Born in Texas and travelled all over this beautiful planet discovering all of the food it has to offer. I am a blogger and cooking contest enthusiast that just loves some stiff competition in the kitchen and an opportunity to write about it later.

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  • Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
  • Favorite foods: Tex-Mex, Gulf Coast Seafood and Indian Cuisine
  • Last bite on earth: Chicken Tikka and an ice cold Cobra from Laguna Tandoori in Nottingham, England

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Cereal Eats: Cheerios Showdown, Part 3: Some Flavors You've Maybe Never Heard Of

I pretty much agree with eveything you say here. I haven't tried the dulce de leche and say thanks for saving me $2.50. I love our "house late night snack blend" of equal parts cinnamon, peanut butter and chocolate.

Happy National Pie Day! Our 10 Favorite Savory Pie Recipes

Oh please consider Natchitoches meat pies next time you are making this list. You'll love 'em!