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Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris, France

Phillamb168: maybe we have??
Dreizhen: True, Harry's is a classic.
Sega10028: Also, true - cocktails are about 15 USD each at most of these places. But the Red House has a great happy hour that's great!

Where to Drink Cocktails in Paris, France

Greeno91 - thanks for the feedback! the buddha bar is indeed an extremely well-known bar in town and I understand they're making some pretty good cocktails these days. The problem is that there are so many great bars to choose from these days in Paris that I wanted to focus on the best that people might not have heard of yet and ones that locals would be more likely to go to. But, i bet if you went to some of these other spots you'd find them pretty cool as well. :) And while the Buddha could possibly merit a place on the list, it's also so big and so busy at times that it's hard to get the kind of cocktail attention one might want when looking for the best cocktails in Paris. But, I will admit, there's nothing quite like that huge buddha - really makes an impact!


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