Weekend Cook and Tell: Cookie Season

I've made two double batches of pfeffernüsse already! =)

sandwich peave

I like the tomato against the bread, because tomatoes taste awesome with mayo. Yum!

Pork Brisket?!

Can Your Parents Cook?

My mom can't cook at all (I took over when I was 12,) but my dad and stepmom are great cooks! They both actually started their own food blogs -- not very pretty or often updated, but sweet ;)

Healthy food xamthone

Fast Fixes after Screwing Up

It's just a myth that heating up mayo is dangerous. It's fine. There are lots of hot dishes which use mayo. Types of potato salads, casseroles -- some people even bake cakes with mayo in them, and why not? It's mostly eggs and oil, which you'd probably be putting in the cake anyway. No worries!

What to do with Buttermilk Powder

I bet you could use it just fine as a substitute in any recipe calling for powdered milk.

The Hotly contested MCDONALDS

I won a small fry back when I went occasionally in high school =) Now I only eat fast food on road trips.

Dining out in Brussels and Dusseldorf

I don't have any advice for Brussels, but my boyfriend and I had the BEST time in Dusseldorf a few years ago! There's a great (and very cheap, for Europe) Thai place on the corner of Mühlenstraße and the Burgplatz. It is very casual (like outside plastic chairs type of seating) and a little salty (but German tastes seem to run that way_ but very good.

I had seriously the best Italian meal of my life at this place: It's on a really tiny hidden street full of Italian restaurants!

The Korean restaurant Shilla was really good, but definitely a bit pricey -- they have very large multi-course meals you can order, some of the dishes are cooked at your table, and there's tons of banchan to pick from.
Berger Straße 12, 40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

The greenmarket at Karlsplatz is absolutely worth checking out. They have a huge stall just for potatoes! But also cheap crepes and döner kebabs for a quick breakfast or lunch. There are also lots of nice cafes near the greenmarket; I had a really great apple pflaumkuchen at Otto Bittner. (the Karlsplatz location)

Hope that helps! I hope you have a really great time in Düsseldorf!

What do I make with exotic squash?

That sounds like they're just 8-ball squash. Use them exactly like you would zucchini!

Winner winner Chicken Dinner--9/22/11? What will it be?

I have to stay super late at my college today to tutor, so I brought some leftover eggplant-chickpea curry to heat up... but they locked the room with the microwave in it so I had to eat it cold. Sigh. Still yummy, though.

Baby Diaper Cake

..The fact that this spam is in 'Cooking and Baking' is seriously making me a little nauseated.

Student Lunches

I'm a university student too! What I do is cook a HUGE meal Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights so I'll have plenty of varied leftovers to eat for lunch and dinner all week, when I have no time to cook. Now that it's getting colder, big pots of soup or stew are great! I also like to make pasta sauces, stir-fries... then just pop some in a container, add a salad or a vegetable if it isn't already veggie-heavy, and maybe a piece a fruit for a sweet finish and you're set. Of course that's contingent on you being able to find a microwave on campus, but there's probably one available for you somewhere!

What are the foods you've taught yourself to like?

Beef liver is the only thing I can think of that I really forced myself to like. I always loved chicken liver, but for some reason the beef put me off a little at first. Now I love it, though!

Can't think of very many things at all that I don't like, as a matter of fact; raw green bell peppers might be the only one.

Almond milk

I definitely agree! I live on unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze =) Whenever I buy it they give me a coupon for the Silk almond milk but I think it's just terrible!

Help! Picky Boyfriend Challenge!

I would second choosing a few blog posts with pictures and letting him pick one of them -- my boyfriend is a very adventurous eater, but when I talk about making something completely new, he tends to assume it won't be very good for some reason (this doesn't stop him from trying it, of course, he's just annoying and questions what I'm doing the whole time I'm making it =P Even though I've almost never made something he didn't end up liking) but I've found that if I say to him, "these are the four recipes I'm considering, which do you think would be best?" and let him pick, he'll be much more excited about trying the dish. He chooses entirely based on the pictures, of course!

How Hard Would It Be To Add A Simple LIKE Button In Talk Threads

I don't want this place to turn into facebook. We have the facebook group for that. Use your words, people. If you like something, say so! Why should that be so difficult?

Thin & Crispy Flatbread

I don't have any advice on the flat bread, but I loved Kouzzina! We went there twice during our vacation because it was so good!

Rehydrate bacon bits?

I don't know what brand you have, but many 'bacon bits' contain no actual bacon and are actually vegan. So, lol, you can try but I don't know if what you end up with will be anything near what you want.

Milk Burger in East Harlem: No, This Is Not Shake Shack

Lol you guys crashed their site!

Milk Burger in East Harlem: No, This Is Not Shake Shack

Lol you guys crashed their site!

Are you a keeper or a giver?

^ exhibition, not exhibit. Sorry. Wish we would edit these posts!

Are you a keeper or a giver?

@JerzeeTomato: It's not an 'exhibit of servitude' to cook for your boyfriend if you love to cook... I cook for my boyfriend about 95% of the time, because I enjoy the act of cooking and meal planning very much, and it makes me tremendously happy to watch him enjoying my food. When I'm too tired/don't feel like cooking, he does it, or we go out. And whenever I ask, he's more than willing to help me chop things =) I think you're jumping to kind of an unfair conclusion. Also, considering that people often get married much later these days, 'boyfriend' is a really relative term. I've been with my boyfriend for four years; we are definitely past the 'courting' stage, and while it's wonderful to have a romantic dinner every once in a while, it's not really practical since I'm with him every night! From the sound of the OP's post, I'd guess that she's in a similar situation.

To answer the original question, I don't always give my boyfriend the nicest looking piece, but I do always give him the biggest piece! Guy's a bottomless pit, I swear.


I like it raw, just cut into fingers and sprinkled with salt. Yum!

Cooking for the Toothless, Part 2

Best booze for mulled cider?

Hey all! I'm just recently getting into exploring alcohols (I'm almost 23, I've had a bit of a late start) and I want to try serving mulled cider this thanksgiving -- but I really have no idea where to start!

So, what's your favorite? Anyone have a good recipe?

Roadtrip eats: New Jersey to Oklahoma!

Hi guys,

At the end of May I'll be driving from NJ to OK for a memorial day family reunion! Obviously that's going to take a couple days, so I wanted to ask you all if there are any restaurants along the way, or not too much out of the way, which I shouldn't miss on the way back! I love everything, and I mean everything, so no restrictions on the cuisine. I'll be traveling from about Morristown, NJ to about Tulsa, OK (not the actual towns, but within 20 miles of them) and from googlemaps it looks like I'll be going mostly on 1-76 and 1-44. Any suggestions?


Foodstuff gifts one can order online for diabetics?

Hi everyone! I have a bit of a problem and I was hoping that you all could help me.

My fiancee's mother lives in another state. I would like to order her something food related online. My usual go-to gift of that sort is See's Candies, but she is a diabetic and does not like sugar free diabetic candies. For last mother's day I made her a diabetic-friendly carrot cake and sent it to her, but it was just too expensive to mail myself, so this time I would really like to find a site online I can order from and have them send it. Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably I would like to spend $50 or less, but can be a little flexible.

Thanks so much!

'Supermarket ingredients chefs love'

Did anyone else see this article? Some of the ideas don't seem terrible, but Altoids sauce on leg of lamb? Yuck.

Great restaurants in Orlando?

Hi everyone! I'm leaving tomorrow for Disney World, but since I'd rather not eat in the parks for a week, I thought I'd post here and ask if anyone has any recommendations for nearby restaurants. Thanks a lot!

Can one freeze uncooked raised doughnuts?

Hey everyone! My boyfriend and I have been wanting to make homemade raised doughnuts for a while, but the problem is that there are only two of us, and we don't know anyone around who would want some doughnuts. I've cut the recipe down as far as I can without ending up using a fraction of an egg, but it should still make about a dozen doughnuts, which obviously is too many for two people to eat in one day. So, my question is -- if I roll the doughnuts out, cut them, and then store them tightly in the freezer, will they still be good if I pull the out and fry them later? I haven't worked with yeast much so I didn't know how the dough would hold up after being frozen.

Thanks so much!

What's for dinner tonight?

I saw that someone in the 'what's for lunch?' thread commented that there used to be a daily dinner thread, and I thought that was a great idea, so why not give it a go again? =)

Tonight I will be making Pas See Ew with tofu (, Caramel Shrimp (, and Chinese string beans ( ).

Gonna start cooking as soon as Nigella Feasts is over!

Great asian restaurants in north NJ?

Hi everyone! I moved from Manhattan to Chester, NJ about three years ago, and I am still desperately missing all the great asian restaurants I used to have within walking distance in the city. And now my favorite asian restaurant in NJ (Meeso, a korean restaurant, which used to be on Main st. in Chester) has closed down!

Basically I'm devastated, and badly need new recommendations to raise my spirits!

I love all types of asian food, including sushi, but would like to avoid having to drive more than half an hour (maybe 45 minutes if it's a really glowing recommendation) from Chester. Can anyone help me out?