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5 Things You Might Not Know About Maple Syrup

On a recent trip to Montreal, I visited the Maple Museum which chronicles the history and science of maple syrup and the shop sells a range of maple-related food products, such as maple salad dressings, maple salts, and maple butter. Here are five things to know about maple. More

3 Things You Might Not Know About Whiskey

This past week was Craft Spirits Week in Chicago, and included in the lineup of tastings and dinners was a class entitled "Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about Whiskey." Michael Veach, a whiskey historian from Louisville, usually teaches the class over four weeks at the Filson Historical Society, but he crammed it into an eight-hour session that covered the history of American whiskey from the whiskey rebellion to the present day. More

Our 10 Favorite Sips from the Indie Spirits Expo in Chicago

With an exhibitor list that neared 100 and each exhibitor showcasing at least a few bottles, I tasked myself with trying as wide a range of spirits as possible, and sampled whiskeys, gins, vodkas, rums, and liqueurs. Though I'm a huge whiskey fan, only four made my top 10 list. The surprise? Gin. I found several delicious new gins that really excited me—gins I would love to have in my home bar. More

3 Indian Spirits You Should Know

My knowledge of alcohol from India has so far been limited to Kingfisher beer, which quells the spice from Vindaloo at my local Indian restaurant, and Amrut Fusion, a tasty whiskey made with Indian and Scottish barley. But my lack of knowledge isn't because I don't venture out from sips I'm already familiar with. As I learned from the seminar on Indian spirits at last week's Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, it's because only half of local Indian spirits find their way out of the states they're produced, let alone to the United States. More

A Sandwich A Day: Cubano From Cafecito

On my inaugural visit to Cafecito, I went with the Cubano sandwich ($5.49), figuring I should start with the classic. But after diving into this utterly delicious sandwich, I'm not sure I could ever go there and not get it. The ingredients work together beautifully—there's subtly spiced roast pork, two layers of ham, acidic pickle slices, piquant mustard, and Swiss cheese that melts into every crevice. More

How Flour Is Made: Behind the Scenes at Adluh Flour

How Flour Is Made: Behind the Scenes at Adluh Flour

@shabbyshell Yes! I brought home a bag and it made my suitcase smell fantastic as well.

16 Cheese Fries We Love in Chicago

@Kevin: You know, I asked and they weren't sure, and the taste and consistency struck me as the same. Thanks for the heads up!

@Toby: No, they made chips. But the Internet tells me they've closed now, which is sad.

@bnlfanmatt: I could only eat so many!

5 Things You Might Not Know About Maple Syrup

Dongale: I made a maple syrup pie, which is different from the sugar tarts there, but also delicious: www.canadianliving.com/food/maple_syrup_pie.php

Behind the Scenes at Hot Doug's

I am still dreaming about that corndog.