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Croatia- Split and Dubrovnik- where/what to eat?

There is a bar/restaurant, that I believe is in Dubrovnik, that I am trying to find the name of... I have never been there, just read about it while I was dreaming of going on vacation and researching the area. All I remember is that it sits on a cliff or jetty and some of the tables and patrons , in the picture, where sitting on the rocks, drinking while dangling their feet over/into the water. Does any one have an idea of where this is? Thanks.

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

Have you looked into Korean BBQ, there are usually good vegetarian options , or a Shabu Shabu/ Sukyaki restaurant?

Cockles in the fridge

Thanks, I thought so but was angry at myself for letting them sit. I knew about the 'no water' but always thought, even though I hate plastic, that storing them for a day, which was the original intention, in the bag they came in with holes in it would be ok. Thanks for the advice. So sad to let food go to waste.

Most underrated foods?

wow, Horehound candy! Yes, it is so good for coughs. Also, I agree with Broccoli stems. I eat them raw as I'm chopping the rest, I can't figure out why people think it's waste. I think people here confuse it with a corn dog, like the stem is actually a wooden stick or skewer, or something else not edible ...

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

Il Buco Alimentari on Great Jones is a good option... they have an upstairs room usually for larger parties. It's great Italian food, not the meatball red sauce kind! ( There is also one on Bond by the same people that would not work, just so you don't confuse them :) )
Also, what about a place like Frannys in Brooklyn or OTTO in Manhattan? It's pizza and family style Italian entrees.
(Cafe Asean is such a cute place, not sure if it is good for this but it's good food)


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