Moving from SoCal to New England

We just found out we're moving from Southern California (way, way southern) to Connecticut! I'm super excited, because despite having travelled overseas and throughout the US, I've never been to New England, and don't know much about it or its food and cooking culture.

I have three questions:

For New Englanders:

1) What is the food heritage in New England? I understand there's a lot of seafood, but was curious about the European influence, like is there German food, or English, or Polish, etc. I want to learn how to cook local food.

2) What New England restaurants should we go to to get a feel for the local cuisine?

And for Southern Californians:

3) Which restaurants should we make a point to go to before we leave forever? (In-N-Out tops this list. Probably every week, since we'll most likely never come back to California.)

Thanks for your help!

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