Trying to retire from a job I love so that I can cook and read all day.

  • Location: Enon, Ohio
  • Favorite foods: Latin American, Asian, almost anything ethnic. Also, seafood and cheese
  • Last bite on earth: Lobster

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All I have ever cooked is a bison roast. I do a low, slow braise. You might also marinate it the night before. To me, it tastes like a rather strong beef.

Puff Pastry - what would you bake today?

How do you store puff pastry items after they have baked? Will the cheese straws and cinnamon straws keep awhile in an airtight container?

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Me, too. All day yesterday and this morning, too.

British Bites: Eccles Cakes

While growing up in the military, with an American father and English mother, we were stationed in England several times and I remember Ecles cakes, along with other English yummies. But I seem to remember Ecles cakes being made with currants. Anyone else out there remember them with currants?

annoying ads

Very annoying. I'm going to be boycotting Serious Eats and visiting the other food sites for awhile - I can't stand the ads any more.

Kroger Bag Boy Woes

I could write a book about my horrible experiences with baggers at Krogers. My husband got tired of hearing me rant and rave this past November and told me to pay more and shop at the small independents who make shopping in their establishment actually enjoyable. At the check-out, they first ask you if you would like paper or plastic bags, and KNOW how to pack a paper bag!! The Kroger baggers pack paper bags just like they do the plastic - just throw everything in.

One of the best "worst" experiences with Krogers baggers was when the bagger put the half-gallon carton of milk flat on the bottom of a paper bag, laying parallel, and packed a large glass jar of pickles and several cans on top of it. The milk carton sprung a leak on the way home and when I went to remove the bag from the trunk of my car, the bag was soaked and tore open when I lifted it. Thank goodness it broke before I even had it out of the trunk, so the glass jar fell into the trunk instead of on the concrete garage floor. I have e-mailed them more times than I can count about their baggers and all I get is "thank you for your comment. We are looking into it".

Great Chicago Restaurants

Heaven on Seven, downtown. It's a fun place with wonderful New Orleans food and very reasonably priced.

Guiness substitute

I have my Irish-American friend Casey O'Hanlon to thank for the term "weird beer" after he stated "Americans and their weird beers....."

What should I do with a couple of Swordfish Steaks???

Poach them in a white wine seasoned broth. I always use 1-1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup white wine, shallots or leeks, smashed garlic cloves, salt, 1/2 cup chopped tomatoes and any herb you like - oh, and lemon slices. Simmer your broth for 1/2 hour, then add your fish and simmer slowly with lid about 8-10 minutes. Its done when fish flakes.

Niko: Impressive Japanese Fare Without Service to Match

There isn't a meal in the world worth that kind of treatment. There are just too many excellent restaurants with excellent service to put up with even mildly bad service.

Chicken stock FAIL. Serious Eaters, what am I doing wrong?

The best chicken stock I ever made was with 5 pounds of chicken wings.

Pork Roast-How Do I Dress it Up?

The Barefoot Contessa has a very good recipe called Company Pot Roast I believe which is very good.

Food related books - need a good read.

Several weeks ago I read The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard Morais which was very good. I've just started Ant Egg Soup, The Adventurees of a Food Tourist in Laos by Natacha Du Pont De Bie and it's very good so far but I'm only on chapter three.

Restaurants In Lakeview neighborhood - Chicago

She lives on Buckingham, not far from the Blue Man Group Theater

Restaurants In Lakeview neighborhood - Chicago

Thank you so much!! We won't have access to a car but our daughter knows the public transportation system really well. Depending on the weather - I'd like to take a cab rather than the El. Thanks again.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

Probably any sausage from my Pennsylvania sausage-making friend who's been at it for 30+ years and keeps getting better and better - with a little help from me, of course.

Is eating Organic Food worth spending double the money?

Have there been an food recalls on organic produce/products? Through experience, I have noticed that a lot of organic produce seems to have a longer "shelf life" than non-organic, especially strawberries and lettuce. And organic 2% milk tastes better than non-organic whole milk and also keeps longer (just look at the expiration date on the carton) I recently heard about a web site devoted to organic products - which seems to address a lot of issues related to organic produce/products.

a Trader Joe's Disappointment

I've been to Trader Joe's twice and can't see what all the fuss is about. There's no fresh produce, no deli with "unusual meats and chesses" and nothing I can't get somewhere closer to home. I, too, wonder if I'm missing something.

what's your favorite brownie recipe?

I've always used the Land-O-Lakes recipe from the butter carton, but I only eat a brownie fresh, and warm, the day they're made. My husband and daughter get the rest.

"Favorite"-ing a Recipe

I haven't been able to favorite ANYTHING for the past three months or more. Alaina has helped me in the past, but I can't remember what she said to do. Whatever it was, it only fixed the problem for a few months. My husband, the computer guy, is home today and could help with anything real "technical" . Can someone help me?

Spicy tomato sauce

i also use corasely ground black pepper and heat it in the olive oil, along with the red pepper and then add the garlic for added kick. Heating black pepper in oil for a few minutes really brings out a nice peppery flavor.

eating out on the road

Oops! I commented twice on this topic