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Nov 26th

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Q:Okay, I get it. Spatchcocking is awesome. But I want a traditional-looking bird, so how do I get there?
A: If you have your heart set on a traditional-looking whole or stuffed bird, you need to solve the problem of unevenly cooked meat another way. The easiest method I know of is to harness the heat retention capabilities of a baking stone or Baking Steel. Preheat your stone or steel at the bottom of the oven. Have your turkey ready to cook on a V-rack set in a baking sheet, and slide it directly onto the steel. Immediately turn the oven down to around 300°F or so. The retained heat in the baking sheet and stone will give the leg meat that's closer to it a head start, and you'll find that all your turkey parts will come to the right temperatures at pretty much the same time. It's not quite as foolproof as spatchcocking, and the skin doesn't get quite as crisp, but it's the best technique I know for roasting a whole, intact bird. You can find the full instructions here.

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