How do you avoid overspending?

I listen to Good Job Brain, a weekly trivia podcast. Their latest episode asked what percentage of purchases at the grocery store are unplanned.
Since I work at a grocery store, I guessed a bit high, but the hosts guessed quite low, somewhere around 25%.
I'd say about two thirds of my customers tell me that they "only came in for one thing" when I'm ringing up a huge cart of stuff.
I fall victim to it as well. I go to the store across the street from my house and I always come home with more than I intended to buy, even though it's right there and I could just go back later if I really needed it.
So, are you good at keeping your grocery list? What percentage of your purchases are unplanned? Starting now, I'm going to be really diligent about how much I buy VS what I planned.
The amount of groceries that are unplanned by the way, is 66%.


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