Bar for 40-50 person party

Cask on 30th and 3rd rents the downstairs for private parties, has a great beer list and has an option for hors d’oeuvres as well. Friends hosted a party there with 30+ so not sure if it would be too small for 40-50.

Cookbook for a Wedding Guestbook

Thanks for all the great recommendations. I ended up going with Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food. The layout and pictures worked well for writing messages and the recipes seemed like ones my sister and her fiance will like. It was also a good size so they can keep it in their small 1BR kitchen rather than in the bookcase and hopefully use a lot.

I had a great time looking through all the recommended cookbooks!

Cookbook for a Wedding Guestbook

@Suzzanne, no Scandinavian, but fish lovers! I'll check it out. thanks.

@AnnieNT & @IfYouCookIt I'll check those out too.

Thanks everyone, the only cookbooks I own are baking ones, so I was totally overwhelmed yesterday in the book store. These are a huge help.

Cookbook for a Wedding Guestbook

Their honeymoon is in Croatia ... initially I was trying to stick with a general Mediterranean theme to tie in slightly, but quickly realized between all my other criteria it was getting a little limiting.
Good point on too big though. thanks.

Cookbook for a Wedding Guestbook

@AnnieNT I love the idea, but I have zero artistic ability to pull something like that off & not sure I have the time to pull family recipes together either as the wedding is in a few weeks.
I love that site though, thanks for passing along!

Cookbook for a Wedding Guestbook

Ideally both!! The book needs to have enough room for all the guests to sign (looking about 40 "signable" pages if people don't double up) so I've been leaning towards pictures. A lot of the highly recommended cookbooks I got from reading around the site are great for cooking, but not surprisingly the word to picture ratio is high!!

Brunch or Lunch on the UES (80s/90s b/t 2nd and Lex)?

Cafe D'Alsace on 88th and 2nd

Decent non-sports/Irish pub bar in Murray Hill?

Blue Smoke on 27th, great cocktails, and you can usually snag a seat at the bar.

Hot Cross Buns

Glaser Bake Shop on 87th and 1st. They don't always have them, so you might want to call ahead and check. If I remember correctly they take orders for Easter Weekend.

Cookbook for a Wedding Guestbook

I am on the hunt for a cookbook to be used as guest book at a wedding, where guests can write messages to the bride and groom on the photos or in the space around the recipes and the bride and groom (my sister and her fiance) can be reminded of their wedding each time they use the cookbook.

I spent some time at The Strand this weekend leafing through cookbooks but couldn't find anything that I loved. Giada's Everyday Italian is currently a front runner as the pictures are beautiful, the recipes are actually something the average home cook can make, and from my experience they are usually pretty tasty too.

Any good recommendations out there for a book that will work?


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