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Quark Cheesecake

can anyone tell me where to get quark cheesecake in New York?

Best Fries in NYC?

best sweet potato fries i ever had: Friedman's lunch inside chelsea market

Greek Pastries at Poseidon Bakery

I'm greek and I've only been to this place once. But I tried a bunch of sweets and they were all below mediocre

You might be a foodie if...

you log onto serious eats to 4 times a day at least and arrange your outings to include newly highlighted restaurants..

or arrange more outings to include all the new additions.

you go through a donut, pizza, burger, cookie, porkbelly, japanese grill, cubcake, napoleon, croissant, steak phase that involves you trying all the worthwhile of the above withing 2 to 5 days.

Sustainable Restaurants

Glad to see the responses everyone. Great information to know.

The thing I personally I'm more concerned about, and honestly don't know how they (SRA) plan to tackle, is the seafood and fish sustainability criterion. With the global stocks dwindling it's better to address this now.

I dread to imagine the day when I hear that I will never taste salmon sashimi again..or crabcakes..or tuna steak..

Sugar Rush: Coconut Green Tea at T-Salon

it's not snotty. they are untrained, distracted and annoyingly calm

Sugar Rush: Cake Truffles at Momofuku Milk Bar

tried it today..not that great. maybe I was expecting too much

The Best Bread Baskets in New York City

there's a lot that I haven't tried mentioned in the comments, but I thought BLT steak's was pretty rad

'Cake Bible' Author Rose Levy Beranbaum Charged $25 'Forkage' Fee at The Breslin

this would never go down in greece. the manager would have explicitely forewarned for the fee amount in advance.

Great Solo Dining in NYC

i would say resto. the stuff are like trained to make you feel you are at a friend's dinner party instead of a restaurant.

What's Your Favorite Bread Basket in New York?

i've only had pain quotidien and it's pretty good

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie In New York City

roasting plant..right next to my apartment the whole time, who knew.

What's Your Favorite Burger In New York?

corner bistro burger sucks so hard.. really I have no idea how it used to taste to become popular but now i'd rather starve than have it again


The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Tour

really hope you try rubyzaar cookie from the un sq xmas market. :))

Chocolate Chip Cookie Championship: The Wild Card Round!

why was rubyzaar left out of the wild card round????

maybe cos I said try Kashmir and Hoi An cookies and by that I meant in addition to their Classic Chocolate Chip cookie. In any case, the are located in the Union Square Christmas market.

and you really really have to give it a shot!it's excellent

What's Your Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie? We'll Give It A Try

rubyzaar cookies at union square xmas market. try kashmir and hoi an.

Serious Eats Turns Three: Happy Birthday To Us

happy Birthday!! I hope you will let me intern for you! In live around the corner from the hqs, needless to say im on SE everyday more than once!

Best Mexican Restaurant

truck on the corner of 14th street and 8th avenue called el idolo.

Calorie Counts At High-End Restaurants: Yes Or No?

I think they should be readily available if not put right next to each item. If anything they should provide relief to people struggling with uncertainty during their regimen. when uncertainty is removed restaurant meals are more appealing.

PS I find it annoying and hypocritical when Raw food places and vegetarian places that pass themselves as healthier alternatives hardly ever provide that information (see One Lucky Duck)

Motorino in Manhattan

I agree with you. was there two night ago and had the margherita. Very good crust. poor toppings, by which I mean not enough of all and too much oil.

Sugar Rush: Malted Milk Cake at Momofuku Milk Bar

I don't understand how anyone could share that. if it tastes as good as it looks.

Pizza with a lot of cheese

They won't add it!! I asked for extra cheese and they wouldn't do it.

yes I did. I thought there was too much spinach and too little cheese. Maybe less spinach would work better.

Just had dinner at motorino's east village. More cheese here (still not enough, and not enough choices of cheese to add), but still prefer the crust at co. and generally the pizza there.
maybe they could have a new pizza like Ham and 4Cheese.