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One more call for Madison, WI Eats

Not cheap, but quick and amazing--the black cod and the Asian slaw at Muramoto on King Street (near the square)

Anything from Manna. Completely out of the way but unbelievable for baked goods, breakfasty things

Do try to get cheese curds somewhere. Perfect time of year to visit--enjoy!

We Eat Everything at Smoque BBQ in Chicago

Nice. We usually order a pound each of the brisket (sliced) and pulled pork, along with the salad, some coleslaw, and the beans. I can convince myself that it's a deliciously healthy dinner--with plenty of leftovers for the next day.

I've been hoping to try Lillie Q at the French Market, but they've been sold out the few times I've stopped by.

The Return of the Twinkie!

bleu, was the filling made with a cooked flour-milk mixture that was then cooled and beat with butter, sugar, and vanilla?

A Sandwich a Day: Meatloaf Sandwich Dream at Glenn's Diner

"looking like it's about to drive you to prom"--fantastic!

I have a hard time veering from seafood at Glenn's, but will try to convince my dining partner to order this sandwich so I can have a bite. :)

Open Thread: What's the Best Steak in Chicago?

I agree on David Burke but will also throw in Morton's--based only on the steak and not on the atmosphere or sides. I guess I'll also throw in Joe's on Grand.

Chicago in early July

Welcome to the Windy City!

I like Frontera a lot (and more than Topolobampo), so I would say it's worth checking out if you have the time. If not, head to Xoco or the 7th floor of Macy's on State Street for the "fast food" version of R. Bayless's goods.

I like Pizano's on Madison east of State Street for deep dish in the Loop. If you want to go north (jump on the El), Art of Pizza is quite good.

I'm no help on hot dogs or Italian beef--sorry! If you don't mind a walk, the French Market in the Ogilvie train station (Randolph and Canal) is good for lunch. Or maybe check out Potbelly's which is cheap but good (sandwiches).I'd hit up Maude's Liquor Bar on West Randolph--amazing salade Lyonaisse and shaved veggie salad with blue cheese and great bread. It's walkable from the Loop if you're used to walking.

Have a great time! If you'd like more focused recommendations, let us know.

Taste Test: Trader Joe's Dark 70 Chocolate Bars

Wow--I am looking forward to trying the others, but I really like the coconut one. I did not get the suntan lotion vibe, but I will look for it next time, just to challenge myself. :)

The Pros and Cons of Joining a CSA

I haven't gone the CSA route yet (previous job was too "time intensive"), but I love the philosophy.

I do want to add that commitment/you-get-what-you-get is kind of the point: You are buying a share in agriculture, which means you get a share of the wonderful produce but also the risk of a not-so-great crop. Personally, I think that helps drive home some of the reality of our eating choices. [Off soap box now--sorry!]

It's not perfect, but here's a nonprofit website that allows searches for CSAs by zip code: (I have absolutely no affiliation--this is for informational purposes only.)

Do You Frequently Get Take Out?

Generally a bit too often. We almost always get pizza on Sunday nights, usually sushi or burgers on Friday nights, and occasionally subs or Thai during the week, depending on work schedules.

My partner is away for a few months, and I find I get take-out much less often when I'm alone. He likes fun, and I prefer healthy-ish homemade. Usually, it's a good balance. :)

Eat This Cheese: Délice de Bourgogne

Amazing cheese. I first tried it at Maude's Liquor Bar (Chicago) and now can't stop eating it.

It really needs to be well-ripened to get the full flavor.

11 Caramels We Love in Chicago

Wait--what about Terry's toffee? It's a buttery, brown sugary gift from the gods.

Bar Eats: Gaslight Bar & Grille

Gaslight has been on my radar, but I'm not within walking distance and never made the extra effort to stop by. Thanks for the push--I'm looking forward to trying it!

Cooking for seven. Big family Meals. What Is Yours?

These days I'm cooking for one or two, but growing up we (Mom & Dad + 10 kids) had homemade pizza (with "hay"--rosemary--I grew up on a farm!); roasts with potatoes, onions, and carrots (seasoned with bay leaves--and wine if my dad got involved); swiss steak (minute steak plus tomatoes, onions, and peppers), and Sunday night wiener winks ("boughten" bread topped with a slice of cheese and a hot dog, pinned diagonally with a toothpick and baked till toasty). Also chili; lasagna; goulash; tuna bunsteads{?}, salmon patties, and homemade mac & cheese (on Fridays); and ALWAYS some kind of veggie.

I don't know how Mom did it every day (even with help).

Pizza Delivery Lakeview

Jimmy's Pizza Cafe (5159 N. Lincoln Ave.) is not in Lakeview but delivers to the area. I also love Dimo's and Big G's. Both are known for their mac-and-cheese pizza (which I have no desire to try), but really shine on the basics because they have a nice crust and good sauce.

Chicago: Affordable Restaurant for Birthday

Maybe Tac Quick ( Good Thai (maybe a bit TOO adventurous for me), inexpensive, and BYOB.

Southport & Irving ( is not adventurous, but the food is really good and reasonably priced.

Mixteco ( is fresh Mexican (not Tex-Mex) and also BYOB.

90 Miles ( is casual but fun. BYOB--you can bring wine or rum and have sangria or mojitas mixed.

If you're looking for something specific, let us know. Have fun!


If you're making a chocolate cake, cocoa powder works well and doesn't leave the telltale white bottom.