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  • Favorite foods: eggplant, figs, potatoes, the dreaded brussel sprouts, BBQ or anything from Dario Cecchini in Panzano, and of course, well made wine from Italy or anywhere else.

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The Power of Food Blogging

Unfortunately, you were outed..something a good reviewer never wants. The folks @ Le Cirque knew it and they "worked" you.

You are so good at the graphics ( kind of a Robert Crumb of the food blogger world- a complement). That's an area no one does as well as you. Mexican novela meets Warhol meets foodie, cool stuff!

Folks like Schrambling and Michael Bauer are still incognito. And no one has ever seen Kim Pierce from the Dallas Morning News ( dont even know if Kim is a girl or a guy). Now that's under the radar.

But you are an entertaining fellow! Keep the fun coming.

'Good Take-Out Vietnam'

Love the Pho Shizzle!
today the column
tomorrow the book?
I'd buy it.

'Pot on the Fire'

This is the future. We are all doomed. I love it, absolutely love it!

I would like to ask for suggestions for excellent dim sum in and around San Francisco.

Ton Kiang...
5821 Geary between 22nd & 23rd.

recommended personally, by Michael Bauer, many years ago....not disappointed...try it...


still want to know the best bbq in NC

LaGuardia To Austin Texas would be a good place to start


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