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Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

So I went for rustic slices, but give it me any way! depending on the pizza, crumbles, slices, chunks, pebbles. Delicious.

The Food Lab: Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers

Having very recently tried your previous vegan burgers (which were excellent) as a result of the vegan coverage this year, I'm going to give these a go. They look far less work than the vegan ones which is a plus!

Serious Entertaining: Ramps Ramps Ramps Ramps Ramps

Could somebody please explain what a ramp is? I like in the uk, internet searches seems to state they are basically spring onions, but im guessing there is a difference?

Manner Matters: Playing the Dating Game

Never been on a date to a restaurant, i think it would just be far too formal. Always just went for a couple of drinks

The Food Lab: Vegan Burgers That Don't Suck

Finally got round to making these, andu can confirm the do indeed not suck! Subsitiuted a few ingredients (bulgar wheat for pearl barley and peanuts for cashews) but it was everything you could want from a vegi/vegan burger.

Taste Test: British Digestives

@coneyisland Cheese and digestives is a british staple. The hovis digestive is actually included in cracker selection boxes for the purpose of going with cheese. I would recommend a nice strong stilton to go with one, quite a dry experience but delicious. Get some chutney on there and your away!

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Beer to Drink With Pizza

@damian I totally agree, it's just that you would normally expect to find more consistent answers with wine. Where as the answers above seem random.

Ask a Cicerone: The Best Beer to Drink With Pizza

So the pro's are recommending that for a margherita we should have a light Saison, a hoppy pilsner, a wheat beer, a dark malty beer, a british pale ale, an american pale ale, a craft beer, a mild and a kolsch. So pretty much anything then?

Im really not sure of this whole cicerone thing. There seems to be little agreement between these experts at times.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 3

Hmmm im looking forward to this. I eat a pretty high meat based diet, with every meal based around an animal protein of some sort. I've always found vegetarian dishes to be lacking somewhat, probably due to the tastes I've built up over the years. So I am going to try a couple of your recipes this year Kenji to see if I can adapt my eating styles!

Poll: Which Standard Burger Toppings Do You Secretly Despise?

Tomato, it falls into the same vegi category as cucumber for me in that it subtly overpowers any sandwich it enters.

Poll: Onion Rings on Burgers: Way or No Way?

Bacon, cheese, bbq sauce and onion rings is pretty much the standard burger special here in the uk. Its a yay from me!

Poll: Do You Plan to Eat More, Fewer, or the Same Number of Burgers in 2014?

Less only because at times this year I was cooking burgers for 2 nights a week and ordering them pretty much every time I ate out.

Poll: Burgers with Two Proteins: Way or No Way?

A runny fried egg on a burger is incredible if that counts.

What's Your Local Cheap Beer?

Living in England, its got to be Red Stripe! So many nights out have ended up with cans of red stripe being bought either in a grotty club or late night store!

Reality Check: Burger King French Fry Burger

Its clearly a bit tongue in cheek and its a dollar, its hard to really pick fault with a burger that costs a dollar.

Poll: Which Burger Execution Issue is the Most Unforgivable?

I seem to be in the minority here, but terrible toppings are for me the worst sin. A restaurant that serves a burger that isnt all that well executed is forgivable as a lot of cooks/chefs probably dont donate all that much of their time / attention to the cult of burger, but hard white or soggy lettuce, non crispy bacon, still COLD cheese are totally unforgivable as they clearly show a lack of care!

Flank steak

Same goes for skirt too!

NYC: Burger Joint Can't Meet High Expectations

Stinky beef curtains..... Way to lower the tone there!


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