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Figs Wood Fired Bistro Pies in Sandy Hook, Connecticut

The wood-fired brick oven pizzas at Figs are anything but pizza. These bistro pies are built with thin, crispy crusts that largely forgo the mozzarella and tomato duo in favor of piles of intricate toppings; components that echo the American bistro dishes that make up the rest of this menu at this popular Sandy Hook, CT restaurant. If it weren't for the prominent custom-made brick oven and a steady flow of take-out pizza boxes, you might otherwise skip the pizza menu altogether, which would be a travesty. More

Stamford, Connecticut: Tappo Restaurant, a Naples-Style Newcomer

If the menu at Tappo was suddenly culled to that one page, a beacon of 14 pizza offerings, we'd be none the wiser. This isn't because the rest of the menu doesn't deserve it's own nod, because in fact it does. But it's because the pies at Tappo are good enough to make us believe this corner of Connecticut is serious about staking a claim to traditional Neopolitan pizza. More

On The Importance Of Fresh Pizza: Zuppardi's Apizza

Glad to hear you got to squeeze in a Zuppardi's run on your trip. I am obviously a huge fan with my top vote going to their sausage pie. Their crust is a bit more defiantly chewy than their New Haven neighbors, which suits both the clams and the sausage pies. I've taken slices home and would agree, their pizzas don't hold up well to time spent outside the oven. I do want to try taking one of their pre-made frozen home to bake one of these days as well. Anyone ever try one?

Figs Wood Fired Bistro Pies in Sandy Hook, Connecticut

@jimmyg Thanks for the comment. Less is usually more for me too, but I was definitely tempted to the dark side by the Roasted Fig.

Cool Drinks, Boston: Scott Holliday's Homemade Ginger Beer at Rendezvous

Would like to second the ginger beer taste test suggestion. I have my favorites (Barritt's) but I'm sure there are plenty out there yet to try.

Danbury, Connecticut: Pizza Parlor Pizza at Nick's Restaurant

@ alex21686 Thanks for the comment. This post is more of an even-handed report on a pie that has a surprising number of followers. And I wouldn't necessarily say I am one of them. Their eggplant dishes are however worth returning for. And I could not agree more with you on Stanziato's. Seriously great pies going on over there. Have you been to Pizza Lauretano in Bethel? What other spots do you like in the Danbury area?

Pizza-party catering menu? Help me with my 'pizza playlist'

In addition to your existing pies, how about an in-season veggie pie and a simple white pie, like a bianca to round it out.

And if you want to get crazy, why not add a layer of complexity and pair your final pies with wines and/or a cocktail?

Daily Slice: Carminuccio's, Newtown, Connecticut

@TNash Figs is definitely on my radar, thanks for the rec. Yours may be the nudge I need to finally check it out. Was the "all char" a good thing at Julio's?

The No. 1 Pizza in NYC

Glad you've finally come around and crowned a definitive #1 pizza. Our work here is done.

Daily Slice: Carminuccio's, Newtown, Connecticut

Was away and just got a chance to read through these comments. Thanks all.

@JohnWozniak: It's pretty crisp but still foldable.

@seriousb: The top ten comments turns me off. Not exactly the way to manage expectations. But it's still a darn good pizza. Not top ten. The plain cheese is the way to go, the more toppings, the less I enjoyed it. I'd return but there are better pies within a 20 mile radius.

@passion4pizza Agreed on the crust, not too much flavor but I like that they are not afraid of char.

Norwalk, Connecticut: Savor Offers a Healthy Spin on Pizza

@SeriousB It's all about the toppings. As long as you toss your preconceptions of pizza as comfort food out the window, you'll appreciate the pizza. I'd return.

Westport, Connecticut: Skinny Pines Wood-Fired Pizza Truck

@cicii3 Thanks! The ww crust is surprisingly in how light it is.

@John If you're often in the Danbury area, check out my review on Stanziatos, I really dig that place especially in that neck of the woods: http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2011/01/danbury-ct-stanziatos-wood-fired-pizza.html

Westport, Connecticut: Skinny Pines Wood-Fired Pizza Truck

@Cary - thanks for the kind words

@John - Pies are solid and it's a great market to tool around in with a pizza in-hand. And if you go, get the Cold Roman coffee from Raus.

I'm actually from just north of Darien and live about 45 mins away from said "Coast." And although I love vintage cars and Ducatis, and am very roughly adjacent to the "Gold Coast," I'm not necessarily rolling in that kind of dough. That's probably the real irony.

Pizza Obsessives: Amy Kundrat, Slice Connecticut Contributor

Thanks everyone for the kind words, much appreciated. I'm happy to play CT pizza tour guide, and know there are a ton of places out there that are still begging to be discovered.

Openings: Frank Pepe's Comes to Danbury, Connecticut

I would say Pepe's Danbury is just about 80% of the way. And in all fairness because it is so new, I will be heading back soon to give their red pies another try as well as to get my clam pie fix.

Danbury, Connecticut: Stanziato's Wood-Fired Pizza Stands Firm

It is indeed a Valoriani, I just called Chef Matt Stanczak to confirm.

@Pizzablogger: The crust reminds me of really good flavorful bread, like if were stripped of all the goodies on top I might not care because it's got a nice rich and round character to it. Wish I had a piece in front of me to articulate it better but you'll just have to check it out yourself!

Pizza Obsessives: Amy Kundrat, Slice Connecticut Contributor

"My earliest and strongest pizza memory is Post Corner Pizza in Darien, Connecticut, a thick cheesy Greek pie with a hard-as-a-rock crust. Although I have a soft spot for that particular pie, my taste has evolved to the opposite end of the pizza spectrum. My next strongest memory were pies I tasted when traveling in Italy as a teenager. Their simple ingredients and chewy charred crusts are the standard to which I continue to hold pizza." More