A Serial Cereal Eater

How to Make Sprinkles Ice Cream (and Set Your Inner Child Free)

I have been waiting for this for a long time, although I take certain and very serious exception with one element of the recipe:

After straining your cereal milk, you'll be left with a mass of cream-soaked mush. It's best discarded.

I beg to differ, mostly after a recent incident in which I soaked Cap'n Crunch Sprinkled Glazed Donut cereal in milk following breakfast, and three hours later and came back to eat it for lunch.

It strikes me that glazed cereals or cereals toasted with a tropical or fully hydrogenated oil (like FP) would work better for this. I myself plan to try this with the aforementioned Sprinkled Donut Crunch. Great work, as always, Max. Always look forward to your Friday creations!

Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

Informative and hilarious. And Skim Milk is an abomination. Thanks Dan!

Drought Updates, The Quest for Sustainable Beef, and More in Food Policy This Week

Poll: Are You a Blotter?

I blotted a pizza the other day. It had a thin, Neapolitan style crust which was overwhelmed by too much Buffalo Mozzarella, which had sweated about 1/4 cup of water over the 10-inch diameter while in the oven. Frankly, it had to be blotted to even cut through properly with a fork and knife. Just my two cents, considering not all excess moisture is oil/grease.

Chain Reaction: We Try McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Sandwiches

That phenomenon with your mouth and chewing a dense bun...sounds like what happens when you sometimes have a really dense soft pretzel roll. Too much gluten development? I kind of like it in a guilty pleasure sort of way. Let's the flavor linger.

The Jalapeno Kicker’s were good. I think they were only a test though, at least in MD.

Back Of The House: The Life of a Cook's Illustrated Test Cook


Actually caught the rerun on the while wheat pizza episode the other day. Really enjoyed that one. Your tip about baking soda just blew my mind. I have to try that now!

The Food Lab: Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers

Finally some love for muenster! Seriously, really one of the most underrated sandwich cheeses. Good meltability, enough flavor and character...needs more love!

This looks like a great recipe, but my question is, how did black beans become the default veggie burger bean? Is there something about their flavor or texture that makes them work better than white beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, etc. etc.? I only ask because black beans really tend to force a "southwestern" flavor development with the other mix-ins, and I'm always looking for something that might invite other flavors, whether they be "classic" burger, Italian, or Asian inspired.

Taste Test: We Try Every Flavor of Cheez-It Crackers

"Are the Asiago new?"

Just realized how dumb that comment was.

Taste Test: We Try Every Flavor of Cheez-It Crackers

I'm a big fan of the Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan Duo and highly suggest it, but I also love the Provolone flavor. Are the Asiago new? I have never heard or seen them,

And quite random, but Cheez-Its go great with Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

American Classics: Lucky Charms Marshmallow Squares

American Classics: Lucky Charms Marshmallow Squares


How would you make that awsome yogurt/milk "glaze" layer the commcerical versions of these bars have?

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

So is Entenmanns too upscale/actual bakeryish to be considered?

Asian Vegetables in Non-Asian Dishes

I tend to think Kabocha squash lends itself to a variety of cuisines and cultures. It's excellent roasted and paired with a variety of cheeses and pasta dishes from an Italian perspective, although I can't recall ever using tomato with it.

Sugar Cone Ice Cream

This reminds me of a concept of a cereal-based ice cream. Needless to say, I like the idea and will try (speaking of cereal ice cream's, have you ever attempted one Max?)

Old Fries + Waffle Iron = Awesome Pull-Apart Waffle Fries

Does this work equally as well for frozen fries from the store (both from a frozen state and post-over/fryied state)?

Cereal Eats: A Look Back to Celebrate National Cereal Day

Leandra you've gotta check out Cap'n Crunch's Sprinkled Donut Crunch. Seriously the best new cereal of the year!

What are you giving up?

I've decided to eat nothing but plain oatmeal on Friday's. For as much as I love food and the experience of flavors, I think there are times when it has a little too much control over me, so eating something plain, for nourishment's sake only (and I have very high calorie demands) will hopefully help me to embrace a theme of eating to live, not living to eat.

I also plan, and this is a big one, to give up impulsive and wasteful grocery purchases, and to donate the money saved from those little excursions to an international hunger relief organization, like Caritas. Because really, I don't need to try every Oreo flavor

Real Talk: Stop Bashing Ice Cream Stabilizers


I just bought some guar gum cheap on Amazon. Got any good recipe ideas? I've heard different things about the amount needed. I am trying to make something slightly reduced fat (I tend to use half-and-half instead of cream, and do notice ice crystals forming often).

I'm quitting the site

I'm sick of the vegan worship this month as well, and hope it doesn't come to moralizing (admittedly, many of the recipes look great, but I have my own thoughts about veganism as an ideology or "ism" that I'll keep to myself) That being said, I realize it sells, this site wants to make money, and March will roar in like a Lion and another food fad will come. You take it in stride. No need to use profanity, but I can totally understand the frustration.

Open Thread: What's Your Opinion of Celebrity-Owned Burger Restaurants?

I love Bobby's Burger Palace. The burgers are incredibly juicy, the cheese melted perfectly, and their presentation is excellent, especially with the crunchified versions. I especially like that you get a non-Brioche bun (They actually use Martin's Big Marty rolls.) Points for having enough some non-traditional burger takes as well (Napa Valley)

Most underrated foods?

Rutabega. It's meaty, sweet when roasted, perfect in stews, and make a great addition to a grilled cheese (no, really.) It has enjoyed no where near the popularity of butternut squash or other similar vegetables. I actually think parnisps and turnips get more attention, and the former is much more expensive.

Tofu gets plenty of attention, and I, for one, hate it almost as much as I dislike this idea that if you somehow dislike Tofu you're not "cultured" enough.

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

Also Butterscotch Krimpets from Tastykake. Has anyone tried the new pancake version yet?

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

So I just rediscovered the Hostess Cupcake. The top of those things is so aritificially wonderful yet so scrumptious.

We Try Every Flavor of Pasta Chips

I had a free offer for these through Safeway's Just for You program a few weeks ago. I chose the Alfredo because it seemed more exotic than the flavors you can get from a Wheat Thin. I agree; I thought it was a bit bland, more of a generic garlic powder and cheese flavor that most crackers cater to.

Petition for McDonald's to Add a Healthy, Meatless Item Reaches 90,000+ Signatures

Yep, because paying unskilled workers 15 bucks an hour will surely spur menu innovation for affordable healthy options (eye roll)

Seriously. Fries. Deliciouse. Vegetarian. Satiating. What is the complaint, exactly.

Baking with Cooling Racks -- What kind to get?

I've often seen recipes that advise cooking bacon or oven-fried items on a cooling rack set over a baking pan in the oven, and even received a rack over Christmas for this very application. However, after I got it I noticed the packaging said it was not oven-safe. I ended up having it returned, but looking online, I'm dreadfully confused. Reading reviews on Amazon show some buyers saying certain racks are oven safe and some aren't. Does anyone have any suggestions for purchase (preferably not on the expensive side of the spectrum?)

Thanks in advance!

Roasting Kabocha Squash -- Why So Moist?

Kabocha Squash was my big 'discovery' in terms of vegetables this past winter, but I've had mixed results when roasting it. For the most part, I've roasted it at 425 or 450, checking up on it after 20 mins or so (usually roasting for close to an hour.) I've been salting it maybe 10 minutes before cooking, and giving the slices (varying in size, oftentimes) a light coating of olive or canola oil. More and more, I've started using foil to both line the squash on the roasting pan, and also covering the slices for the first 20 mins or so of cooking (was inspired by advice from The Science of Good Cooking from America's Test Kitchen.)

My goal has been that creamy, non-fiberous texture that comes right off the skin when you cut it, with a concentrated and caramel-ey flavor that would basically make any kid olve vegatbles. But lately I've been getting slices that still retain enough moisture that the flavor just isn't there.

What am I doing wrong? Not enough salt? More oil? Smaller slices? Or is it something else? Is it how I choose the squash at the market or the inconsistancy of sticking to a standard recipe or direction?

Thanks in advance for any advice. As I'm sure you know, these things are too good when their good to waste on just being ok.