How to Make The Best Chicken Stock

There are both white and brown chicken stocks. They're used a little differently is all. With beef, the stock is always brown.

The Best Slow-Cooked Tomato Sauce

Mine cooked longer, but didn't reduce quite as much as yours. I got around 2 1/2 quarts. I took it out when I felt it was thick enough, after 7 hours even though it was thinner than your pictures. That's no doubt due to my lack of a Dutch oven and using a stainless pot. In any case, absolutely fantastic! Do not skimp on salt, people! It makes all the difference in tomato sauces.
I only wish this yielded more! After I made it I was already thinking about my next batch. I wonder about transferring this sauce to roasting pans, since then fitting two batches would be possible. But the evaporation would be much faster, so maybe the oven temperature would be lower and the sauce would probably be done faster.

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make a Simple Salad Worth Eating

Oh and yeah, recently someone commented that the salads we make at work for staff meal are amazing and I was kind of confused because they were just green salads with lemon vinaigrette. Then she asked if we made our own dressing, which of course we do, and I realized a lot of people haven't had homemade dressing on their salads.

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

Max has written before about Nanxiang being inconsistent and the xlb being pretty bad at times.
I usually go for xlb at Kung Fu, Shanghai 33, or Diverse Dim Sum.

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make a Simple Salad Worth Eating

Damn it, autocorrect!
Also thank you for pointing out that salads need to be seasoned, too. It's one of those things that a lot of people don't get because they think the dressing has enough salt.

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make a Simple Salad Worth Eating

I love this. It's a pet peeve of mine that people throw everything into salads without rhyme or reasonable effectively make what is a mess rather than a tasty salad. Thoughtfully composed salads are great, but I feel like the salad bar approach to salads has really ruined what a good salad can be.

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

Max, have you been to Golden Palace? It's another one that I haven't made it to but have heard good things about.
Or Lake Pavilion?

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

The Bostom Cream Pie at Yeh's Bakery is definitely worth seeking out. It's not actually a Boston Cream Pie. :)
And I love Imperial Palace/East Lake if for nothing else but that crab sticky rice. It's worth pointing out that it's pretty much all about the sticky rice, not the crab, though.

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

I still have to make it to Lao Dong Bei, which has been praised pretty strongly by quite a few people.

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

Good list, but I still want a New World Mall breakdown. :)

I'll add to get the salt and pepper chicken from Taipei Hong in the mini food court at 136-55 Roosevelt Ave., across the street from New World Mall/Macy's. It's like crack! In fact, I keep wanting to try one of their bentos, but every time I get done in by that chicken. Taipei Hong is all the way in the back. I know many go for spicy, but I've had both spicy and regular and find the regular more flavorful.
I also love Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao and Biang.

How to Make The Best Chicken Stock

Good info as I tend to go restaurant style and simmer for hours and haven't really tested how much time I could cut while still getting a flavorful stock. I do make larger batches, though.
So is there a brown stock follow-up?

The Serious Eats Guide to Italian American Recipes

Wow, I can't type. Ha, way to not come through, autocorrect!

The Serious Eats Guide to Italian American Recipes

I wang a meatball recips from Kenji.

Easy One-Pot, No-Knife, Lighter Tuna Noodle Casserole

^I would guess not enough salt

Light-and-Tender Honey-Almond Cake (Or, How to Beat Perfect Egg Whites)

I've whipped A LOT of egg whites and it's true every single time. We need to stop the hyperbole.

How To Make Tex-Mex Migas: Scrambled Eggs With Tortilla Chips, Onion, and Chilies

Also I'm so with you about undercooked onions in eggs. No thank you. And watery eggs. And what's worse, dry, overcooked eggs that are simultaneously watery.

How To Make Tex-Mex Migas: Scrambled Eggs With Tortilla Chips, Onion, and Chilies

Wow these look good!
But! Request for Spanish migas! It's the migas that basically nobody knows about! And it's great! There's way more about Tex Mex migas out there.

Culture Club: 6 Made-in-NYC Yogurts Worth Seeking Out

I had Blue Hill's sweet potato yogurt and it was foul. It was unpalatably sour, and I like my yogurt tart and very lightly sweetened (I don't care for the popular Noosa because it tastes like panna cotta to me in terms of texture and lack of tang). Maybe the other flavors are better, but that one was so unpleasant that I am not tempted to try it again.
On the other hand, I LOVE White Moustache, which is sold at the Whole Foods at Union Square. The sour cherry is incredible!
And not New York, but Traderspoint Creamery yogurt is amazing!

Sweet Potato Pie

This pie is so sweet! Even with just the sweetened condensed milk it would have been plenty of sugar, but that plus brown sugar?! Inedible!

The Food Lab Turbo: Why You Should Really Be Grilling Your Cabbage

I learned this years ago when I made charred cabbage with a lemon and anchovy butter at one restaurant, and I fell in love as well. I wish more people knew how delicious grilled cabbage is!

18 Essential South American Desserts

Latin desserts are soooooo sweet. I tend to adapt them for my palate. Quesillo is popular in the Caribbean as well, and it's very eggy and firm. I prefer the creamier, softer flan. The pictured one is very overcooked! Another dessert shared by Venezuela and Caribbean countries is majarete, a custard (though vegan) of coconut milk and corn. It is one of the nicer Latin American desserts!

Ground Pork and Corn Congee (Chinese Rice Porridge)

This was good, though I did add some juice from grated ginger at the end to punch it up and that really improved it for me. I used a little stock and think all stock would make it even better.

Dim Sum Classics: Braised Chicken Feet (Phoenix Claws)

@nerditry, Chichi posted fried chicken feet in the Nasty Bits column. Also a recipe for these with a few interesting differences!

Dim Sum Classics: How to Make The Silkiest, Most Comforting Congee With Ground Pork and Corn

Perfect opportunity to throw the corn cobs into the cooking liquid!

Dim Sum Classics: Braised Chicken Feet (Phoenix Claws)

I LOVE chicken feet. Being Latin I grew up eating a lot of the animal parts that are also loved in Chinese cuisine (like intestines, tripe, liver, with things like ears coming later on as I got exposed to Mexican food). But yes, if I get dim sum I usually get the chicken feet all to myself because I'm the only one interested in ordering them. OH WELL, MORE FOR ME! :D

Any Chance Of New World Mall Coverage?

Most online coverage of this place is from when it just opened, and at most they just have menus of each stand, many of which no longer exist.
Every time I go there I feel so overwhelmed. There are so many stands and some stands have encyclopedic menus! I'd really love to see a more thorough guide to this place with some idea of what's good.
For my contribution I'll say I really enjoy Szechuan Dish's dumplings, though I'm sad I never got to this stand when it served other dishes!

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