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Pork shanks

For anyone interested, here's the link to the recipe.

It's a delicious dinner and can be beautifully presented.

Pork shanks

I made the recipe about a month ago. The shanks I used didn't have too much fat, so I left them alone. I did have to cook a little longer than the recipe called for, but the shanks were a bit larger than what was suggested.

Turned out amazingly well, definitely a keeper.

Comfort food that freezes well.

Red Beans, Red Sauce, soup without noodles, etc...

How much do you tip for online food delivery?

Living on the outskirts of town, seriously the dividing line between urban and wilderness, in Alaska, we hardly ever order delivery. Most places won't deliver to our location. A few do. We usually only order delivery in the winter. It is no trivial thing for delivery person to get food to us. Given those circumstances, we usually tip 50% of the order, always cash.

Our normal restaurant tip is around 20% if the service is good. If they go out of their way for us, we do more. I always round up to the nearest dollar amount. If service is bad or we have problem with the kitchen or management, unfortunately, the tip suffers significantly. Even with special promotions or coupons, we tip based on the normal full price.

Ed's Head: I'm Going Vegan This Month To Keep Kenji Company

I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but Ed that Maoz falalfel sandwich looks fantastic!

Silly Question... Double Yolk Eggs

Thanks for the education folks!

@lemonfair, beam-n-coke is correct, the chickens loved to torture the 5 year old me!

Honeymoon in Maui

My wife and I were in Kihei in Feb. There was a bright green food truck just before we got to Makena beach that had the most amazing pulled pork sandwiches on taro rolls. Crazily good. Best thing we ate the entire 2 week stay on Maui. We ate from food trucks to high end restaurants to luaus, but those sandwiches were our absolute favorites.... Sorry I can't remember the name of the truck. Bright green truck, lovely wood fired pork...

There was a raved about fish food truck right outside the Kihei center, but we missed it because of prior commitments. We ate a lot in Waialea, but nothing compared to the sandwiches from the food truck...

Hog Jowl

Hog's jowl, black-eyed peas and turnip greens are our family's New Year's Day meal. I've never experienced it to be overly salty, but don't eat it great quantities. As the previous poster recommended, you may want to soak it if it was salt cured in small batches.

Works as a great addition to any legume or many greens preparations. We love it.

What's in season where you live?

Ice cubes. What can I say, I live in Alaska...


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