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Become a Pastry Rock Star With This Herringbone Lattice Pie

@CiciC, Daniel published a good recipe for zucchini bread last year!

Out of the Salad Bowl and Into the Blender: Transform Lettuce Into This Cool (or Hot) Soup

Cooked lettuce is delicious. Stir-fried, braised, grilled, all good. In soup it's really not that different from a soup made from other greens, or from another vegetable that gets relegated to salads in the US but is cooked in other countries (stir-fried cucumbers in China for example).

Flipping Out for the Perfect Spanish Tortilla (Tortilla Española)

This is one of my favorite foods and I make it pretty much the same way, though I like to slice the potatoes with a mandoline so you get some really nicely lined up layers of thin potato when you cut into the tortilla. I find the flip is pretty easy and like to do a few flips to get that really nice shape.

How to Make the Ultimate Cherry Pie

Stella, not on the baking, but this bit:

"But two starches I hadn't tried were potato starch and tapioca starch (a.k.a tapioca flour). I had read glowing reports about their marvelous thickening power in fruit pies. I was gravely disappointed in both. The tapioca was cloudy and had a bitter aftertaste (we ate it anyway). The potato starch was also cloudy, pasty, and gave me cherry soup in a crust (we ate part of it then had to toss it after the whole pie kind of dissolved into an unappetizing mush). I read somewhere that potato starch can break down when boiled and perhaps that happened to me.

One thing I found interesting was that tapioca starch was not just ground up instant tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls, the kind used to make pudding, are treated to become more stable (Cooks Illustrated has more info on this). The starch is a less processed product, but also less predictable in its thickening power. This might be why I had such problems with my pie, whereas I've heard reports that other people's pies are just swell using the stuff. You can't count on it."

Beautiful, Flaky Pie Crust the Old-Fashioned Way

I love this and use it a lot, but this is rough puff, which I consider a separate thing from pie dough. I mean it's fantastic, and I especially like it for hand pies/turnovers, but I tend to not use it for all pies.

For Better Tuna Salad Sandwiches, With Mayo or Without, Add More Fish

The ventresca is yellowfin, and that's my preference as well. So much better than albacore!
The Mediterranean one makes me crave pan bagnat!

The Best Way to Clean Your Filthy Microplane, Zester, or Grater

Also, a microplane is pretty poor choice for grating ginger unless you have a coarser one. It just doesn't work that well. A ceramic Japanese ginger grater works much better and is even easier to clean than a microplane.

The Best Way to Clean Your Filthy Microplane, Zester, or Grater

@LightweightNate: that was my response. It's pretty simple.

How to Make Flavorful Sangria, Minus the Fruit Cup

I personally don't like brandy in sangria because it makes the whole thing unbearably alcoholic for me. I made some with orange liqueur and I just couldn't drink it.

Screw Pristine Whites: I Want My Fried Eggs FRIED

I agree with @ dorrys. I think crispy fried eggs are beautiful! Also Thai people have a way with crispy-edged eggs, because the Thai omelet in my favorite omelet.

Cochinita Pibil (Yucatán-Style Barbecued Pork)

This was very tender and very moist and even though I just layered leaves and made one bundle, it was done in the same amount of time. Keeping the temperature right is the hardest part, as it took a little while of adjusting the vents to find the right configuration.
The thing is I think I'm just not a huge fan of cochinita pibil when carnitas or even tinga exist. Both are easier and I find them more satisfying (I've made cochinita pibil before and while this version is definitely better, I still kind of find the end result isn't something I crave).

Grilled Green Bean Salad With Red Peppers and Radishes

Thought it could use some garlic or shallots, maybe zest, or an herb like dill or cilantro to perk it up. I ended up using a lot more lemon juice.

Jerk Chicken

The marinade definitely needs more salt. I actually used more because I tasted the marinade before pouring it on the chicken and thought it could use more, but even then I thought the final product could have used more (I sprinkled some on while giving it a final sear). I cooked for a lot longer since I was using leg quarters and I wanted them to be 165 minimum. I think I would have liked a touch of cinnamon (like Josh's recipe) or maybe more allspice.
On the flipside, I went low on the chilies because I tasted with two and thought it was enough and the final product could have used at least 1 more scotch bonnet, or more likely 2.

Yucatán-Style Hot Dried-Chili Salsa (K'uut Bi Ik)

I replaced half the arbol chiles with pasilla and it was still crazy hot. I think I would need to do 1/4 amount arbol and make up the difference with pasilla. Or maybe 1/4 arbol, 3/4 guajillo, and the pasilla.

The Food Lab: My 19 Favorite Summer Grilling Recipes

I just made the grilled potato salad again this weekend after craving it for months. It really is amazing and a real crowd-pleaser.
I also made the Whoppers and they were so deliciously satisfying!

And that grilled tofu was devoured by people who think of tofu as some sort of health food more than anything.

The grilled shrimp are incredible. Plump and sweet (as in natural sweetness, the sugar called for is just right) and absolutely addictive.

I also need to mention the steak salads on this site, in particular the one with corn and raw tomatillos. So, so good.

The flank steak pinwheels have been on my to-make list forever and I just never seem to get around to it.
Also want to do thick pork chops cooked over indirect heat and the seared.
I'm going to move and the access to a grill is something I'll dearly miss.

Use Japanese Turnips for a Simple Root-to-Leaf Side Dish

I actually love the large turnips, too, but yes, these are delicious sautéed. They were always my favorite of the assorted pickles we would make, along with the baby beets.
I also grilled them at another place.

The Best Sautéed Broccoli Rabe Is Overcooked Broccoli Rabe

@nscroll, one of the more frustrating things about the comments on a recipe for a vegetable like braised green beans is how many people will post things like "15 minutes was enough" rather than say, a 45 minute cook time. NO IT'S NOT! They're missing out!

Broccoli rabe cooked slowly is amazing. Braised with sausage and tomatoes and tossed with pasta it's one of my favorites.

3 Simple Yucatán-Style Condiments to Spice Up Taco Night

Bottled agrio de naranja contains more than just the orange juice, so it's really not a very good sub.

The Case for Pink Pork

@paulraphael, the ones pictured are cooked at 140, versus your 67 C, which is 150.
I do 145.

The Yucatecan Secret for Adding Crispy, Cheesy Flavor to Any Taco

This reminds me of when I decided to make tacos with charred corn, asparagus, and fried cheese. I used queso de freir for that, but this sounds like a good variation!

The Case for Pink Pork

I don't care for the texture of pork lower than 145. At 145 it's still pink and juicy.

Key Limes? More Like Key LIES

I agree with your points overall, but I've never found key limes to be unpleasantly bitter or astringent. Maybe this is because I would pick citrus over chocolate any day and really dislike when lemon or lime sweets lack tartness (I see a lot of people positively describe certain lemon desserts as sweet with lemon flavor without tartness, and these people are invariably chocoholics and/or fans of very sugary treats).

How to Make Angel Food Cake Even Better: Go Gluten-Free

I don't find grittiness an issue with rice flour if Thai rice flour is used. It's super smooth!
I had never been too interested in gluten-free baking because I don't need to be and because playing with a ton of flours on top of all the gluten-containing ones wasn't something I was excited about. Then Alice Medrich put out Flavor Flours and had recipes with often a single flour or at most three different ones and was one of the first people I saw who questioned why one would approach a recipe as if lack of gluten is a problem rather than an asset or just a feature if we lived in a world where gluten isn't the norm. So many cakes and pastries are made in ways to inhibit gluten development and here you have flours where that isn't an issue! So in fact you can produce often better results by getting rid of the gluten! I had never really thought about that, but once I did, it kind of blew my mind how lovely cakes could be with non-wheat flours. Superior, even! So I am not at all surprised or skeptical of this being better than a traditional angel food cake, or of how enamored you are of the other cakes you've been posting on Instagram.


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