The Best Ice Cream in Boston, 2015 Edition

Funny about Toscanini, as the reason I didn't care for that ice cream is that I found it too rich and creamy and none of the flavors I tried ever really did anything for me because they were obscured by the richness.

Crunchy Fried Fish Tacos

One of my favorite Kenji recipes!

Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen) With Shrimp, Ham, and Vegetables

Yeah, surimi is considered an ingredient in its own right, not just a cheap sub. Having said that, I don't personally care for it so I probably would omit if.

Subtle Steps Lead to the Best Tabbouleh Salad

Just in time for the hot weather! This tabbouleh looks really refreshing.
You must live in Manhattan that you had trouble finding fine grind bulgur. You find so many grinds in Astoria!
I'm guessing panzanella is going to show up at some point?

Essential Peru: 10 Must-Eat Dishes to Seek Out

Causa and papa rellena, which is not on this list, are delicious, but the best thing I had in Peru were tamalitos verdes—fresh corn tamales flavored with cilantro and filled with chicken or pork.
Papa a la huancaina and aji de gallina would make me hate Peruvian cuisine if I judged by those two dishes. One, because I just can't stomach the combination of crackers, nuts, cheese, milk, aji amarillo, etc. I've eaten papa a la huancaina various times over twenty years, from lots of people, both here and in Peru. Nope, can't like it. Only cheffy (far more balanced) versions have been palatable. And the second reason is that you ain't kidding about "smothered". So much sauce. So much heavy sauce. Even a sauce I might actually like it's still such an excessive amount of sauce. Pulpo al olivo for example suffers from too much sauce, but is salvaged because at least I don't find the sauce unpalatable.

10 Common Crimes Against Cheese You Don't Have to Commit

Yeah, I can't eat the rind of certain cheeses. Mt. Tam is delicious, but that rind is challenging. Same with Brillat-Savarin.

Want Mindblowing Mint Chip Ice Cream? Ditch the Bottle of Extract

@arielleeve that happens if you heat the mint with the dairy rather than bringing the dairy to a simmer, shutting off, and adding the mint and steeping. Or if say, you make mint sugar and warm that up with the milk. Really bad flavor!

The New Rules of Pasta Salad: How to Work With Asian Noodles

^There's still a bitterness. It's hard to explain, but it's a little bit of a cottony, tongue-coating thing, maybe? But I knew exactly what Daniel was talking about because it doesn't seem to matter the pasta salad, it's there every time. I enjoy a couscous pasta salad but even then I can taste it.

The New Rules of Pasta Salad: How to Work With Asian Noodles

Even with plain wheat noodles (not alkaline), that weird bitterness found in pasta salads that contain acid isn't there. Is it the semolina aspect?
I can't get enough cold noodles during the summer. It's kind of unfortunate that my Korean friend wants nothing but nang myun all summer long, so going out for other types of cold noodles doesn't usually happen. So I either make them at home or go by myself if I want to try certain restaurants.

Cool off With Cold Ramen: How to Make Hiyashi Chuka at Home

Fruit can be really delicious with noodles. I used to make a summer vegetable pasta and it would get grilled peaches or other stone fruit and together with the sweet corn and asparagus, it made for a delicious combo.
Hiyashi chuka is one of the few cold noodle dishes I haven't tried, so I'm looking forward to doing this one next.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is absolutely perfect as written and indeed the absolute best chocolate chip cookies ever.

Bang Bang Chicken, Hold the Bangin': The Modern Way to Make Sichuan Chicken Salad

Of course you don't NEED to cook the chicken sous vide, but the result is better —more tender and juicy— than any other cooking method could produce.
I often pan-roast chicken breast when I want to shred it. Cooked to 145, with skin on ofc, it is tender and juicy and delicious, but it's not as tender and juicy as a sous vide breast is.

The New Rules of Pasta Salad

Yeah, I like couscous pasta salads, and I've actually got a soft spot for tangy mayo-dressed macaroni salad, but generally pasta salad is terrible. I could live on Asian cold noodles during the summer, though.

Bang Bang Chicken, Hold the Bangin': The Modern Way to Make Sichuan Chicken Salad

If you don't have a circulator and don't plan on buying one (though it's really affordable to buy one and there's so much you can do with one), Kenji has a beer cooler sous vide hack that can be used with chicken breasts.

Chickpea Salad With Bacon, Cotija, and Roasted Chilies

I know this salad was supposed to serve four people and is all about the merits of making ahead, but I probably ate half immediately after making. It's great!

Buddha's Delight (Lo Hon Jai): Chinese Vegetarian Stir-Fry

This stir-fry is amazing! So much texture and flavor. I'm in love! And I finally decided to get over my seitan hurdle thanks to this (previously ruined by some gross rubber tire-like stuff from a vegan establishment). I was actually eating it straight out of the can! Thank you, Shao!

How to Make Cherry Clafoutis, a Dessert so Elegant, Your Guests Won't Know How Easy it is

@TorontoFan1973, to be honest it is pretty bland and eggy and especially with fruit other than cherries. I've made lots of clafoutis and I've never liked it as much as I like the idea and look of it. Actually Alice Medrich in her newest book has a clafoutis that she says made her actually enjoy one for once (using gluten-free flours that produce a crisper, lighter result), so I'd really like to make that one.

The Best Leftovers: Cornbread-Coated Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Wedges

Having made pulled pork croutons (coated in semolina, not cornbread batter) for topping mac and cheese, I never cared one way or another about them, but the macaroni was delicious, and fried mac and cheese is great, so no, I wouldn't cut that out in favor of just the pulled pork.

Around the World in Pancakes

I'm only surprised by kaiserschmarrn not being on this since it's a pretty distinct type of pancake.

How to Make Galician Empanadas (The Original Empanadas)

I love this empanada, too! I usually slice everything and I use red and green peppers. I like to add just a little bit of sherry vinegar to add some acidity to the filling.
Spanish empanadas (though large baked empanadas make appearances in some Latin American countries, too) are great for parties since one pie feeds a crowd!

Vietnamese Citrus and Noodle Salad With Fresh Herbs and Fried Yuba (Tofu Skin)

This is worth every bit of work. It's refreshing, complex, and just all around addictive!
Yes, frying the yuba is annoying, and I definitely recommend using store-bought fried shallots, but make this!

Where to Eat in Taipei in the Time it Takes to Wait on Line at Din Tai Fung

Funny, I was just looking at this yesterday: and being jealous of getting to eat all that great food.
Just thought I'd post it for more Taipei refs…

How to Make Cemita Rolls, The Ultimate Sandwich Bun

Yeah, brioche isn't cakey provided you develop the gluten first. That's why a lot of brioche recipe begin with a sponge that's allowed to ferment overnight and why butter isn't added until later.
@MelissaH, you can make most rich/sweet doughs with regular yeast just fine. Osmotolerant yeast isn't a requirement. And this dough isn't really that rich. It's richer than a typical burger bun, but most brioche is richer.

Mexican Masa-Ball Soup, or, How a Silly Pun Led to a Really Tasty Dish

That is a brilliant pun.

Piquillo Peppers Stuffed With Tuna and Allioli: Proof That Canned Foods Can Be Delicious

Though actually my favorite ventresca has been from a couple of Italian brands.

Any Chance Of New World Mall Coverage?

Most online coverage of this place is from when it just opened, and at most they just have menus of each stand, many of which no longer exist.
Every time I go there I feel so overwhelmed. There are so many stands and some stands have encyclopedic menus! I'd really love to see a more thorough guide to this place with some idea of what's good.
For my contribution I'll say I really enjoy Szechuan Dish's dumplings, though I'm sad I never got to this stand when it served other dishes!

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