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Born and raised in Jersey. Barista, cookbook & recipe cataloguer, food blogger, and aspiring librarian.

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  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • Favorite foods: Goat cheese, Greek yogurt, dried cranberries, roasted tomatoes. Pesto gnocchi from Tanti Baci. Macaroni and cheese from Marco & Pepe (downtown Jersey City, NJ). Vegan tiramisu from now-defunct organic vegan restaurant Down to Earth (Red Bank, NJ).
  • Last bite on earth: A nibble off of buttery corn, preferably covered in all kinds of goodness (like one can find at La Esquina).

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A Barista's Crash Course in Steaming Milk

That video is beautiful! As a previous pupil I can tell you--Erin is like The Milk Whisperer. All she has to do is look at the milk and it looks like marshmallow fluff.

What Is Your Idea of the Perfect Cappuccino?

I know that this girl can make the best microfoam the U.S. has ever seen. Erin you make me taste coffee every time I read your writing!

FEASTing in Brooklyn

Not to mention my friend Melanie's proposal won. FEAST rocks!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Downtown Edition

just had one of Jack's cookies. while I couldn't discern coffee as an ingredient I was impressed.. I ate it with a glass of water but sure it would pair well with some coffee. btw, what a steal at $1. it's the same size as Pret's cookie for less than half the price.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Downtown Edition

They must've just started carrying those chocolate chip cookies @ Joe! I've never had them. Wow. Must try. Actually, must try all of these.

Apparently We Caused a Cookie Run...

I went back at 4:15 and they had three left. Seemed to be super freshly baked. They're probably gone again though.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Midtown(ish) Edition

I am eating a Pret cookie right now and it is good but needs some more salt. I think the success of this cookie resides on the fact it is in a heated case (though that doesn't explain that it is still good when it cools down after being brought to the SE office). CURSES! What have they done to this cooooooooooookie to make it good. And this thing is 300 calories too. I wish they hadn't told me.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Midtown(ish) Edition

I think someone sabotaged City Bakery! My world is crumbling. But I guess it's time for a new champion. Man. A new Pret just opened up next to one of my offices. Wish I hadn't read this.

New Jersey Dispatch: Turkey Shopping in the Garden State

There used to be a Hinck's in Ocean Township (Monmouth County) where I grew up, we would get our Thanksgiving turkey from them every year. Now we've probably resorted to Wegmans (less than a quarter mile down the road).

Best Coffee in Manhattan

I have a roundup of the best coffee in Manhattan in the works. Be on the lookout in the next couple weeks.

By the way, am I the only one who doesn't think Abraco is god-like?

Openings: Paulie Gee's, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Though I am sad you won't be in Jersey City, I will DEFINITELY be there opening night.

Beyond the Ice Cream: The Bent Spoon in Princeton, New Jersey

YES! Clearly I favorite this forever and ever.

I used to ice those cupcakes with an offset spatula. Now they use a piping bag or something like that, makes me so sad. ;)

Favorite flavors: cardamom ginger, peanut butter streak, lavender mascarpone.

Ice cream sandwiches are such an indulgence. They have little croissant-wiches as well with a tiny scoop of ice cream. A nice little treat. If I worked in mornings I would surely make that my breakfast.

Coffee Chronicles: Vietnamese Coffee Converts The Purist

@buddha ... My companion had her first ever Vietnamese experience that day. Clearly so glad I took her--and that we found this place, because everything was amazing. The spring rolls were so fresh, and the folks sitting at the table with us (2 people) had 4 orders worth! I've converted her. :) Next time, dessert.

@ravenouscouple .. I like how the filter almost acts like a cross between a pour over filter and a French press, with both the drip and the length of time it takes to drip from the filter... must be why the coffee is so potent!

Serious Eats Finds New York's Best Cheesecake

I love how imperfect the Two Little Red Hens cheesecake looks...never eaten anything that looks like that in my life. and "the Goldilocks of cheesecake"... how could I not want a piece of that right now??

Ten Rainy Day Eats In New York

my own roasted sweet potatoes. with chile powder and a shit ton of other spices. SO GOOD.

I also cannot resist an extra hot cortado from Joe the Art of Coffee. Or a chocolate chip cookie from City Bakery dipped in their own hot chocolate.

Joseph Leonard for Lunch: Next Stop, Yummyville?

Love those brownies. I had them during opening week. And they were warm and satiating. Along with a glass of milk. Mmmmm.

Coffee Chronicles: Growing Up Jersey With Diner Coffee

@Derekh - how have I never been to Bonbonniere!?! wow.

My first experience with coffee was generally the same. Though I inched into the real stuff from International Selects. And Dunkaccinos at Dunkin Donuts. And the 7-11 "French Vanilla." Until one day, probably my first year in college, when all of a sudden, it just tasted right.

We loved Denny's in Jersey too. I was always a little afraid as to what was actually in the coffee though. But it never hurt to throw a little syrup in there from the pancakes..

Coffee Chronicles: Growing Up Jersey With Diner Coffee

Side note, here are my favorite Jersey diners.. in case anyone wants to reminisce and get a little bit more Jersey with me.

Broadway Diner, Red Bank
Broadway Diner, Bayonne
Edison Diner
Crystal Diner, Lawrenceville
Mastoris Diner, Bordentown
Princess Maria Diner, Wall Township

I'm so glad to hear about all these diners in NYC that I had no idea about!

Coffee Chronicles: Growing Up Jersey With Diner Coffee

@gargupie @rstank: I knew you Queens folk would chime in... I have spent only about two hours in Queens in my life, and half of that at LaGuardia Airport... so I'm glad now I have some reasons to go out there. Makes sense, since most of the diners we're talking about are Greek (or Turkish) owned. Thanks!

@alastor: I agree about usually ordering the same thing, but do you ever find it varies though, depending on the time of day? while I usually am a breakfast person and eat something like a broccoli and cheese omelette, if I'm there for a weekday lunch, I'll probably eat chicken souvlaki. which still pairs excellently with diner coffee, I might add.

Dallas BBQ: Boldly Going Where No Other Food Writer Has Gone Before

I'm glad you said the fries are better than Shake Shack's way down at the bottom of your post. I would've stopped at that point. :)

Chicago's Fish Guy Now Also a Coffee Guy

I find that certification means absolutely nothing these days, given there are much more direct trade relationships going on, which I'd much rather support.. I like knowing there is clear, open communication between coffee farmers and buyers. And this sounds spectacular. No matter what part of the food industry this guy works in, he clearly has passion and wants to bring quality products to his customers! I love it.

Coffee Chronicles: Reconsidering New York's Coffee Identity


I believe the cap was either 6 or 8 ounces. The cup does look pretty big, but I promise it was only and inch and a half high, if that.

As for the other two, these were the exact same things Erin and I thought. We noticed the texture was way off (the bubbles did make me cringe a bit), and when we spooned back the foam it was definitely a latte. Though, I think latte art is very possible in a cappuccino from milk that looks like a big pitcher of marshmallow fluff—and seen it poured beautifully. (White outs are more common, though, if you've got some über foamy milk.)

The Krave, Korean BBQ Truck, Hits the Streets of Jersey City

FYI you really can make a trip to Jersey City to eat dinner. I dare you. Jersey City is as close to Manhattan as Brooklyn. This truck is exactly ONE stop on the PATH train from Manhattan. [I just didn't go tonight because I already had leftovers at home.]