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Philadelphia in mid-july?

It doesn't matter what you have for dinner as long as you save room for Franklin Fountain for dessert :)

Ask a Bartender: What Cocktail Should Disappear Forever?

It is disappointing that they didn't feature at least one female bartender.

I'm very disappointed, SE.

Do you have food allergies?

I am allergic to bananas, fresh or cooked. It makes my mouth so itchy.

I'm also allergic to melons--basically any melon you could use to make a fruit salad makes my mouth itch and taste like I licked a rusty spoon for days.

I miss bananas. Someone please eat banana pudding for me! (the allergy appeared shortly after puberty)

I'm also allergic to wine, red and white. It makes my mouth feel itchy and raw. Safe to say my relationship with a wine store manager didn't last.

Popeyes' New Louisiana Leaux Menu: 'Healthier' Naked Chicken Options

I love this article :) Great Job! I'm crying from laughing about the lunchable.

I will trade you soggy chicken for my BBQ dads new invention of overnight marinating of chicken in CITRUS juice. I'd take soggy over weird and broken down any day.

Field trip to philly and I'll make you some awesome red beans and rice. My brother and SIL live in New Orleans and my SIL is part cajun!

What's Your Drunk Pizza of Choice?

Well, I will eat any kind of pizza while drunk. Like another poster said, I will eat any topping and it will be delicious.

Let's talk about the time I lived directly across the street from a Checkers/Rallys for a year. So many drunk french fries and milkshakes! Then back the next afternoon for hangover cokes and chicken sandwiches.

Those were the days...

Food Commercials? Which ones tempt you (or not) the most?

My mother, the woman who vacations in RI, goes bonkers for Red Lobster commercials. Not that she'd ever eat there, but she says it makes her want to lick the TV screen. She admits to not even knowing where the closest Red Lobster is...

Serious Eats Day 2012: What Day Should We Celebrate?

The 18th because the 19th is my birthday! See you in Philly everyone :)

Fast Food: Dunkin' Donuts Smokehouse Sausage Sandwich

So you walked into it knowing that you wouldn't like it, then complained that the egg was microwaved (like you didn't already know).

Why did you waste my life with that article, then? I'd like that 5 minutes of my life back. Paid in strawberry frosted doughnuts and caramel iced coffee kthanxbai

Where is there a good Philadelphia Hoagie in NYC?

I will ask my brother if he knows anywhere. It seems like something he would know.

I go visiting to nyc fairly often from philly. I'm happy to make a delivery for a fellow foodie.

New at Wawa: Pepperoni Pizza Hoagie

I am in Philly and my brother lives in new orleans. He says that if you blindfolded him and asked him to sniff, he could tell he was in a wawa just by the smell.

They do all smell the same...glad the gods provided for you!

(also their new fake frapps are delish! caramel all the way!!)

creamed chip beef

I always made it with the stuff they sell next to scrapple.

Am i missing out on some sort of epic yummy? do tell!

though I usually just get it at the diner--no dishes!

College Care Package - what reheats well in microwave?

Does she have fridge space/freezer space? If she has a teeny fridge, there won't be much room and the freezer will be non-existent.

Homemade cookies are the best. I would come home begging for roast pork and sauerkraut. I loved some real bread- think crusty italian or french bread.

Happy Birthday, Dumpling!

Happy Birthday Dumpling!!!

I think my heart exploded from the cuteness!

S'mores Brownie Bars

When I was in high school, my friend and I attempted to make some variation of s'more brownies every week. We failed miserably until my other friend taught us:
make box brownie mix, pull out 5 mins early, sprinkle mini marshmallows, squares of chocolate, and smashed graham cracker bits on top, put back in the oven for 5 mins. cut into squares and pop in the toaster oven for perfect fresh toasted marshmallowyness.

I cannot wait to surprise her with these this weekend!!

It's Fasnacht day! Where is the love for this PA Dutch treat?

My dad went to the bakery this am but I was already at work, so I have to wait until I get home :(

Best bake sale recipes?

Cocoa krispie treats.

Instead of marshmallows you mix butterscotch chips and peanut butter.
The trick is to put them in the freezer until they set and just break it up by hand.

Sooo good.

1/2 c. peanut butter
1 (6 oz.) pkg. butterscotch chips
3 c. Cocoa Krispies

Melt peanut butter and butterscotch chips in the microwave or over double boiler. Add Cocoa Krispies and pour into 9"x13" dish. Do not cut until they are set.

I'm a vegetarian and my boyfriend will not eat vegetables :(

I'm a carnivore and my girlfriend won't eat meat :'( God forbid I'll die if I don't eat steamed broccoli.

I'm still upset that he picks the onions out of his home fries! it's my favorite part.

While all of the above advice is good, it seems like your BF is just like my best friend. She will not eat anything green. She will not eat onions. She will not eat tomatoes if she can tell it's a tomato. Salad? forget it. Anything that didn't come in a box? over it.

If you make dinner and she bothers to eat it, then be prepared for the long haul. She will comb through every morsel on the plate to pick out onions, garlic, anything not a carb. It makes me want to cry.

I call it a hopeless case. I don't cook for her anymore unless I'm dying for mac and cheese or pizza without veggies.

the moral: some food issues stem from bad experiences and some stem from control issues surrounding food.

It seems like you might not be able to win this one :(

Italian food!

If you were hiring us to do your blogging for you, you might get different results.

My favorite has to be margaritas!

Favorite Food Joke?

I love the muffin joke!

-Knock Knock
Who's there?-
Orange Who?-
-Orange you glad to see me :)

19 Breakfast Sandwiches We Love

My brother lives in new orleans and he was really missing pork roll. It was on sale 10/10 at the grocery store, so my dad bought him tons of it. He took it in a cooler on the plane and when he was at the airport going through security and the people were whispering "what is that? is that a KIDNEY?" and he says "it's pork roll." They look at him funny and keep whispering so he says "It's meat!!!" and they couldn't stop laughing!

Food souvenirs from New Orleans?

The day you are leaving, stop at any grocery store and pick up a king cake. They are in season and just as yummy as the fancy bakery ones. I brought back tons on the plane with me last time. mmm.

Definitely go for a jar of olive salad.

Who amongst us, has the best pickiest eater story?

I'm actually allergic to bananas and when i eat melons I get that "rusty spoon" taste in my mouth, but I will politely decline.

However, if you sit next to me on the train and try to eat a banana, I will tell your butt to move to the next car.

I really dislike the smell of sour cream, but if I don't know it's there, then I'll eat it happily. I don't like mayo on sandwiches, but I think that's fairly common.


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