Deviled eggs

My family is a fan of adding canned baby shrimp or crab to a standard mixture of egg yolks, mayo, salt, and pepper.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

@Teachertalk - Thanks! While at times my little 10 month old can be very smart, I have to believe in this picture's case it is mostly column B.

Folks, have you talked with your kitty about the dangers of catnip?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Oh, beware of giving Cricket that Taco Bell. Cat farts. That is all.

Our little guy, Parker, lately has been taking to hiding in the sink. I blame too much catnip.

What will you make for Easter?

I'm bringing a chicken fricassee to my mom's, because she's still recovering from surgery and can't travel. Since she is low carbing, I'm bringing spaghetti squash to serve the fricassee over and a roasted asparagus salad.

Culinary land mines

Licorice and things that are similarly flavored, like tarragon. Repulsive. I've gotten so that I can tolerate fennel bulb, but that's about it.

Go with the Grinders at Eastern Style Pizza

We called them grinders in Central MA, at least we did when I was growing up there 40 years ago.

Dinner Tonight: Sloppy Jessica, or Mac-and-Cheese-Chili Pizza on a Bun

I used to pile school lunch "American Chop Suey" on top of pieces of buttered Italian bread as a guilty pleasure carb bomb lunch as a kid. I think this sandwich has to happen immediately in my future.

Taste Test: Dennis Eats All of Cricket's Cat Food

Dennis, Dennis man - no Fancy Feast? What gives?

Boston's Best Bagels —and Best Bagel Sandwich—are at Bagelsaurus at Cutty's

How do they compare to Bagelworld, up in Reading? Those are the best in the area that I've had.

Cook the Book: Lonely Planet's 'The World's Best Spicy Food'

Kung pao chicken from a hole in the wall place in Maine of all places. Gave me a nose bleed. Seriously.

Worth the wait?

For home meals, I'm as patient as I need to be for the given recipe or situation. Slow cooked recipes or multi-step preparations are very often worth the wait...if I'm in the mood to wait. Otherwise, cold leftovers eaten out of the container standing in front of the fridge is perfectly satisfying.

Restaurants - I loathe waiting. Not worth it.

Asparagus stems revisited.

Pesto. I use asparagus stems, toasted walnuts, garlic and pecorino with just enough olive oil to make it process smoothly.

So what did you have for St. Patrick's Day?

Seared salmon on a spinach salad tossed with a warm mushroom and Dijon dressing with roasted sunchokes. Tasty, but I'm not sure the sunchokes agreed with me. We had pinot noir and Guinness to go with.

How Do You Make Crispy Bacon?

How do you make perfectly crispy bacon? Patience. If you're using the stovetop, don't crowd your pan or everything will steam. I start the heat at medium high to begin to render the fat. Then I drop it down to medium/medium low and keep flipping the bacon every couple of minutes until it's browned evenly and reached my desired doneness.

Cooking Brown Rice...Oil Included?

I do, but it's not absolutely necessary. It's just a habit I picked up from my mom.

Hollendaise Sauce

I haven't tried it, but I suppose it could be worse. My mom used to fake Hollendaise by adding lemon juice to Miracle Whip for weekend Eggs "Benedict". True story.

Watch Dennis Lee Dig Himself Into a Hole of Loneliness As He Eats By Himself at White Castle

Dennis, Dennis...

We don't have White Castle here in the Boston area, but if you're ever around, I am happy to bring you to a Dairy Queen or a Five Guys...which are slightly better than swallowing onion-y sadness with your roommate. Slightly.

Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder With Kumquats and Chilies, From 'Down South'

Also curious how to adapt this for the slow cooker!

What food would you miss most as a vegan?

Dairy. A life without cheese is not one for me.

Zero-Calorie Food Tricks--

Scotch - pour into a glass. Add one drop water. Drink. Repeat as necessary.

Seriously, though. The water opens up the flavors and aromas a bit more.

What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

NYC - I bought a round trip Greyhound ticket from Boston and visited my then boyfriend in the city. We hung out; he subjected me to a Mets game and then he took the train back out to his parents' house on Long Island. I had some time to kill before my bus back, so I took a cab to Nobu and was able to get a seat for one at the sushi bar as a walk-in. Probably helped that it was early. I had about three rounds of sushi, the last being one where I told my chef to surprise me. He made me some kind of plate that involved tamago and unagi. As I recall, I enjoyed it, but wished he'd given me something more adventurous. No booze and I think the bill still came to around $150 in late '90s money. Then I took the bus back and caught a taxi back to the suburbs from South Station. Taxi was another $60. If I ever go back, I will have the funds to do the occasion up properly (and spend the night in a hotel rather than get home at 4 in the morning), but I'm glad I took the chance.

Boston - priciest meal, hands down, was a la carte at O Ya. We go a couple times a year and it's always worth it. Dinner at the now closed Aujourd'hui is a close second and was not an experience that we were chomping at the bit to go back for, but it was worth it just for the story.

Home - I have a block of toro I had shipped to me from San Diego for about $80 sitting in my freezer waiting for an occasion. When it happens, it will be glorious.

I'm quitting the site

Since the individual's account is now closed and he has chosen to leave the community, perhaps this thread should be deleted as well? There is no need to give him attention if he has left.

Poll: Eggs on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Nothing beats frying up a couple eggs and putting them on top of leftover reheated pizza after a big night out. One of the better hangover helpers, really.

Staff Picks: What's Your Least Favorite Dessert?

My least favorite dessert is anything that involves meringue or marshmallow. Those are two of the vilest wastes of dessert space on the planet.

Pappardelle With Duck Ragu From 'Roberta's'

The recipe calls for adding 80-90% (I'm guessing very bittersweet?) chocolate at the end. Since that might be a little challenging to track down, what would be an acceptable dark cocoa/sugar hack?

Dinner Tonight?

I've been doing a lot of weekend cooking to make extra meals for my mom, so she has something she can easily reheat while she has been recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Last week I made boneless chicken thighs "40 cloves of garlic" style; this past weekend I made her a lamb and butternut squash stew. This afternoon I'm taking the opportunity to cook food for the rest of us. I have boneless pork spareribs in the slow cooker with potatoes, roasted tomatillos, poblanos, serranos, onion, garlic and cilantro. I hope it comes out ok; I've never worked with tomatillos before. How can you tell if they are ripe enough to use in the store - or, does it matter?

What are you all making tonight?

Dinner Tonight?

What's everyone making today for dinner? Any special projects going? I've got the day off, so I'm making a whole chicken in my slow cooker with a coconut curry sauce. I'm going to roast some butternut squash and make some jasmine rice and peas to go with it. How about yourselves?

Smoked Oysters?

Does anyone have recommendations for a quality brand of smoked oysters? I'm trying to recreate a rice dish I had from a restaurant that has sadly closed and I don't want to ruin the dish with sub par oysters. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Random Slow Cooker Question

Can you wrap food in a banana leaf and put it in a slow cooker to good effect? I've got a vacation coming up with free time, some pork shoulder and chicken thighs, so I just thought I'd throw it out there.

Raw Butternut Squash Causing Skin Irritation?

Yesterday I prepped some raw butternut squash for a lasagna I am going to assemble today. When I finished and was cleaning up, I noticed that the skin on the hand that was most in contact with the squash skin had started to peel. Never had that happen before. In Googling this, it sounds like it's kind of common, like the reaction some have to mango skins. However, I haven't been able to track any specific trigger down other than vague references to "enzymes". Anyone know what in the squash skin is causing this? BF that I live with also has a raw melon allergy that gives him oral hives, so I'm wondering if it's related too.

Freezing cooked portabellos?

I was thinking about roasting a bunch of portabello mushrooms and storing them in the freezer for quick sandwiches on weeknights when I don't want to cook something involved. Will they freeze ok or will it mess with the texture?

And, yes, they don't take long to cook, but sometimes I just want to grab and go.

Dinner tonight? Nov. 1, 2012

What's everyone doing for dinner tonight? Cooking and eating in or eating elsewhere because you're still recovery from Sandy? Tonight I put together a shrimp and corn chowder on the fly from pantry and freezer ingredients since we were fortunate enough to keep our electricity during the hurricane, but really haven't had a chance to restock at the grocery store. How about you?

Dinner tonight? Nov. 1, 2012

What's everyone doing for dinner tonight? Cooking and eating in or eating elsewhere because you're still recovery from Sandy? Tonight I put together a shrimp and corn chowder on the fly from pantry and freezer ingredients since we were fortunate enough to keep our electricity during the hurricane, but really haven't had a chance to restock at the grocery store. How about you?

Having Problems With The Mobile Site (Android)

Hi. Enjoying your upgrade while on my computer but, just wanted to let your IT folks know that I'm also an Android phone user (T-mobile MyTouch4G) and I've been getting a lot of 404s on all new content that has been posted since the site upgrade while trying to view the site through the mobile version. The software version on my phone reads Android version 2.3.4 if that helps.


Dinner tonight (4/23/2012)? Make anything good?

After a long weekend spent eating mostly fried food, pizza and diner food up in NH with friends on a get away, I found it incredibly restorative to roast a chicken and eat it, along with some roasted beets and fennel and have a nice dinner at my own dining room table. What did you make tonight?

Beer and Caviar?

Anybody have any thoughts on a beer that would pair well with osetra caviar? BF gifted me with some and I'd like to share it with him, but he's not a sparkling wine or vodka man. So, I'm looking for a beer he might like that would work with the caviar. One caveat - he detests wheat beers and his usual tastes run to IPAs and stouts. Thanks!

Bread bowls for soups

If I were going to make individual boules to turn into bread bowls for soups or chowder, about how many ounces of dough would I want for each bowl, roughly? My usual recipes make about a pound and half of dough. Would quartering the dough give me bowls that are too big?

O Ya - Boston

Tomorrow BF is taking me to O Ya for birthday dinner! I'm very excited! Has anyone been that could give me recommendations on dishes?

Spaghetti Squash - storage

I bought a small spaghetti squash and sort of reflexively put it in my fridge on Monday. Do I need to put that sort of squash in my fridge? Have I just ruined it? It looks ok as of this morning.

Whole Wheat or Rye Flour - Making a Roux?

I was just struck by a random thought this morning as I sit here with my coffee. Has anyone tried using whole wheat or rye flour for making a roux? If so, does it thicken comparably to AP flour? I have no specific purpose in mind and I know it would taste different. I just thought I'd ask to see if anyone had tried it and what their experience was.

Dinner Tonight? - 1/14/2011

What's everyone doing tonight for dinner? We're having pan roasted veal chops, rubbed with garlic, lemon zest, sage, rosemary and parsley, saffron rice and roasted broccoli. I think I'm having chardonnay with this, but haven't completely decided...might be in a red mood, but only have Zinfandel in the house right now.

Dinner Tonight? - 11/21/2010

What's everyone up to for dinner tonight? I've got cheese enchiladas going to use up various bits and bobs of cheese from the fridge to begin to make room for the inevitable parade of holiday leftover food that will soon need room for storage.

Substitutes for bottled unagi sauce?

Hi. I have a recipe for a tuna "pizza" that calls for prepared/bottled unagi sauce. My supermarket doesn't carry it and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get over to the local Asian market in the near future. I have hoisin sauce. Is that a reasonable substitute?

What's Cooking? - 11/14/2010

What's everyone up to in the kitchen today? So far I've accomplished breakfast tortilla stacks from some leftover sausage, beans, cheese and fried eggs. I've done curried red lentils and greens over brown rice for my lunches this week. And, I've got small black turtle beans soaking to use later in a chilli-mac that BF requested. Anyone else cooking today?

Poaching in a veloute

Last night I was catching up on a backlog of Avec Eric episodes via Hulu. In one of the episodes, Eric Ripert poached a piece of halibut in a veloute (his words) of water (thickened with a flour water slurry), vermouth, lemon juice and orange juice. His technique for making a veloute aside, what is the advantage of poaching in a veloute over court boullion or stock? Finished texture? I'm interested in trying this.

What food or technique has made you reevaluate your position?

I thought I was in the bechamel for lasagna camp...until last night when I made it with a full, whole milk ricotta. The kind with no stabilizers or gums (which is harder to find in the supermarket then you'd think). It set up beautifully, no sloshing/sliding of layers. I've had other lasagnas that deteriorated into sliding messes, even after sitting for 30 minutes from when it came out of the oven. And this one came out so rich! So, from now on, if I can get a hold of this particular ricotta (or make my own), I'm in the ricotta for lasagna camp.

Have you ever stumbled across an ingredient or technique that you normally would not use and been converted after trying it?

What to do with defrosted scallops?

In an effort to clear some space in my chest freezer, I removed a bag of frozen scallops and have thawed it. The ingredient list on the bag just lists scallops, nothing else, but they still look a bit "wet". I was going to just do a simple saute with them, but now I'm not so sure. What would you do with them, Serious Eaters? And, no, I'm not going to throw them out and drive to the store for fresh ones :)

Silly Putty Chemical Found in McNuggets!

via CNN:

All McNuggets not created equal

"All McDonald's nuggets are not created equal.

U.S. McNuggets not only contain more calories and fat than their British counterparts, but also chemicals not found across the Atlantic.

CNN investigated the differences after receiving a blog comment asking about them.

American McNuggets (190 calories, 12 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat for 4 pieces) contain the chemical preservative tBHQ, tertiary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum-based product. They also contain dimethylpolysiloxane, "an anti-foaming agent" also used in Silly Putty.

By contrast, British McNuggets (170 calories, 9 grams of fat, 1 gram of saturated fat for 4 pieces) lists neither chemical among its ingredients."

Not that I've had a McNugget since I was 10 or so, but still - yikes!

The Food Lab: Easy Red Lentil Soup With Curry Yogurt

Even though my wife is a firecracker in many respects, when it comes to lentil soup, she likes to keep it vanilla. This time, I'm finally doing it right. This soup is very simple, with just a few aromatics that blend together beautifully in the background—it's a decidedly lentil-forward flavor—and a curry yogurt garnish that adds some flavor, but can be added at the table so that my wife can enjoy her bowl completely plain if she'd like. More

Wok Skills 101: Indoor Smoking

While you're never going to be able to slow-cook a whole slab of St. Louis style ribs on your stovetop, a wok is an excellent way to add a bit of light smoke flavor to smaller foods. It requires no special equipment other than a wok and a rack. Since the whole thing happens in a tightly sealed foil tent, very little smoke actually enters the room (less than say, searing a few steaks off). More

Cook the Book: Clotted Cream

As the cream cools it separates into two layers: the creamy top, perfect for spreading on scones (or anything else for that matter) and a thinner cream which cookbook author Darina Allen says will keep for several weeks and can be used in any recipe that calls for heavy cream. More