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Do I Need to Use Eggs in Ice Cream (and How Many?)

Great article. This kind of testing and exploration is exactly why I like Serious Eats.

Frying Oil

Thanks! That was very helpful.

Vegetarian: Spicy Rice Noodle Salad with Cabbage and Tofu

I saw "vegetarian," paid my hard-earned money before clicking on through to the recipe, and was alarmed to find fish sauce. Totally ripped off! How do I get my money back Serious Eats? On the other hand, this recipe looks so delicious, I might turn in my Vegetarian membership card for a Pescatarian membership.

Video: 'Oh My Dayum,' an Auto-Tuned Ode to Five Guys

Daym Drops just came up with enough ad copy to fuel about 5 national burger chain television ads.


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