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The Best Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

@KR2005: You should have no issue with either of those, I used the flour torts myself and they were great!

Reality Check: We Try Wendy's New Spicy Chipotle Sandwiches

A ton of jalapenos is probably the only way they could get one to eat the disgusting mystery meat they use at Wendys thee days!

Can Cinder, the World's Most Precise Griddle, Replace Sous-Vide?

@Jim Reich: And I'll ask the question that nobody else has - what country are you going to manufacture the Cinder in?

Whole-Grain Spelt Salad With Leeks and Marinated Mushrooms

@Daniel Gritzer: Thanks Daniel, yes I made this the other day and cooked the Spelt then finished the salad the next afternoon. Interesting grain which I had never tried before and a good salad to boot:-)

Whole-Grain Spelt Salad With Leeks and Marinated Mushrooms

How does this hold up if made the day before? Any input is appreciated.


Japanese-Style Fried Chicken Thighs (Gluten-Free Karaage)

Anyone whos used the potato starch before have any idea on why it wouldnt brown up nicely? I fried it up per instructions but the coating had some white areas from un-browned starch:-(

Chicken Vindaloo Burritos

Any good substitute for the paneer cheese? No way Im going to find that in rural NC:-(

New Orlean's-Style Olive Salad

@KevinZ: Where did you come up with that? If youre talking about pressing the sandwich after making the olive salad you dont need 40LBS:-) A couple of bricks would work well but if you want to put a sack of cement on it and keep it cold you would want to have a walk in refer.

The Food Lab's Buttermilk Biscuits

PepperPlate still not functioning with the new layout of Serious Eats:-(

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (Coctel de Camarones)

I just e-mailed PepperPlate & let them know theres an issue - maybe if everyone does the same they will fix it?


Hopefully theyre working with Serious Eats to fix this issue:-)

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (Coctel de Camarones)

Recipe sounds great but is anyone else having issues getting the recipes with the new site layout into PepperPlate to save them?

Teriyaki Burgers

@donnataj: In the burger world we would consider that a meatloaf:-)

A Better Big Mac

For those who care the Maggi seasoning sauce is currently being made in CHINA by Nestle! (says so right on the bottle) I was thinking if it was just for color Id use some Kitchen Bouquet but from the comments its a yeast compound were looking for so I guess I'll have to buy some Marmite.

Cajun Burgers With Spicy Remoulade

Anyone make these yet? They sound & look GREAT but I may have a hard time finding a decent Andouille here, not sure how the Aidells Andouille would perform in this.

Japanese Potato Salad With Cucumbers, Carrots, and Red Onion

@toreadorable &GossipGirl: Get some Colemans mustard in a jar or mix up the powdered Colemans - NOT regular mustard! IMNSHO....

The Baking Steel Griddle Has Arrived

@Dylan's Alias: I use an older anodized aluminum griddle quite often and just like your BBQ grill you would need to learn its characteristics for hot and cold spots....

Order a Sloppy Joe in Jersey and You Won't Find Ground Beef

@squo11: Nope, youre the only one:-) Just kidding - this obviously isnt something one would want to eat every day if they cared about being healthy but the sandwich does have cabbage (veg) & its rye bread. You can find obscene food in many parts of the world but things like this make America America!

The Baking Steel Griddle Has Arrived

UPDATE - I guess I should have paid closer attention to their website ITS MADE IN THE USA! YEAH:-)

The Baking Steel Griddle Has Arrived

Heres the million dollar question that as of 90 comments nobody has bothered to ask (lest I missed it!). What country is this made in? For the $ I sure hope it aint China!

Order a Sloppy Joe in Jersey and You Won't Find Ground Beef

Sorry but the meats on these sandwiches look sub par - I.E Subway quality, YUK!

Stir-Fried Lo Mein With Beef and Broccoli

@Vishnu: Yes peanut oil will be perfectly fine & in my opinion better for you, I use it in wok cooking all the time with great results:-)

Pork and Shrimp Siu Mai (Steamed Chinese Dumplings)

@iamchaossthought: Dry Sherry is a great substitute:-)

The Best Japanese Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza)

What could one do if their rural store doesnt carry dumpling wrappers? I dont think won ton wrappers would work would they?

Hanger Steak With Bagna Cauda Pan Sauce

This sounds interesting but is it going to be to much anchovy since I have non adventurous eaters in the house?

Tender and Beefy Chicken Fried Steak

@dzs501111: Try Peanut oil & try to not heat the oil to the point of smoking - use a thermometer in the dutch oven to be sure the oil is at the right temperature and you should avoid any issues.