Suggestion for improved search results

First off I love the site and appreciate all the work the SE team puts into it.

One thing that would be greatly appreciated would be for an author's name to pop up somewhere in the text of search results using the website's search function.

It's been a nagging desire for a while but for a most recent example I was interested in finding Damon's original review for Umami after reading his LA burger article today. The link in the posting today just referred back to today's blog. So I searched Umami burger in the search bar and got "Many" results. If I could filter by author after searching that would be ideal. I'd settle for even being able to scan down the list for his name. What I won't be doing is clicking on every link to find the original article.

Like I said, you guys rock. If you could make that little enhancement it would be greatly appreciated by at least one daily visitor.

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