Unbelievably small "total time" in SE recipes (you, Kenji!)

I'm kinda tired with seeing recipes after recipes that promise to get it done within 30 minutes, 45 minutes or whatever but in reality, takes like 30 to 1 hour more! Anybody else have this feeling?

It happens to me in pretty regular basis. I know,I know, all chefs do not work at same rate, and when recipe said "chopped mushroom" it probably does not count the washing and chopping time, but still, I see "total time" in recipes that are unbelievably, but very conveniently, and very enticingly small.

Today, I found a recipe whose "total time" is far less than its cooking time given in the steps. The very good recipe of "Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup" mentions a total time of 45 minutes, and the cooking *only* the base of the soup, as given in the recipe, takes (8+18+0.5+30=) 50 minutes!! Then you have to put the soup in a blender, emulsify with butter, strain it, season it, ladle into cups with another mixture. (And I am assuming that the super-human chef will just parellelise simmering the broth and frying the mushrooms, which is possible I admit)

Kenji I have seen you mention that the readers want quick recipes, and we really rely on the "total time" value, big time. I really, really think that "total time" should be a bit more realistic.

P.S. You guys are awesome and I love this site. Not buttering u up.


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