. I agree that they need to be there to give the sauce flavor, but I really prefer to strain them out before reducing the braising liquid, then either cook fresh garnish to add to the meat or just serve the dish with something else. It's possible since this braise is cooked for such a relatively short time that wouldn't be necessary, but for anything over an hour I just have to strain everything out.

Where to Buy Amazing Tea Online

I'm a big fan of for japanese teas. The shipping is quick and reasonable despite the distance, and there's a lot of information on the site and forums to help you pick a place to start. Learned most of what I know about green tea there.

Chinese Lion's Head Pork Meatballs With Vermicelli and Cabbage

is that bean thread vermicelli or rice vermicelli in the soup?

This No-Knead Olive-Rosemary Focaccia With Pistachios Takes Just 15 Minutes of Prep

@ MrConfusion
I might be wrong, but I think the biggest problem with using a dutch oven would be the high sides blocking the heat and slowing down browning, especially for a flat bread. I would think a regular 12" skillet or even a cake pan would work better despite not having the mass of cast iron.

Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

Also I've never seen a 10 by 6 pan - would the more common 9 by 5 work with a bit of a longer baking time for the added height?

Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

I'd also like to request weights please. Seems silly to include the weight for flour but not cocoa powder which shouldn't be measured volumetrically for the same reasons

How to Make Salted Dulce de Leche Brownies

Corn syrup is very similar to glucose, which is more common in europe, and serves the same purpose as an invert sugar. I think the main difference is that corn syrup has more water. Since it's not a huge amount and you're not making candy or something else very temperamental it should be ok to swap. I'm curious if anyone tries with golden syrup since I love the flavor

Mexican Tamale Pie (Cazuela de Tamal) With Black Bean Filling

If I halved the recipe, do you think a 10 inch cast iron skillet would be the right size? Also wondering how long this would keep and how it is reheated. One of the nice thing about tamales is that you can freeze them and steam whenever, so hopefully this would be similar and then I could make the whole batch. Looks great

Juicy and Tender Swedish Meatballs With Rich Gravy

I made these tonight over egg noodles and they were fantastic. Perfect amount of salt (I used diamond crystal) and really tender. The store was out of ground pork so I used their meatloaf blend which is 1:1:1 ground beef chuck, ground pork, ground veal. I doubt I'd spend the extra money on the veal if it hadn't been in the package, but in a delicate meatball like these I think it works really well.

The Food Lab: Crispy Oven-Fried Chicken Wings With Xi'an Flavors Bring the Heat

I'm pretty sure you meant the baking powder slightly raises the pH (lowering acidity) not the other way around, right? Either way I've always had great success with your oven fried wings and love the flavors of Xi'an, so definitely trying these as soon as they plow enough for me to get to the market

Brown Butter Cake With Brown Butter Frosting

Looks like a nice cake, brown butter is a wonderful flavor to highlight. But I wish the weights for all ingredients would be included in baking recipes on this site (other than perhaps those under a tablespoon), and metric would be even better. I find myself skipping a lot of recipes and cookbooks just to avoid measuring cups at this point.

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

@Kenji so sorry about Yuba. The hardest part of adopting an adult dog is how much less time you get to spend with them, but I'm sure you made her days very happy.
Made this recipe tonight, and as my first experience with Stroganoff it was amazing. Very comforting in this cold weather. I left out the mushrooms since we're not fans and just added a few extra pearl onions, didn't feel like it was missing anything.

The Real Deal With White Chocolate, Dessert's Delicious Underdog

I'm not sure which white chocolate they have, but Fairway carries Cacao Barry pistoles portioned into half pound amounts. Reasonably priced, it's what I generally go for when I need some chocolate, especially for cooking since pistoles are so convenient

Clay Pot Rice With Spicy Sausage and Mushrooms

Soaking white rice does not turn it to mush. It's very common to soak basmati, japanese and sometimes long grain rice after rinsing and before normal cooking, at least it is in asia. I can't remember why (other than with basmati it makes the very long grains less likely to break during cooking), but even my rice cooker always starts with a soaking.

Win a Copy of 'Marcus Off Duty'

Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

Why Crème de Cassis Deserves a Revival

My all time favorite liqueur. Used to drink it mixed with fizzy french lemonade as a kid - I didn't even know it was alcoholic, and it was so diluted it didn't really matter. I wish it was easier to find a good quality bottle that doesn't taste like cough syrup

Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

brownies swirled with salted caramel

How to Make Traditional Cassoulet (And Why You Should Put Chicken in It!)

Any chance I could substitute fresh pork belly for the salt pork, or would it really miss the cured flavor. I've never seen salt pork at my supermarket - non mainstream pork products like this, lard or a variety of pork sausages seem to be really hard for me to find. Is it something I could find in a chinese market?

Win a Copy of 'Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food'

spaghetti with a quick marinara is one of my favorites - mostly pantry ingredients and real quick to throw together

Win a Copy of 'Huckleberry'

french apple cake

Vacuum Sealer from SousVide Supreme

I've been wanting to try out sous vide cooking for a long time. I recently found out that SousVide Supreme is now making a vacuum sealer that they're selling with their water oven on as a bundle for $500. It sounds like a really good deal to me. I was just wondering if anyone knows if the vacuum sealer is a good one, or if I should just spend the extra money on a food saver.

How to Make Gorditas With Masa

Once you eat a Mexican gordita, your life may never be the same again: Corn cakes made from masa dough are pan-fried to create a crisp exterior and a steamy, tender interior, then stuffed with any number of traditional fillings, from spicy beans, to fresh white cheese and tender shredded meats. More

Equipment: 9 Essential Pots and Pans

My personal "essentials" lists evolve slowly over time based on not only minor refinements in selection or new product availability, but also on my own cooking style. It's impossible for me to tell you that the pots and pans that I use the most will be the same as the pots and pans you'll use the most. But I can tell you this: I cook a lot, and I cook a wide variety of things, and with these pots and pans in my arsenal, I never find myself saying, "man, I wish I just had [insert pan X here]. Nearly every recipe on this site can be cooked in a kitchen equipped with these bad boys, so if you or a loved one has been extra nice this year, listen up! More

Mongolian Stir-Fried Lamb with Cumin

Dry-style stir-fried lamb is a Northern Chinese dish originating in Mongolia. It's primary flavor comes from cumin, soy sauce, and Sichuan peppercorns. It's musky, hot, and well, awesome. That it doesn't have a sauce makes it once of the quickest, easiest stir-fries to prepare at home. It works equally well with beef. More

From a Polish Country House Kitchen's Pierogi with Potato, Cheese, Bacon, and Peas Filling

From soup-filled to soup-simmered, I have never met a dumpling I did not like. So it was with great excitement that I flipped open From A Polish Country House Kitchen to find not one, not two, but three different recipes for pierogi. Pierogi are boiled and then pan fried half-moon dumplings usually filled with some kind of meat, cheese, or potato filling. Pierogi are usually made en masse as a celebratory meal, since all of the kneading, rolling, filling, and boiling can take the better part of a day. Anne Applebaum and Danielle Crittenden's recipe, however, is scaled back to make just enough pierogi for 4 people, so the challenge is a little less formidable. Their classic "Ruskie" filling of potatoes, ricotta, bacon, and peas is a humble one, but it is nonetheless delightful. More

Classic Potato Salad

How does the tang get in the tater? Read all about it here. Note: Cornichons are small salty pickles that can be found in most grocery stores. If unavailable, regular dill pickles or pickle relish can be used in its... More