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International Serious Eats Day: January 8, 2011

There is one scheduled for Columbus, Ohio!

Ho/w do I make a good steak?

If you're looking for something juicy just be careful not to overcook it. Your best bet is medium rare or medium.

You don't need to eat filet mignon to make a good steak. This is what I do when I don't feel like buying a more expensive cut of beef:

1. Brush olive oil on both sides of the meat
2. Put minced garlic and whatever spices I want (cracked pepper and kosher or sea salt usually)
3. Place under a broiler for a few minutes making sure to flip over once. The thinner the cut, the shorter your cooking time. You just want the outside to brown just a bit.

You can also pan fry them or throw them on a George Foreman. I'd also let the meat rest for a few minutes before you cut into it. Not doing so will dry it out quicker.

Getting Homemade Taco Bowls to Turn Out!

Thanks for the input. Maybe I'll give flour tortillas a try tomorrow. I wondered if that might make a difference.

I will also mention that the dough wasn't wet when I took them off the griddle and fried them. I'm wondering if the dough was too dry? I wouldn't have been able to use these for soft tacos as they tore or fell apart as soon as they were bent.

Standing Room Only: Jeni's Ice Cream

Jeni's has expanded to New York. I think she sells them in Brooklyn somewhere.

Kitchen Scale Recommendations

I know there was a thread on this a few years ago, however it seems these scales are no longer made or newer better models are available.

As I've become more serious about my baking, I've decided to get a kitchen scale. I'm debating between the My Weigh KD-8000 or the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Scale. Originally I wanted the Taylor Salter High Capacity Scale because it looked cool, but I've noticed it received many mixed reviews.

Here are my requirments:

-Minimum capacity of 11 lbs
-Minimum resolution of 1 g
-Measure in Kg, lb, oz, g
-Tare feature
-Preferably have seamless buttons

I want to get a nice scale. I don't want to get a scale with minimum features only to find in two years that I do enough baking/cooking that requires me to have something more sophisticated.

Here are a few other questions:
1. How important is it to have a scale measure fluid ounces?
2. What about measuring lbs. oz (for example 6 lbs and 4.2 ounces)
3. Is it important to have a scale measure in bakers %? I'd like to learn how to do these and have a cookbook that shows them next to the measurements. I'm not sure if this is something most people can figure out on their own or it would be handy to have them on a scale. The MW KD-8000 does this.

The only problem with the MW-KD-8000 is it appears to be big and bulky and I don't have a lot of counter space so I'd probably keep it stored most of the time. The Eat Smart just seems to minimal. The Salter seems like an expensive scale for what it offers and somewhat of a risk.

Thanks for any help in helping me choose the right scale. I do not know why this is becoming a chore to purchase! I just want to make sure I choose the right one right off the bat.

Uses for leftover guacamole

My husband and I made a ton of guacamole for a party we hosted over the weekend. Having never made guacamole before for large group of people we weren't sure how much people would eat.

Ooops. We overestimated and now have a TON leftover.

Anyone know of good uses for leftovers or recipes that contain guacamole?

Getting Homemade Taco Bowls to Turn Out!

I'm trying to make homemade desert taco bowls. Every recipe I read for these basically says "it's so easy it'll make you cry." I spent two hours experimenting with how to make taco bowls that turn out crispy and had absolutely no luck!


First off, I tried making homemade soft tortillas out of instant masa flour. After letting them sit on my griddle for 30-60 seconds I'd let them cool. Then, I"d gently try to lay them in a giant desert tartlet shell-about the size that I'd like the dessert taco. I tried baking it to no such luck. They turned out chewy. Then I fried them. That worked...however, they would pop out. So I need to find a way to keep them in the shell.


So that worked with already premade tortillas. When I realized frying the tortillas was going to work I tried it with the homemade tortillas. At this point they were falling apart or tearing.

I though this would be super easy. What am I doing wrong?! I followed the directions for the tortillas to a T (directions came from the masa flour package!).

Is there a method to them not falling apart? Am i cooking them too long, not long enough, is the dough to dry even though it's wet to the touch....?
Help is greatly appreciated!

The Secret Ingredient: Smoked Salt

I am addicted to salt. If allowed to bring only one thing to a desert island, I wouldn't even have to; the one thing I need to survive, salt, would be in the ocean all around me. One day last year, I walked over to the supermarket with spring in my step--it was my salt cellar renewal day, time to replenish my collection of salt. I stand at the shelves and ponder my options. I saw the famed Maldon sea salt, in its stately box, on the bottom shelf. I thought it would be expensive, and I almost left without it, but something made me check the price. It is English, so for a hefty box of gourmet salt,... More