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Are You a Food Outlier?

@alsebica I've never heard of Craig Laban, but I have heard of Brett Anderson, who's the current critic at the Times-Picayune, so maybe I get partial credit. I heard him speak once with Charles Campion, a critic from the UK, and man, those guys were salty. They both laughed so hard, and made the audience laugh so hard, I thought we were all going to throw up.

@Brooklyn Baker, I wish more culinary schools would offer classes in food politics, sustainability, and responsible sourcing. I do understand that programs are short and focus on training cooks in more practical skills, but still... seems like they'd be pretty worthwhile electives.

Serious Green: Movies That Go Beyond Food Inc

One film I'd add to your excellent list is The End of the Line, which is all about overfishing. I've seen the trailer and met Charles Clover, the author of the book on which the film is based. While I haven't yet seen the feature-length film, I've got it saved to my Netflix queue so I'll get it once it's released.

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Rebuttal to Alice Waters Takedown from a Volunteer at Edible Schoolyard

[Photograph: Edible Schoolyard] Sarah Henry is a Berkeley, California–based freelance writer who also volunteers once a week at Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard project. She's got a unique take on that Atlantic–Caitlin Flanagan hatchet job that caused a stir last week. Clearly Caitlin hasn't spent much, if any, time in the Edible kitchen, run by head chef teacher Esther Cook since its beginnings 14 years ago.But I have. And I've seen a lot of wonderful things take place in that cooking classroom, not least of which is the making of fabulous, school-grown, organic feasts.Here's what I've witnessed:Kids from diverse backgrounds working together to cook food.Middle schoolers who might not excel in conventional classes discovering other talents such as knife skills... More

Summer Nectarine Scones With Nutmeg Sugar

Photograph from 5 Second Rule Beautiful summer mornings call for equally beautiful baked goods, like these nectarine scones with nutmeg sugar from blog 5 Second Rule. And they're perfect for weekend guests or lazy mornings, because, as author Cheryl Sternman Rule notes, "they're very easy to make in advance and freeze. When everyone wakes up, all you have to do is brush the tops with cream, sprinkle them with sugar, and pop them directly in the oven."... More