Tell us your worse kitchen disaster?

when I was around the age of 10 I had the bright idea to put a paper towel under my soon to be cheese toast in the toaster oven (I always burnt my fingers getting toast out so I decided this would work lol) and right when I opened the tiny oven door, the thing burst into flames!!! And once I was doing a microwavable brownies (pales in comparison to the awesome real ones) and instead of 2 min. I put 20... smoke was everywhere and the burnt smell stayed for days. When I was 12 I thought it would be cool to invent some kind of food mixing all sorts of things together and cooking it on the skillet, then convinced my mom to eat it. (we both ended up having to take 2 tums and you don't even want to know what I put in it, YUCK!)

Food for Him going through Chemo

I know he hasn't gone through the treatment yet but I just want to be prepared, you know? If you guys have any advice on comforting foods that would really help!!! thank you (:

Food for Him going through Chemo

My friend just found out he has bone cancer and he will be going through chemo in 2 weeks. He is 17. I really want to help him in anyway I can, my aunt is a cancer survivor and went through chemo and I know she had trouble eating with sores and everything else going on... What are some foods that will help boost his immune system, be easy for him to eat and I hear they lose their taste and everything tastes weird... What can I do to help him?? I need your advice! Thank you guys and please pray for him!

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