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Bake the Book: Home Made Summer

pie! any kind. and watermelon and peaches :)

36 Hours in New York for a Delicious Birthday-Please Help!

Char no 4 and abc kitchen are my favorite brunch spots in the city. Abc can sometimes be hard to get a resv. They take walkins at the bar. As far as Saturday after dinner, are y'all into comedy? The comedy cellar is a fun spot and you can buy tickets in advance. Have fun!

36 Hours in New York for a Delicious Birthday-Please Help!

There is an awesome place for whiskey lovers in brooklyn that has an amzing brunch. Char No. 4 It's in cobble hill and right off the F train at the Bergen St Stop (3 stops into brooklyn). Brooklyn is not as scary as it sounds to get to! It's worth it and pretty cheap!

Ethnic Eats Ideas

Yes, the South has fantastic restaurants and covers many cultures, and I know the city I'm moving to well. I was born and raised there and love it, so I'm moving back! Thank you for all your enthusiasm!

But in the meantime...i'm still in New York! And I want to try the ethnic must have snacks/treats before I move!

Ethnic Eats Ideas

I'm moving to the south, so I'll just skip fried chicken for the next two months :)

I really am interested in any culture's food. I'd like to try more in Chinatown and also more noodle shops. South American cultures, Ethiopian food, really anything!

ABC Kitchen Alternative

ABC Kitchen is my favorite...I couldn't get a dinner resv for my birthday, so I endd up doing brunch there which was great.

The Fat Radish on the lower east side is a close second to ABC for me.

There's also Torrisi, Balaboosta, Red Rooster, Fedora, and Imperial No. 9

Get Ready for Serious Eats NY Bakery Week

One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill!!! I love the pumpkin whoopie pies and cupcakes, especially the banana and red velvet!! yum yum doesn't hurt either that the employees are so sweet and the place has such a positive and pleasant vibe!

Sugar Sweet Sunshine...I love their cupcakes, especially the bob and the sunshine. Their cupcakes are so great because they are sloppy...there's too much perfectionism in this world :)

NYC Outside Space

Immaculate Infatuation is one of my favorite food review sites...these guys are hilarious and you can search their reviews by neighborhood, places around specific music venues, and then "certain for" is the link for Outdoor/Patio Situation. enjoy![]=129

26th birthday recommendations

Well, I just turned 27th. My friends and I went to Mr. Chow in Tribeca for the 2nd year in a row to celebrate. It's so much fun...they make you feel beautiful and important. The food is delish and very sharable.

And then I went to brunch the next day with some other friends at ABC Kitchen. Also wonderful and amazing.

happy birthday!

trestle on 10th or Red Cat????

Red Cat...this shouldn't even be debated. I'm sure (well, not really but the person before me says so) that trestle on tenth is great. But the Red connection.

Italian restaurant near West Village

Bianca! It's in Noho and inexpensive. They don't take reservations, but there are some great bars near it where you can hang out before.

What do I do with grits?

who are you people!? Grits are NEVER sweet. That's fine if you prefer them that way, but then you can't call them grits. They would be "northern's grainy treat" or something of that nature.

Being from the south, grits are eaten with lots of butter and some salt. As mentioned, they are great with shrimp and also cheese...add in some bacon and scallions. yum. Grits are poor people food (but they are so great even the wealthy enjoy them!), so being too fancy with them is a no no. Add milk to the water that you are cooking them in...this will bring on the fluff! I'm sure Paula Dean has some ridiculous fatty recipe for them that would be great. They are used in breakfast casseroles as well.

Downtown'ish NYC restaurant recommendations for a group

Commerce in the west village. Could probably get a resv.

Inexpensive Baking Classes?

One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill. There classes are usually a one night thing focusing on one project, like apple pie. They are usually $50-60. But I think they are even doing some kind of gift certificate for classes for the holidays. This is their website, but you may want to call, they don't always update :) It's a great place.

Now Accepting Nominations for the Second Annual Serious Eats People's Choice Awards

Best barbecue restaurant- Char No. 4
Best fried chicken- Pies n' Thighs
Best all-around sandwich shop- Mile's End
Best cupcake-Sugar Sweet Sunshine (but i want to say one girl cookies but not enough people know of their greatness and thus it's sadly a throw away vote)
Best ice cream or gelato- Blue Marble
Best chocolate shop- The Chocolate Shop
Best all-around bakery- Baked
Best cocktails- Clover Club
Best coffee shop- Ecopolis

Updating the Ol' Queue

The Meatball Shop is delish...I always have a good time there...maybe because I've usually waited at least an hour for my tiny table :) They typically have great specials in addition to the regular menu. If you don't save room for an ice cream sandwich, you greatly miss out.

I've recently been to Northern Spy Foods in the east village and loved it. Highly recommend. Especially the kale salad!

I've also recently been loving on Pure Food and Wine which isn't new but new to me...the ravioli and lagasna!

I live in Brooklyn and have recently enjoyed Char No. 4 (cornbread and cheese curds) and Buttermilk Channel (duck meatloaf) in Cobble Hill...I had anticipated both of these trips and both didn't disappoint! Fantastic and fun.

Also, I went to the Red Cat in Chelsea which has been around for a while, but I had never tried it. Terrific restaurant to have in your back pocket!

I dying to go to...of course most are very expensive :(
ABC Kitchen
Blue Hill
Locanda Verde
Al Di La in Brooklyn

Also wanting to try and much more feasible :)
The Smith
Momofuku Ssam Bar
The Fat Radish


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