I doth possess culinary curiosity and a good command of the basics. Come from a professional baking family. Love to peruse Italian & French cookbooks and recipes.

  • Location: County of Hudson
  • Favorite foods: Veggies treated with the respect bestowed on them by old world Italian cooks
    Pasta Primavera, seasonal prep*
    My bread pudding, my tapioca pudding
  • Last bite on earth: Eggplant a`la Romana

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Do you have a recipe you won't share?

I share every recipe but one - Italian cookies with buttercream icing that, after much tweaking, most closely resemble those my Nonni made, and whose recipe was lost because she would not share it. Mine is written down for my daughters, although neither seems the least bit interested in carrying on the tradition. I should mention I come from a professional baking family, and don't think the reluctance to share a big deal. I've tasted desserts that I am able to duplicate in my kitchen without a recipe.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Going Solo

For some, it's habit and preferences; for others, a chance to "un-eat" - i.e., eat strange pairings, unhealthy, high fat - whatever....I see lots of cheese, bread and pasta still carrying us through the week, whether we be rich or poor. What on earth tastes better than toasted Italian peasant bread, a cheese board, wine and fruit? Nothing! Except my cheesecake, but I wouldn't eat that every day.


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