I learned to bake standing on the kitchen chair in my mother's kitchen. Baking was how my grandmother showed her love, and she frequently made banana bread for family. In honor of her, I named my cottage food business Grandma Grumpy's Sweet Treats.

  • Location: United States
  • Favorite foods: Banana bread, French toast, creme brulee, milk chocolate
  • Last bite on earth: Cinnamon roll french toast

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Regional Food Terms

As a native Minnesotan now living in Illinois, I have to stop myself from saying, "hotdish," unless I want a lengthy explanation and blank stares of confusion. Also, a BBQ was a sandwich, not a picnic event or a grill. It wasn't until I went to college in Iowa that I learned everyone else calls it a sloppy joe. We also frequently referred to a snack as "a little lunch," lunch as "dinner," and dinner as "supper." That could be particular to the very rural area that I'm from though.

Looking for kitchen to rent in DuPage Co

Jim-Bob, yes, I would greatly appreciate that! There's a small event that I'd like to bake for Sat 14th, so I'd like to be in a kitchen on Fri. Please have her email me at Thanks!


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