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The Urban Gardener: How to Fight Weeds Naturally

Lauren Rothman 14 comments

Here's an organic technique that actually prevents weeds from growing by smothering them under layers of wet newspaper and dry grass clippings. It's simple and effective, not to mention inexpensive. More

The Urban Gardener: Foraging Berries in Brooklyn

Lauren Rothman 17 comments

Mulberries are in season now all over New York. You've probably passed by them a million times without knowing it: the tell-tale sign is a messy, sticky sidewalk splattered with dark, squashed fruit, and likely a preponderance of birds in the tree above. They're great in jam. Next time you pass a mulberry tree, take some home and try this recipe. More

The Urban Gardener: Weeding Stinks

Lauren Rothman 23 comments

My least favorite part of gardening is weeding. Sure, I try to get all zen about it, but it's hard for me to spend hours ever-so-carefully plucking little plants from the ground. But the thing is, weed control is absolutely essential to a thriving garden. Here are some Weeding 101 basic tips. More

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