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I haven't been a member for very long, but is it normal for there to be SO very little forum activity on SE? I see questions/topics that I know would garner dozens of answers on other food websites, yet just DIE here.

For example - someone asked for home rotisserie suggestions back on 2/18. Here it is a week later & I was the only responder. If this soul had posted that question on, say (gasp) "Chowhound", he'd have enough recommendations to fill a book & then some.

SE seems to have more than enough advertising to attract more subscribers.

Any input as to why the majority of threads seem to die such quick deaths?

Although I CAN suggest one reason - that one can NEVER tell when a new post has been posted to a thread. Why don't threads with new posts NOT move up in the queu?? There seems to be (unless I'm missing it) ZERO way to tell if a new post has been added to a thread. Unless one has the memory of Kreskin & can recall the number of responses in the thread queu. This really has to be the ONLY website I visit where there is absolutely NO easy way to tell if new replies have been posted to topics.

Is this website really that backward?

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